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  1. What I want to know is: Why can't women ever leave the seat UP?


    --Froggy, happily housebroken husband.

    What I want to know is, how many women have ever thought about the alternative, to the seat always being up? What if men NEVER raised the seat? Roll THAT over a few times and see if they think they can learn to look at the toilet before they try to sit on it....

  2. when my eldest was 3, he was accustomed to speaking in the first person...


    Him: "Jacob wants milk"


    Me: "There's a better way to say that."


    Him: (thinks, then points to his right) "That way?"


    Me: "No..."


    Him: (points to his left) "That way?"


    Me: (struggling to maintain composure) "No...."


    Him: (points both directions at once) "That way?"


    It was about this time that I just gave him the milk.

  3. @V - Stewie is the hyperintelligent, homicidal baby from The Family Guy. Brian is the talking dog. Only the family understands him though.

    re: Brian - that's not quite the case, he's spoken to all of the cast members, family or not... now, it could be said that Stewie is only understood by Brian, because in very rare instances does anyone react to what he says.

  4. "I have an evil monkey living in my closet...but he wasn't always evil...."


    -Chris Griffin, "Family Guy"


    "look, Lois! Both of the symbols of the republican party! An elephant and a fat white guy who's afraid of change!"


    -Peter Griffin, "Family Guy"



    "Two sound theories in one day and neither of them deal with abnormally sized men. I'm so happy I feel like riverdancin'"


    -Agent Smecker, "Boondock Saints"

  5. I'm pretty sure "whinging" is the Queen's English version on how to spell "Whining." We here in the US just did away with the superfluous "G" (just as we have with a number of words). Just look at the other differences: here in the US we say "among" whereas the Brits (and me) say "amongst", or we say "while", while the Brits say "whilst."


    Seperated by a common language...



    It's a damn shame that the Queen doesn't know how to spell "Whine". ::P:

  6. "Outside of a book, a dog is man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read." --Groucho Marx

    I think it should be:


    "outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. inside of of a dog, it's too dark to read".


    Of course, Groucho also said, "I don't like Junior going to school on the wrong side of the tracks. Come to think of it, I don't like Junior."

  7. My favorite Normisms:


    Sam: Hey Norm whatcha up to?

    Norm: My ideal weight if I was 7 feet tall, now pass me a beer Sammy.



    Sam (I think, might have been Woody though): Jack Frost sure is nipping at your nose today.

    Norm: That's great, now let's get Joe Beer nipping at my liver.

    Mine would be:


    Woody: "Hey Norm, how about a beer?"

    Norm: "now's not the time for that."

    Woody: "For a beer?"

    Norm: "No, for stupid questions"

  8. Well, one thing to keep in mind, sharks are natural enemies of dolphins, probably where the saving comes from.


    However, one should not underestimate the usefulness of dolphins. Why, they helped drive the price of tuna up by forcing the use of less effective "dolphin safe" nets. Also, they're VERY trainable. They can be trained to attach explosives to the hulls of enemy ships, or to attack scuba divers who may be trying to attach explosives to the hulls of OUR ships.


    And, as Cadaver pointed out... quite tasty. :)

  9. Played a game of it on my college campus as well. Got great stories about it ;)

    I'm trying to convince the guys here at work to get a game going, just something really, really down low... things like, stickers, buzzers, etc. More of a silent assassin type thing than something as extroverted as a "gun". Trick is to get them without being caught in the process. Things like, a sticky note concealed under their coke can, with the game logo and codeword for 'poisoning". things like that. Alas, they're all chickens. :)

  10. Speaking of fan films/trailers have y'all see "Batman:  Dead End" and "World's Finest"?

    Is 'Batman:Dead end' the Alien crossover one? If so, although I've not seen it myself my manager at the FLGS I used to work at used to RAVE about it, how good the production qulaity etc. was.

    yes, Batman/Alien/Predator crossover. They're both from the same director, and use the same actor as Batman. They're both GREAT. Enough so to make me want to take up a collection to pay this guy to make a full length movie.

  11. I love the idea of the seperate area for political topics. I don't want to see the political discussions go. I like seeing the opinions of people like Orsino and Cadaver, as two examples, because both believe very fervently in their points of view, and defend those points very eloquently and fervently.


    I like the idea that Kit suggested, i.e., a seperate political discussion forum. I'm not sure about the password protection, but definitely make it an "enter at your own risk, on pain of flame". I'm kind of with Cadaver in his statement that people have to take responsibility for their own actions, but I also think that there has to be reasonable restrictions.


    IMO, it's an effective compromise. I'm sure that Cadaver doesn't post without wondering what Orsino will have to say about it, and Orsino doesn't post without wondering what Cadaver will have to say about it. Otherwise, why post a blatantly partisian tidbit? :)

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