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  1. My ToD at Microsoft is up in May 05, think I can intern there for 3 months around then? :-D
  2. back when I was in Explorer scouts, we had "Road rallies". Basically, we started from a set place, following directions on our handouts, and looking for the "clues" they mentioned. it could be a puzzle type clue, or could be a number or the like, from a gas meter in a field, or in one case, an updown 55 was a speed limit sign that was hanging upside down on its pole. If you followed the directions correctly, you end back up where you started; if you don't, well, let's just hope you know your home town area. :) Now, along those lines... Anybody saw the early 80's movie "Midnight Madness"? I've been thinking of trying to put together something like that...
  3. Fuzzy, lemme first say that I'm just completely not into the Goth scene, don't really understand it, etc. Now, that being said, here's a little rule of life, and something you can use on people if they say something to you about your taste in music, or whatever.... "Just becuase you don't like it or agree with it, doesn't mean that it's bad or wrong". This works for just about everything except capital crimes and crimes against nature. ;)
  4. Orsino, I applaud you for using a known news source with something other than an obvious left tilt. :) I wonder what the grounds were for this list, however? I've heard that you can go to vote and if your name isn't on the list to do so, that you're allowed to cast a provisional ballot. If these people's names are on the voter registration list, then there should be no reason for them to have to cast a provisional ballot. Are the people listed convicted criminals, who may have had their voting rights removed and who may still be on probation, or something of the such?
  5. Yes, all very true, however, I'd met both Michael and Larry from my weekends at the paint club. The artist's conference brought out people who aren't usually there on weekends. :)
  6. I'm also very happy with this past weekend. I didn't get to get there as early as I wanted, nor get to stay as long on Sunday as I wanted, but the time I was there, I was made to feel very much at home. Personally, I'd say the biggest thing I liked about the weekend was getting to meet all the different people. By far, meeting Gary from the paint department, ReaperBryan, Kit, Jester, Ichabod, Jen Haley, Flynn, and the rest of the gang, was as much worth the price of admission as the classes and the goodies. I"m countin' months, weeks n' days now until Reapercon. :)
  7. That was just so much 4$$. I'm going to go cry now.
  8. Just put me in a big blender n' hit liquefy. Then you can bury me in a post-hole.
  9. It was 46 yesterday? 54 today! Maybe 61 here tomorrow? 90 degrees? OY VEY, I better go repack my suitcase with bermuda shorts and hawaiian shirts! Buddy, stick you a few pairs of jeans and a sweater in there as well. If ya don't like the weather in Texas, stick around a few minutes, it'll change...
  10. the problem I have with this, overall, isn't the paintjob. The paintjob is awesome. IMO, the sculpt, namely the decapitated head, could be better. i would expect the facial muscles to have gone slack, jaw slightly parted, eyes partly open but squinted, etc. Just me I guess. :)
  11. 5 days left!! Giddygiddygiddygiddy
  12. I think, holy $#*+ I wanna copy of that!!
  13. Heh. Hold a vigil and a drumstick :) Ya know, there's enough of us local, and few enough ppl expected, that we could probably do a pot-luck for the artist's conference....
  14. You gonna bring summa dat sammich meat to the artist conference? let us put our sandwich artist skills to work?
  15. Ok, given this information, I'd say look at doing some illumination work on other parts of the model, so as to increase the impression of the glowing axe. :)
  16. cooking binds the seasoning to the food. ;)
  17. I'd say the highlighting on the armor looks good...the axe needs reworking I'd say. not getting the impression of NMM there. Would say some additional highlighting on the cloak, as well as on the wrist-part of the weapon-arm glove, on the back.
  18. Nothing quite like cruncy, tasty leprosy infected dillos. Meat just falls off the bone...
  19. Yes!! And take requests. I'd like a scale model of the Eldritch Demon. Cthulu should be taller than a wimpy dragon.
  20. Mange, aka "Scabies" on humans. With ya there. But didn't they also note the excessively long claws, and shorter than normal front legs?
  21. Ok so here's the questions this raises. If more than one of these things has been seen, it means that it's most likely being born like this; congenital defect. If this defect continues to propagate, as it appears to be doing, at what point is it considered a new species?
  22. I agree SK, that was my thought on the whole thing. Whether or not it is a new species or even something real. Why did someone have to shoot it? That's part of what's wrong with society today. I want to see you run out there and trap a mutated zombie dog. "Hey what the hell is that eating all of my chickens! Get my bag! I'm gonna catch me up a zombie!" I think we all need to pay attention to the facts here! There are pictures, it didn't bleed, it decays rapidly, and it's obviusly been mutated. If we listen to people telling us not to pay attention we're all going to end up like that dog. We need to ignore people like Hexxen and take care of the issue at hand. I WILL NOT END UP LIKE THE PEOPLE IN RACCOON CITY! I am buying 3 guns and an axe. Sounds like a man who's bought himself a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide. Gotta watch out for the ones in the water, them's bad.
  23. C'mon, that doesn't look anything like a chupacbra... <inhisbestDextervoice> Eeet's Charrrleeee!!
  24. Interesting what they would consider damage to the meat. Meat used to be allowed to "age", usually outside, until it started to decompose some, before it was cooked. Aged beef actually waits until some fungi/molds start to attach and grow into the meat; they are actually what cause the tenderization. My apologies in advance for those weak of constitution. ;)
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