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  1. Sorry maybe I didn't make that clear. Just some random backer made the point. He was saying he was surprised that it had been 3 days since Canadian shipping ended and they still hadn't started. I have seen no updates. No one knows anything. I am really trying to be patient but as it gets closer it get harder!
  2. This is all I found in the KS comments: I understood they needed some time to get things prepared after Canada and the world were done, but three days?!?!? I work in shipping, logistics is my job where I ship hundreds of packages per day. My boss would fire me if I used that much downtime. I think he was just referring to the 3 days from when they completed Canadian shipping completed and not to 3 days still to get it going. I might have missed something though.
  3. Maybe they decided to do regular business stuff in the morning and the packing in the afternoon? I doubt it but I am going to hope that is what is going on. If they don't start right after lunch I am guessing that will mean a no-go for today and we will have to hope for tomorrow.
  4. I am worried because on Reaper Live they said they still had nothing setup in the new warehouse and that it would take awhile to set it all up. That was Thursday night. Who knows how long they worked on it Friday and if they came in Saturday or not. I think they may still be setting up. They also said that today was still "tentatively" scheduled for the start but since that was Thursday and they still weren't positive about starting today it makes me feel that they weren't confident about the date.
  5. I went with one wave so I have to wait awhile. I think June is what they said but who knows when I will actually get it. I have lost a bit of interest in it so I am in no rush I might end up selling it and just keeping the Lucifer expansion.
  6. I was so excited to get to work and watch the tracker...
  7. Got mine and it is beautiful! May have to do some slight putty work around where the forearm connects but pretty easy to do. I agree the the mild line placement was awesome!
  8. I kind of forgot everything I got but I'm not checking so that I am surprised when I open my box. I really hope we see a couple test orders being ran soon.
  9. These are beautiful but I am really trying to be better with KS so I leaning as pass on these. None of them jump out to me as something I would paint. I still want the Orc that was in the asset drop box that was done by them. So either way they are going to get some money out of me.
  10. I like the looks of that angel statue from the Grave Things! Wish I would have grabbed a couple of those as well.
  11. Dang I didn't think about that Now I wish I got 2 I got a bunch of fairies from a BoGW awhile ago with the intention of hiding them in Mossbeard. Although now I am a little worried that they might be too small to be noticed.
  12. I think the waves will be useful especially if they continue with the 1/2 day KS and 1/2 day regular work. This will push out the total delivery time so that those who were early are rewarded. If it was just like Bones 3 where they just pushed it out as fast as possible then the I could see how the waves would lose value.
  13. Yeah he posted a message on the KS that he is supposed to meet with the caster today and would have more information for us once he returned home. The shipping notification was sent thought PayPal. Mine is still sitting on Pre-shipment.
  14. I'm the opposite I am stalking the forum, the KS comments, and youtube looking for pictures and videos just to torture myself a little
  15. Yeah I was a little surprised that the Canadians weren't posting apologies for getting their stuff so quickly instead of being excited.
  16. Looks like Argent's wings are 1 piece and it is in Bones Black! Does Reaper ever have any extra KS pieces that they sell after fulfillment? I am really regretting not getting a couple of the expansions.
  17. Someone posted on the KS comments that they have received their package in Toronto
  18. Yeah Monday is still looking like the day. I just hope it doesn't get pushed back. Although if UPS(or USPS) is as fast with US orders as they have been with the Canadian orders I might have my package within an hour or two of it being packed.
  19. Oh I really hope they are able to get the new warehouse set up fast. Although I bet they only have a couple/few guys working on it and they may only do a few hours each day before assuming their normal responsibilities.
  20. I'm keeping an eye on the KS forum waiting for it to blow up if people start getting their stuff. I just have to think that it would be a huge glitch if that many people are getting the notification. Especially if it is showing the route updates.
  21. Looks like Canada should finish up after lunch! Then its just the arduous task of switching warehouses.
  22. It was posted somewhere that there were around 1800 Canadian orders so I don't think they are done. I could be wrong though... I was wrong once back in '96 so its not unheard of
  23. Thursday was 800-900 then yesterday was a little slower with around 450+
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