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  1. Hello Reaper friends! I was wondering if any of you could help me find any Conquistador models Reaper may have? Or anything that will pass for or is somewhat similar to Conquistadors? They will be part of a diorama and will mostly be converted into casualties so they don't need to be perfect. Metal or Bones doesn't matter. Thanks!
  2. Yeah thats exactly what I was going for! Starting from the top clockwise they mean: energy, protection, health, and courage. Disclaimer: I got the runes translations from a poster being sold on Etsy so.... who knows
  3. Hey all! Its been awhile since I've been by here but I'm still painting and wanted to share my most recent project
  4. I have a box I can start but don't want it back. I'm in Colorado btw
  5. I'm in for 4 of the 75 mm models. I'm thinking I will probably get Aries, Gemini, Scorpio and Capricorn.
  6. Been a little while since I've posted any work so here is my latest project. Please let me know what you think.
  7. This is what happened to me with both Herena and Ylva. I sent them an email as well but I got the feeling they are going to do nothing about it. Honestly, I probably won't ever deal with putting them together because some pieces are so bad. They still haven't got me all my stuff from Eternal War so I expect nothing to happen For what it's worth I did like the wet palette
  8. Mine arrived. A couple of the models came in grey resin and they are awesome. However Herena and Ylva both came in a cream/white resin and have ZERO keys or key holes. There are places with huge gaps. I emailed them and they responded with: " I asked about this particular issue with the models in general. The casting company stated that they removed connectors from the models due to them causing connection issues through warping." I wasn't sure what that meant so I asked if they would be replaced or not and I reminded them I am still waiting on stuff from their Eternal War campaign and they responded with: "I will put you down on the list and let you know." So I still don't know if they will replace anything. Couple examples of what I received.
  9. So I just got done watching The Patriot. Is anyone aware that there is mini painting in that movie?
  10. Most of my order from Michigan Toy Soldier came in. Couple things still on bak order
  11. A package from France? Its a flat box so it's not a mini. What could it be.... (I know what it is I'm just building suspense) I can't wait to read this! Lots of studying to do!
  12. So here is the final paint setup (the paints in the clear were there before this is just a picture of the whole setup) Here's the drawer finished And with some of the foam board I had left I made a small shelf for my airbrush bottles to sit on my painting booth
  13. Rack has been installed and there is oh so much room to grow. Although I do have about 35 paints coming in And my brain won't let me get back to painting till I'm done with this small paint desk upgrade so I'm working on the drawer real quick. Started by cutting a piece of foam board to fit the bottom of the drawer and then cut the side pieces and glued it all together Now just need to figure out the layout I want and will cut and glue foam board as needed. I may need to find some other tools to go in here. It's crazy that when you organize stuff you have so much more room. Or maybe I'll just get these tools a home and then leave the rest blank so I have space for new tools. (Foam dividers are just laid in place while I figure out the layout)
  14. Old rack and new rack painted and drying It's pretty breezy out so I'm hoping they dry and not stinky by the time I'm off work so that I can get them put up and get to painting. The tool drawer might have to wait a couple days as I need to get to work on the Archvillian piece I want to get done for their competition
  15. Live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reinaroja/sombras-the-art-of-christopher-lovell/description These are super cool. If I get any I'll only be able to get one which will be a very difficult choice
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