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  1. Do you mean http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2300s/2373_G or http://www.reapermini.com/store/customer/p...0&cat=7&page=15 :)
  2. Don't run away. I think you've just stated what most Americans would like to see. Personally, however, I'm of the point of view that with the current dual-party system we have, America simply isn't going to get any better. Also, with so many people identifying with one party or the other, to the exclusion of all good sense, there's not enough of a constituency to make the radical change needed to get us back on the right track. It's not the government of the people, by the people anymore. it's of the politicians, by the politicians, for the politicians.
  3. I'm kind of thinking the same... looking at 2599 myself.
  4. This is definitely a good point to consider. I kinda assume that they (i.e. all mini companies) build their molds in such a way that the lines fall on easy to reach locations, but if they don't, maybe they should spend some time looking into a way to do it?
  5. I'll have to try the toothpaste option... I've been using Super Mean Green, which works really well, but I can never get the primer out of the nooks n' crannies. I'd been using my kids old toothbrushes, but thought maybe a harder bristle may get it out of the nooks, but it didn't.
  6. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good "Starter mini"? Something that has enough detail so as to require it to be worked on, but not so much as to overwhelm?
  7. Well, I'm late as always to the party, but here's my two cents. I've found that there are some people in life who you consider good friends, that you just simply can't stay in constant contact with. When you're able, you think about them and drop them a line to see how they're doing, and they do the same with you. You can generally tell those people, by the fact that the rapport that was there when you were able to talk constantly, is there when you talk to them rarely as well. Now, I can also tell you that, as someone already stated, some relationships exist for a certain period of time, and the two of you eventually drift apart, and that's that. One person may think of the other and want to touch base "for old time's sake", but things just aren't the same as they were. And, finally, sometimes people change for the worst, and don't realize that they're any different than they were before (simply because we aren't blessed with the ability to see ourselves the way that others see us). These changes may show up as arrogance, self righteousness, or even outright agression, but the other party may not realize it. When this becomes the case, you simply have to evaluate the relationship with the person in question, and decide if you feel that it's worth fighting for. If it is, make a stand, address the issue. If it's not, then either end the relationship or change your view of it. Any way you slice it, it's not easy. The most important thing to do is to try to view it as calmly as possible when making your decision on it. -J
  8. Another one bites the dust. Not a very good MIDI of it, but it's good enough so that people recognize it, and it sucks bad enough so that no other bugger wants to use it.
  9. While I'm most certainly NOT pro Kerry, I must admit that I love your rebuttal. :)
  10. See, that's whatcha get for having nut flavored insulation. :)
  11. That might make for an enteraining read. I'll get it posted, maybe y'all can help me fill in some blanks. :)
  12. Ary, just 4 hours north of ya gets at least one good snow day a year. We had enough ont he ground this year to make pretty good sized snowmen. Of course, the year before that we had an icestorm that put more ice on the ground than that snowstorm did. The next day it semi-melted then froze over again, and we had solid sheets of ice on the hills. Rode down it on rocking chairs. :)
  13. HAHAHA... Love it. Reminds me of another. Two atoms walk out of a restaurant, and one says "hey, I lost an electron" the second says "Are you sure?" The first says "yeah, I'm positive!!"
  14. "Rocky Road to Dublin" stirms images of a dwarven warband, with a drummer setting the pace, singing a marching shanty. I sat down n' started redoing the lyrics in that vein a while back. :)
  15. Looking for a broken man, to be put on a Halifax pier? ;)
  16. Tabascojunkie... name like that, sounds like if you do make it, you'll enjoy the pot of jambalaya wifey and I are bringing up there. We were the two on the far end from Anne last weekend. :) We'll definitely be there again, and look forward to seeing ya there!!
  17. I've got contacts in the at least one of the PD's in the DFW area, I'll ask n' see what I can find out for ya.
  18. Guess I'll share now. :) http://profiles.yahoo.com/marmar_63
  19. Is that the "monster hunt" one that I hear about on the radio? That sounds frickin' awesome :-D
  20. Y'all realize there's a website full of these? www.kissthisguy.com -J
  21. Geez. this sounds like someone I know in S. Texas. Probably feels that no odour emanates from his nether regions, and is quite insulted for you to insinuate that it does. He wouldn't know constructive criticism if it jumped up n' hit him in the nose.
  22. not sure if anyone else is wanting to see it, but I'm dying to. Looks to be funny as hell. :)
  23. :) Would be glad to if I were a touch closer. ;) Take it ya didn't see the post I made in the Artist Conference board. Someone offered you a ride if you could find a place to stay.... -J
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