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  1. Thanks all for the feedback. I like the use of green shade with red (or red with green). The test paint is certainly the way to go. Thanks again!
  2. The weathering is impeccable. I like your color choice on the exterior hull. With the planking it looks just like the rippled underbelly of a baleen whale. Very cool!
  3. I recall reading a suggestion about using complementary colors for shading (I think it was mentioned by the legend Glitterwolf) as opposed to going straight to brown or black. I like the effect of using red shading on my greenskin orcs. A couple of questions on this technique: 1. Will this work using a yellow shade on a blue cloak? Would you go to a brown as a source of darker tone to shade in this case? 2. Does this carry for shading light toned flesh? Would you use a blue/violet shade? Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
  4. Looks great! Fantastic diversity of plant life. The green on the stonework looks just like lichen on rock. Well done.
  5. Nice collection of wraiths! What is the proper term for a group of wraiths anyway? A shade of wraiths, maybe?
  6. Fantastic work! I agree on the skin, fantastic. The highlights on the hair are very nature, well done.
  7. Nice color combination! The dried blood on the sword looks great.
  8. Beautiful work on the iris of the eye. Love the last pic! Very fearsome.
  9. Nice kitbashed "blaster fodder". Though for some reason I feel like he needs to be a red shirt (a little Star Trek reference).
  10. A great beginning! This forum is great about giving helpful tips.
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