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  1. Outstanding work! So much to like about this. The foliage work is excellent! Thank you for sharing!
  2. Hi, Just checked my model (not yet painted. Height to the top of the front shoulder is 2 cm. The tail curls around but if it was straight and the head looking straight forward it would be about 18 cm total.
  3. I love your marble work! It is a beautiful contrast.
  4. Fantastic! Perfect for Halloween season! Very creepy indeed! Great details too, the broken arm and broken doll on bookshelf. The faces are impeccable.
  5. Very well done! The snow dusting of the back is a great effect.
  6. Fantastic work! Nice freehand on the back shield armor.
  7. Very nice! Great expression in the eyes.
  8. Thank you! You're the best!😀
  9. Definitely agree with above. Fine work on the milky eyes!
  10. Great work! I like how you brought the copper into the shoulder highlights.
  11. The blue eyes are striking. Great decision! Fantastic work!
  12. Nice display! The night lighting shots look great!
  13. The blue on the exoskeleton is a great effect!
  14. I agree with Inarah. Great work!
  15. You have some great figures there. You do a great job on the basing. The water effect is great.
  16. Great green scales! Will look awesome with some figures above the shell.
  17. Claws were an awesome choice! The last pic is intimidating. One bad dude.
  18. Cool figure. Very nicely done! I agree that the color contrast is striking.
  19. Thank you for the comments! LiquidDeath - Good point. I was trying for bronze on the armguard. I do see how it has the damascus look. Thanks again!
  20. Slow work finally done. I've been working on this guy for way too long. I still have a lot of work to do on skin tones (among other things...). Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Great figure! Fantastic basing work!
  22. Awesome! Did not expect that take when I clicked to see your work. Thank you for sharing!
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