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  1. Just launched a Kickstarter this morning for something called SnapDice. In my opinion -- and I guess I might be biased :) -- I think these are coolest dice trays ever. The steel dice snapping to the magnets is so addicting. You can use these with any game that uses dice (d6 or polyhedral), but honestly, you'll probably just get stuck rolling them over and over for fun. :) Here is the Kickstarter page: Check out people's reactions when they first rolled the dice just a little ways down the project page...pretty fun. :) The magnets in the board do not affect the randomness of the rolls. It isn't rigged. In fact, we custom engineered the dice to be perfectly balanced (the center of gravity of each die is within .001mm of perfect). So, this dice set will actually be the most accurate and more fair of any set you own. We are also offering a full polyhedral set of steel dice as well. :) Hope you like it!
  2. Yes, good point. Hadn't though about the bulkiness and weight of carrying the fancier solid wood ones. Thanks.
  3. In looking around I've seen dice towers for as little as $15 different places all the way up to units over $150 Any advice on what is "worth it" to pay for a dice tower?
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