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  1. Excellent work on the scale pattern! It has a very natural look. Well done!
  2. Outstanding work! So much to like about this. The foliage work is excellent! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Hi, Just checked my model (not yet painted. Height to the top of the front shoulder is 2 cm. The tail curls around but if it was straight and the head looking straight forward it would be about 18 cm total.
  4. I love your marble work! It is a beautiful contrast.
  5. Fantastic! Perfect for Halloween season! Very creepy indeed! Great details too, the broken arm and broken doll on bookshelf. The faces are impeccable.
  6. Very well done! The snow dusting of the back is a great effect.
  7. Fantastic work! Nice freehand on the back shield armor.
  8. Very nice! Great expression in the eyes.
  9. Thank you! You're the best!😀
  10. Definitely agree with above. Fine work on the milky eyes!
  11. Great work! I like how you brought the copper into the shoulder highlights.
  12. The blue eyes are striking. Great decision! Fantastic work!
  13. Nice display! The night lighting shots look great!
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