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  1. Dice made of anodized aluminum. So everything is metal, the blue and the silver color. I don't think they're perfectly balanced, since it's pretty hard to do it in a shell like this, but from the video they look like they roll pretty good. I have to wonder if the nearest corner in the picture is a heavier corner than some of the others.
  2. I read your answer after I replied to @Godlike, but yes, you are correct. A bit of practice is required, and you are also right regarding interpreting the pips.
  3. The pips are already on the dice. But they're stylized into different than usual shapes. All dice are made of anodized aluminum. So they're available in different colors.
  4. I am a newbie here, but how do you post a "live" project? I already posted one, so I don't know if tagging it with "live" counts, but would ask any mods here to extend a helping hand if possible. Thank you!
  5. It’s lighter, innovative, yet beautiful and functional. Starting from the CUBBLE Dice concept, stripped it from everything that made it metal heavy. Only the essential part was kept: the PIP display - the new HOLLOW dice is built on a groundbreaking idea, and it’s ready to be yours. We have completely overhauled the traditional D6 dice again, producing a die unlike anything the world has ever seen. Made of anodized aluminum, this dice has no inside, making it an empty shell. An inverted version of dice that we already funded successfully, this dice weighs just 1.5 grams, making it perfect for anyone who loves tabletop and dice-based games. Processing these dice requires a lot of time and multiple steps. Not to mention that the die is so easily bent during the machining process, we need to pull together some additional resources for this dice. Making manufacturing more of a challenge for us. More about this project on kickstarter.com and search "Hollow" or click here
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