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  1. It seems the general consensus is if it's not a presentation piece then assemble first, then prime. Unless you won't be able to get at it with the paintbrush after assembly (more of a problem with terrain than minis). Thanks everyone for your help!
  2. Hey forum friends! Sorry if this is the sort of question that gets asked all the time, but wifey and I are pretty new to the modeling scene and we are pretty much just figuring stuff out on our own. We are wondering if it is a good idea to prime or even totally paint our minis and scenery before we build them. This would, of course make it much easier to reach the cracks and corners but I am afraid that it will weaken the bond on the adhesive or make the connections not fit together anymore. To give a specific example, I'm building some mdf and grayboard scenery using epoxy as adhesive, flat black enamel for primer, and a combination of model paint and acrylic for painting. Another concern that I have is I think (without any evidence) that the priming process helps to harden and protect the adhesive bond so I don't want to mess with that. Thanks in advance for your help. Excelsior!
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