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  1. The Beast and Yokun from Limbo: Eternal War WIP
  2. Started working on my gift. Thought I would just show what I've gotten done today so far. The little I have probably won't spoil it for who is to receive it but I'll put the spoiler up anyways.
  3. Here is the base after adding some dirt ground cover and I was beginning to add tufts. At this point though I felt the dirt was a little too dark so I wanted to add a little more color. I tried keeping some of the darker areas as well as add some different colors to add a little interest and variation. With the tufts I tried to create some of my own black flowers using some tuft and black sand. Not sure it works well or stands out much but I went with it. I put the figures on the base before I took a picture of the finished base and I want to save the final pictures so I can try out my lightbox but here are some pictures of my finished base It's finally done! I will post the final pictures in the Show Off thread once I get the pictures taken. Off to work on my Secret Sophie project
  4. Ugh! Legends of Signum again?! I only have one of their models and I want some more bad! I will keep any eye on this but they always launch campaigns when the money isn't right for me. Maybe some day I will get a 3d printer
  5. Ouch! After looking at the prices for these they are a little out of my price range... guess I'll have to save up for a bit... if I can just stay away from those elfing Kickstarters it might not take too long
  6. Well all this is very helpful! But when I get one I will probably be back looking for help
  7. So maybe a cheap laptop and an external hard drive would be enough? Would a Chromebook work? I am trying to stay under $500 for the setup. This is encouraging! Especially since Legends of Signum announced they are starting a Patreon for .stl files!
  8. Oh cool so if I got a newer cheap ($200 range) laptop range I should be ok? I don't plan on creating many, if any, designs myself I just plan on downloading and printing .stl files. I am worried I might be getting over my head with a 3d printer. But I'm not completely computer illiterate and I follow directions and tips well. Just when it comes to specs and what all the lingo (RAM, GB, etc) I am not entirely sure what that means. So I do have a little hope that if I get one, that between here and youtube that I can figure out how to print my own models. I also have watched a lot of 3d printing videos so I have some sense of what things like layer exposure time means and things like that, the basics of the process. I am definitely planning on getting a resin printer. I just don't feel confident when buying a computer that I need for a specific task and didn't want to get a whole setup just to find out the computer I got can't handle it.
  9. Ok I am looking to get into 3d printing but I am not tech savvy at all! Maybe it's something I should just keep my nose out of but it seems like a lot of fun. Anyways, I see that printers are actually quite affordable and I plan to do more research to figure out which one I want. But before I do all that (and what may keep me out of the hobby for awhile) is that I don't have a computer besides the one my job sent me home with to work from home. The cost of having to get a computer (unless I don't need anything fancy) and then the 3d printer might be more than I can afford right now. So sorry if this is a stupid question but what kind of computer is recommended for 3d printing? Can I get a cheap laptop or do I need a desktop? If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.
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