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    Looks awesome! With a little paint I think it will look even better! Thanks for the help.
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    Bones battle scene

    Thanks for the help everyone! Sounds like it might be difficult but I'll give it a shot. I know that you can put the figures in boiling water to straighten weapons and what not, do you think that I can do the same thing with the whole figure to make the body bend? Depending on what the original position was I was thinking to make the body look limp and possibly attach it to the had of a dragon to make it appear the dragon is holding a body, does that sound possible? Think that will look cool?
  3. NecroMancer

    Bones battle scene

    Yeah that would be awesome if you could maybe give me an example! I was thinking that this is exactly what I would have to do, I just wasn't sure if it was feasible or really where to start. If its too much trouble don't worry about it but I sometimes have a hard time visualizing how things will come out so an example would really help.
  4. Hey everybody I am not into fantasy gaming but I really want to get into the painting of some miniatures. The problem is that I don't want the tiny little 25mm miniatures, I am looking for something more like the 6"-12" (or bigger) type of figure. I am looking for any model kits or already assembled pieces fantasy related. I figured you guys are the ones to ask. Do you know where I can find anything like this? Please help! Thanks
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    New to this. Please advise!! [merged]

    You make a great point! Honestly, the more I look at them the more I like the smaller ones. I'll probably stick to the ones over an inch or two for now until I get better at it though.
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    New to this. Please advise!! [merged]

    One last quick question, do most reaper miniatures require some assembly? Thanks again guys you've been a huge help. I have now found so many I am a little over whelmed but that's a good thing! Hopefully after this I'll be on here asking for painting tips.
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    New to this. Please advise!! [merged]

    Cool! That helps! Where can i find the C'thulu?
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    New to this. Please advise!! [merged]

    Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it! Hey Xherman, how can I tell how big the items you listed are? Any ideas of where I can get reasonably priced resin kits?