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  1. "So, dont make the same mistakes i did. Assemble the arms of the skeletons of the pillars first. Put the 3 main pieces together. Add the support for the deck and then the deck. Then the rails and then the pillars. I didnt glue the top because i want it to be removable The rest is pretty self explanatory :P"
  2. I see my pictures have made their way to the forum ! Good :P I included some mistakes i made assembling it for others to see if you want me to copy-paste them here or via PM
  3. I wish I had purchased the dynos.. waiting for retail :O
  4. I think being in the wave 1 made my box in the bottom of the pallet maybe ? So in the last few to be picked up.. wild guess but I can wait 1 more day heh :P
  5. And here I am... seeing some people in my city already having their packages but mine is still only due for tomorrow... so close yet so far !
  6. I might just do that tomorrow... or change the delivery to my work place.. mhhh
  7. At least it is starting to get warmer... almost 32°F today !
  8. Delivery scheduled for tomorrow here in Quebec City ! I am surprised I'm only receiving 15.3 lbs of bones... so light :P
  9. It does seem to have stopped for now. Probably switching between warehouses?
  10. Almost there... i can almost smell them... Come on papa needs his baba yaga's hut for his curse of strahd campaign soon !
  11. I added the one with the werewolve and the other one with the paladin (can't remember their names). I don't even have the game on hands but already can't wait to add more dices from their webstore.
  12. I guess it will be at least 2 weeks before we receive anything in canada.. i d'ont trust snakes and lattes and their deliveries so it will probably take even longer.
  13. I had to add 2 more set of dire beast... can't have enough. I resisted the fan favorites, there are a few models i would have loved to have but.. yeah... my wallet was strong !
  14. What is you opinion on the DVD sets ? i don't know which one of the four to get :/
  15. Welp... my pledge just doubled with the forest revealed... that shipping hurts
  16. i hope there will be an option for the tree tiles without the canopy. it will obstruct the view too much imho
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