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  1. The box has decided it is time to move on and is now headed to @Generic Fighter
  2. Yes! Thank you very much I am really excited to give them a try.
  3. Yeah I have sold some stuff on eBay recently so I have a little extra money. I use my funds I get off eBay for miniature stuff and I have so many KS coming in this year that I don't think I will need to buy anymore minis so this might be a good place to invest the extra funds.
  4. Got some more work done on his neck and added eyes. The eyes were completely nerve wracking but I am ok with them for now. I think I may need to push the contrast a little bit more but I am afraid of pushing it too far on a larger piece like this. C&C greatly appreciated but not required.
  5. I just bought a Patriot 105 yesterday from Amazon for $67 + tax. Fortunately I had a $50 gift card so it only ended up being about $20. But while buying it I ran across the Badger sale. I am now really tempted to get a Sotar 20/20. I already have a H&S Ultra which is a .2mm needle and it is a great airbrush but a Sotar for $65 is hard to beat! The Ultra doesn't have the trigger adjust like the Sotar which is also something that is very tempting to me. I airbrush a bit but not a ton which is what is holding me back. I'm not sure I need 3 brushes. I got the Patriot because I wanted to move to Stynylrez (it recommends a .5mm needle) and I didn't want to do so much priming with my H&S and I had a $50 Amazon gift card. Another nice thing is I bought the H&S last year and I had another $50 gift card so that one only cost me $40. So to have 3 really nice brushes that normally cost around $253 would end up costing me about half of that.
  6. Wow! Very nice work! The skin looks fantastic! I am just beginning painting my first bust as well and I am really enjoying it. I hope mine comes out as nice. I have a WIP thread going if you want to check it out. I have been trying to figure out plinths as well. I thought about getting some of the balsa chunks and maybe trying a cheap wood stain on them. I don't know much about that kind of stuff and don't know if it would work at all. You could always check Craig's List to see if people are giving away any scraps of nice wood.
  7. Sorry bring this conversation back to me but I need some advice. I went ahead and bought the Patriot 105 as planned using an Amazon gift card. It's on the way and should be here by Wednesday However, I saw that Badger is having a 55 anniversary sale and I sent them an email so I now have access to the sale. My question is, do you guys think I should spend another $65 and also get the Xtreme Patriot 105? Is it much different from the Patriot 105? I am pretty tempted to get it since it would be two Badger airbrushes for around $80 and I have a little extra money in my PayPal account. I also have an H&S Ultra with a .2mm needle. Do I need that many airbrushes? Edit: I now see the Sotar and Khrome are both $55 as well. So I am thinking I will get one of those should I decide to get one. Hmmm... This will be a tough decision.
  8. Yay it showed up today! I have made my selections and I will try to get this off to @Generic Fighter in the next day or two. I chose the Pug Mage since we used to have a pug. He passed away a couple years ago but my daughter still misses him. Thought it might be nice to paint this one up so she can keep it on her night stand.
  9. Quick update before bed. I just kept glazing in some highlight and shadow greens. Also glazed in some MSP Succubus Kiss and SC75 Orcish Dermis to bring in some red and help the skin look more alive (at least thats the goal). As I was putting away my stuff for the night I found a bottle MSP Orc Skin that came from one of the Dungeon Dwellers sets. Forgot all about it. It should make for a nice highlight color so I am going to try to start working it in a bit.
  10. This has been sitting on my desk for months now and come to find out it doesn't paint itself. So I figured it was time to get back to painting this guy. I have been nervous to start but I have some busts coming in from KS and I have a couple on my "to paint" shelf so its time to start painting busts. I started out with painting some of his weapons. I dont know if you can see in the picture but I attempted to paint in some texture on the sword sheath. I like how it looks but I think I can take it a bit further with higher highlights. Here is the orc straight out of the airbrush booth. I need a lot more practice with airbrushing. After airbrushing him a bit I took him to the paint desk and tried to add some highlights and more life to the skin. So far I have just focused on his face. I am decently happy with the progress but I plan several more hours on the skin. Sorry for the long post! Any C&C would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Just took out a $50 Amazon gift card as a reward for points on my credit card. I'll be putting that towards a Badger Patriot 105 so I will only have to spend a little less than $20. I'm really excited to try a Badger airbrush even though it will primarily be my priming airbrush. I have a Harder and Steenbeck Ultra and its needle is .2mm and its so hard to push primer through it. Plus I'm going to try some Stynylrez and its recommended to be used through a .5mm
  12. Yeah that thing is noisy! But the lighting is awesome and it moves a good amount of air
  13. Creature Caster also released a new paint line relatively recent. I've heard really good things about it
  14. Looks like Scale75 is about to drop a new paint line on Kickstarter. Not too much to know right now all they have is a teaser video on their FB saying a new "smooth acrylic" is coming soon to KS. I'm not going to post the link because I'm not sure about linking to FB. I will keep an eye on this and post more once they do. I really don't need more paint but if this is decently priced then I may not be able to pass it up. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2025694581/scalecolor-artist-smooth-acrylic-paints
  15. Hope so too! Although I am more worried about the last couple of containers of Bones IV making it through customs in a timely fashion.
  16. Tough to choose. Either: Queen Zenobia Or the Fire Giant from Blood Rage Think I backed 6 this past year. Most of them were just getting a few pieces and not the full KS. I went biggest on Limbo Eternal War. "Focus on the process and the results will take care of themselves" Has really come to mean a lot to me since I started painting. As a kid I always enjoyed The Phantom Tollbooth
  17. It was done through their online store. I had to go back and check what I ordered because I couldn't remember. I wish I had bought more
  18. Yes but in a limited capacity, I believe. Plus they are working for free and I know if I wasn't getting paid I wouldn't be in a hurry to get things through.
  19. I use white or blue tac for masking. Vallejo also makes a masking fluid that you can paint on and let it dry and it peels up once you're done. I think @knarthex wrote up a thread giving it a review and showing how he used it awhile back.
  20. Yay!! This is gives me something to look forward to while I wait for Bones IV We'll see how well this gets through customs with the current shutdown.
  21. Does anyone ever create a checklist for the minis in the core set so that when we go through them we can make sure we have everything?
  22. I'm really trying not to get my hopes up too much just in case of last minute delays but its hard not to get a little excited. Glad I'm in Wave 1 and confirmed my order early so hoping I'm towards the front of the line. I'm really trying to be patient but as it gets closer it gets harder!
  23. I watched Occupation on Netflix. Now I am a big fan of alien invasion movies but this movie is absolutely awful! One of the worst movies I have ever seen! Its not even a fun bad movie, it is an extremely bad frustrating movie. The acting is horrid. The story and editing make no sense at all. Character development is nonexistent except for off screen and is only done through references from the characters to scenarios that aren't shown in the movie. I can look past the sub par special effects but this movie is bad. All of that isn't even the worst part of the movie. I love a good musical score and I think it can really make a movie (its one reason I am such a big fan of Tarantino movies because the music selection is always perfect). The musical score in this movie is terrible. There is music playing the ENTIRE movie! I mean nearly every second has music playing. No suspense is built through the use of silence. Music plays over dialogue (probably because the writing is horrendous) and doesn't even convey what is happening in the movie. Bad bad bad bad movie!
  24. College basketball. My favorite team is the Kansas University Jayhawks! Rock Chalk!
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