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  1. I feel your pain mate! I work over seven days a week, just about to go onto fri/sat/sun nightshifts hahaha At least I miss the full moon even if it is on the monday!!!
  2. Well said! Any hints to what they may be :P haha I joke we shall find out in time :)
  3. Not to me, generally she said "Get out of the way, I'm watching Netflix." Agreed not sure if I'm getting the core set though it's tempting for the dragon alone!
  4. What I mean is did you paint that one? Mines is a kind of purple but I'm not happy with the eye.
  5. Woops bought it in metal afterwards then, Still more eye beasts!
  6. I never realised did this come out with bones 3! I went and got a metal one haha but more bones would would be good too!
  7. The ones I'm loving are the wraiths! Though I can;'t wait to see some of the bigger monsters later on that's what I'm investing in. I got the bones 3 coreset when it went retail so I've got plenty of mini's for npc's, PC's and the regular ole mob fights.
  8. Backer #117 even if it means little being a ROW backer, still pumped!!!!
  9. Its nearly time!!!!!! *Tries not to vibrate with excitement*
  10. Scotland Squad ready!!!!! F5 key primed, tested and ready for deployment, just give the word captain.
  11. *Buzzes with excitement.* First bones KS and I'm pumped for it!!!
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