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  1. Here's a google sheet that updates some charts every a couple of minutes based on the tracker page at http://forum.reapermini.com/ks/, looking forward to seeing that progress line hit the top (looking forward even more to having a big box of 20 minis at my front door!) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lWJQQ3RFsot-KzitQpv4Q6I_oQG1jkkj26Id6T12Ppk/edit#gid=937193283
  2. Hi all, I've been following along since the very start, figured I would poke my head in to say g'day! This is my first bones KS, in fact fairly new to the hobby in general- the core set alone already contains more minis than I currently own I'm liking the sets of kobolds and goblins but I think my favourite single model so far would be either the recently revealed hill giant hunter, or the 2-headed dungeon dweller, they both look fun to paint. Anyone able to narrow it down to a single favourite model so far?
  3. Hi all, Here are a few more Bones models I have painted over the last few weeks. I'm still fairly new to painting bones (2nd and 3rd models I've painted, although have painted a handful from other manufacturers). It's the first time I've used so much white on a mini, I learned that it is a very strong colour and only needs subtle shading to be effective- may have gone overboard on the cloak. Also, washing over white seemed to make it look dirty, which is not what I was going for... Overall I like the colour schemes I went with and am pretty happy with how they turned out. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thanks for commenting and being welcoming to a newb. This is a very kind forum ☺️
  5. Hi all, this is the first bones mini that I've painted, thought I'd share it here. Feedback welcome. I haven't been painting for long and have only a few old paints I inherited from a friend. I did the base coat using an old citadel foundation paint which seemed to go on OK, with only minimal beading that was easily fixed up with a second coat. Overall it was a nice figure to work with and I look forward to painting more bones minis. (Maybe the next kickstarter?) Also first time I've tried taking a proper photo of a mini, using the guide from this very forum. I think it turned out OK, although there is a bit of glare in some places. Thanks for looking
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