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  1. re: Cuchulain - GREAT song.
  2. Wowsers, man. Dat's all I can say. :)
  3. How will you be determining who gets in? Are we supposed to receive something in the mail, or are you just checking ID's and credit cards at the door?
  4. Revelations says that the mark will have to be carried on the forehead or on the back of the hand... Does that mean if it doesn't work with the scanner, we're going to have to stand there and headbutt it until it beeps? We'll look like chickens pecking corn.
  5. That's pretty cool... good to hear that it doesn't go to waste. In some states the game warden takes the deer if he's called at the time it's hit. I get the feeling they don't buy much meat during the year. ;)
  6. Well, I'd say that I have a different theme for different situations. waking up in the morning "Baby elephant walk" getting into my car "Lowrider" by War trying to climb out of my car - "Entrance of the Gladiators" trying to stop drinking Coke - "White Flag" by Dido finishing a can of Coke - "Another one bites the dust" by Queen sitting at work "who can it be now" by Men At Work leaving work "Mama I'm comin' home' by Ozzy evening traffic "Crazy Train" by Ozzy going to bed at night "Crash into me"
  7. Good then. Some people aren't prepared for the gamey flavor, but there are ways to remove that before cooking. But if you've done it before then you're already aware of that :)
  8. Have you ever cooked deermeat before?
  9. Never, ever underestimate the power of Google. ;) http://www.whitetaildeer.com/howto/fd/ There ya go. :)
  10. Pretty straight forward as far as I know. Slit the abdomen, careful not to cut any guts open, drag 'em out into a trashcan or onto the ground. save any parts that you want, i.e. liver, heart, etc. I'll find a more detailed list of instructions for ya. ;)
  11. Well, one question here... Do you mean "field dress" as in how a hunter prepares a deer before bringing it back to camp, or do you mean, seperating the meat into different usable cuts?
  12. Anybody seen the pics that are out of the Fantastic Four actors in costume yet? http://www.comicbookmovie.com/news/fantastic-four.asp They're going with a costume, and not CGI, for the Thing.
  13. I have said Eldritch Demon sitting on my desk at work, unpainted. Saw the tentacled mug of Cthulu and just HAD to have him guarding my worksatation
  14. Best cure for lonliness is other people. Find friends to hang out with, talk to ppl online. That's my story at least. :)
  15. Ya know personally I'm not sure that I'd post on CMoN. I think I'd rather stick to these forums, where instead of some numbered rating, I'd get truer feedback. Do this, don't do this, try that, this looks good, etc. Guess I'd just rather be amongst friends.
  16. It's just a jump to the left....
  17. What can we expect next, flying toilet paper and squirtguns??
  18. BAHH! You're all taking food from my children's mouths!! I WORK at Microsoft!!! :( I hope yer all proud of yourselves. ;) j/k of course.
  19. PACK, SHIP! PACK, SHIP! RAH RAH RAH! We're rootin' for ya. I gotta see your priming tutorial. I think that's my greatest weakness right now. *sigh* Well aside from being a klutz.
  20. heheh... Yeah even weirder feeling when you see all of us sitting across the table from you with giddy-goofy looks on our faces waiting for you to impart your wisdom to us. :)
  21. AMEN!!!!!! Maybe they should just get away from the notion of a legally binding marriage, period. You want the church to recognize your union, fine. Leave the government out of it. Remember the old notion, "well if you're going to fight over it then neither of you will have it"? Same deal here.
  22. This, IMO, is EXACTLY right. Part of the reason that terrorism exists today is the fact that most of the Middle Eastern nations have a substantial poverty level, which is kept in place by the ruling governments. Those poor people see how the West is doing well (by comparison) and they're told by radical religious leaders and their government that it's our fault that they are the way they are. Of course they have no way to get anything other than the government's take on things so they believe it. The war on terror isn't only rooting out terrorists and stopping them, it's going to be a matter of changing the conditions which breed terrorists.
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