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  1. Can some one repost the link? I can't find it on Kickstarter
  2. Hey can some break down the difference between washes, inks, and glazes? What is a general example of when I might use each? Are they the same thing? I meant to but some black paint the other night and accidentally grabbed black ink. Not really sure how to use it.
  3. Alrighty! I finally got the Demon Boar finished! I think I improved from my first paint but got a long ways to go. I know my dry brushing could use some work but feel that I'm getting a better handle of the idea. Let me know what you guys think. O Oh and I just began the mage and am actually using some Vallejo Game Color, so I am starting to move away from the craft paints! I did a lot of touch up after the photos so I am sure there are no bare spots... I think its mostly the flash that's making the spots looks bare. Oh well I am trying to figure out painting and then I'll work on my photography.
  4. So it's not really a Bones I'd like to see but what I think would be awesome would be if late comers like me could have a chance at the Kickstarter sets. I just got into painting so I missed the KS3. I plan on taking part in IV but it's probably 2yrs till I get that. Now I don't think late comers should be able to get all the stretch goals and add ons but it would be awesome to be able to get the core set for a descent price! Especially since the 3rd set hasn't come out yet. I just watch all these unboxing vids for I and II and I don't know if I can wait 2yrs before I get to do the same!
  5. Absolutely amazing! I am stunned! Not to take away from the conversation but can anyone tell me how big the entire piece is?
  6. That video helped me out so much! I meant to post a link myself.
  7. Awesome work! I like the idea of just painting it what ever color strikes you as being right.
  8. Any thoughts on Army Painter? Found a descent priced kit on Amazon, I don't want to link to it because I'm unsure if it will cause my post to be removed. From the description: The Army Painter Mega Paint Set has 34 Warpaints, 7 Quickshade Ink Tones and 1 Anti-Shine Varnish and 3 wargaming brushes Priced at $79.99
  9. Ok so I'll probably start with the MSP. They sell it at my local game store for about 3.75 a bottle, with shipping figured in, it seems about the going rate. What colors would be the first you would get (lets say first 10) and be as specific as possible since there are so many variations of each color. Or should I do it on a mini by mini basis? I just want to have a good starting point.
  10. How long before the KS actually starts do you think they will give an official date? Man I am thinking about investing in better paint and brushes and then throw this KS, not good! Hope the kids don't mind if I spend their birthday money on myself
  11. Yeah I was think the same thing. I think I am going to slowly start getting the better miniature paints, and just slowly build up my collection of those. Any suggestions on which is the "best"? Someone suggested a good way to build up is to buy the MSP triads.
  12. Alright last night I got some painting done and I really tried to focus on thinning my paint and layering to add some depth. I did several layers and I think I was fairly successful. Although some of the highlights didn't come out as well as I hoped but I feel I have already improved a lot since my last mini. Let me know what you guys think.
  13. That's funny I was thinking about painting him purple. I don't know why, just when I look at him I see purple.
  14. I am just painting them to paint. I also really like the fantasy subject matter so that draws me interests me as well.
  15. Yeah the gold is a metallic but the black and silver are just the matte colors. The silver is where I tried to do some drybrushing, as well as on the wood of the club is well. I tried to add rust to the spikes on the club (possibly from cleaning his club of his last opponents blood) and rust on his chain links. (I don't know if that came across or just looked crappy) Anyways, I appreciate all the feedback and encouragement! I am just going to keep going and keep all of this in mind.
  16. With these I am really just trying to get better at layering, highlighting, and dry brushing. Once I get a little more confidence I think I'll try to expand my "craziness". Although people have been really kind about my first attempt (thanks for your comment on that post by the way) and its giving me confidence to keep going. Also it's a really crappy day here in Colorado and I kind of just want to leave work and go home and paint.
  17. That's a great idea about the wet brush, I will definitely do that! I tried to dry brush the "fur" but didn't come out how I wanted. Maybe I'll try it again with a really light green when I touch him up.
  18. Hey guys I am new and just finished my first mini which I posted here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/73347-my-first-attempt-painting/ Any who, Xherman suggested that I start a WIP and that it is a great way to get some helpful input that can help me improve...So that's what I am going to do! And please be honest (just not mean), I don't feel I can get better without some constructive criticism. Here are my next 3 projects primed and ready! I have the Demon Boar, Ice Troll, and Mercenary Mage. I will probably start with the Demon Boar as I want to hone my skills on the bigger guys at least a little before I tackle a true mini (they are so small!). Also if anyone is wondering I cut the teeth out of the snake on the staff of the mage because I want to add an orb instead. I will update periodically (not that I think you guys will be sitting on the edge of your seats waiting ) and just let me know what you think. Thanks
  19. Alright guys here is my first attempt. Don't be too harsh on me for the paint job but I do very much welcome any constructive criticism or tips. I know I definitely need to work on layering and applying more coats. Please be honest and let me know what you guys think. I do see, from the second picture that I need to touch up his back a little where I missed. Also I tried to do a wash over him to make him look kind of dirty, which worked well on his wrappings but made him look splotchy in some areas. Oh and one last thing I am using the Apple Barrel brand of acrylic craft paint.
  20. How tall is that thing? It looks amazing! I am just starting out and like you mentioned I am just starting with some basic guys and waiting on the ones that I really like until I build up my skills. I hope I can get to your level one day! Is the assembly tough? And what are the dimensions?
  21. Man that one from Gamezone is awesome! I might have to look at maybe getting that one. I'm a little afraid of shipping charges from Europe... maybe I'll check Amazon. Would the size and look of this one fit in with Bones minis?
  22. Hey guys I'm new to painting and was hoping you guys could help me out (again). Any ideas on what colors I could mix to get a good bone color and/or a good rust color? The parts I am painting with these colors would be small (a skull headdress and some chain links and minor armor) so they don't have to be perfect. Also know that I am using the Walmart brand acrylic paint so just a general ideas of what colors to use then I can play around with it till I get the colors that I like. Thanks in advance!
  23. NecroMancer


    How did you do the rust? I have been trying to figure out how to do it and make it look real, and you my good sir have done just that! Tips, please!
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