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  1. ARRRGH!!!! So that's where all that extra weight is coming from!! Everything you lose, I'm finding!! :)
  2. Does this mean that protesters who try to shout out other protesters will be arrested for it? Because that's precisely what they're trying to do....
  3. Freedom of Speech doesn't guarantee anyone access to cameras... only that they're free to say what they want without the government attempting to prevent them from saying it. Also, don't forget, the Freedom of the Press says that they can decide whether or not they want to cover something. If they were interested in the opinions of the protesters, they would seek them out.
  4. heheh :) Guess that answers THAT question, huh :) But no sets created and intended as, huh?
  5. While I'm already in the process of picking minis from the existing Reaper line to do this, why not make various sets that can be used for Chess? You could do various sets, say, knights, undead, demons, angels, monsters, etc. Not sure if it was already suggested, didn't feel like going through 50 pages of posts to find out first :) -=J=-
  6. re: Jen being there - I know Anne mentioned something about that last Saturday, but I didn't see her name on the list of featured painters, either. Will be interesting to meet all these people whose work I've admired from afar for so long. *giddygiddygiddygiddy* -=J=-
  7. I'll definitely be there... and hopefully every Saturday leading up to the conference, at the painting club. Close distance has its benefits :) I didn't see Anne's name in the list of featured painters... is that intended only to be "guest" painters, or is she really going to not be there? :-O -Jason
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