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  1. Great work on the eyes! The toenails were also a great touch.
  2. Awesome idea to use the glow in the dark paint!
  3. Coydt

    Pony - 77575

    Great work in transitioning the fur colors!
  4. A great start and continuation of a short story! Made my day!
  5. Very nice! However, I was a bit disappointed by the cliffhanger. I was hoping for a Glitterwolfesqe story.
  6. Coydt

    77422 War Dog

    Nice work. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I've got to agree with Schirf, fantastic. The cape very nice and the book is great. You really got the rusted armor effect down too.
  8. Just to clarify, I was referring to the angle of the picture. I think you pulled of the tattoo very nicely.
  9. Very nice! The magic effect worked very nicely!
  10. Coydt

    Cyrus: Gnome Druid

    I like what you did with him. I really like the look of the white splashes on the shield.
  11. Excellent work! I like the idea of the skin tones on the wings, I wouldn't have thought of that myself. Cool!
  12. The eyes look very natural. I really like his knives (?) they have a great primitive vibe.
  13. Looks good! Nice work on the reflection off the sunglasses. Nice story with him too!
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