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    Dead Man's Chest - Reaper 03518

    Very cool!
  2. NecroMancer

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I always have ideas for dioramas that never really get made so not sure this will happen but I am considering painting Gauth as a large statue standing behind a throne with a dragon queen/king. I like this! Maybe I could do an ice dragon king/queen throne room and have the Gauth statue with icicles hanging from his wings, hands, and snout.
  3. NecroMancer

    Ouroboros Miniatures: Dragon Masters busts

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
  4. NecroMancer

    Ouroboros Miniatures: Dragon Masters busts

    I"m in for Ciadrin! Actuallyy the price is quite reasonable it's about what I was originally expecting. Edit: Oops! I meant I am in for Karadhran
  5. NecroMancer

    Ouroboros Miniatures: Dragon Masters busts

    I really hope this really does launch tomorrow! I will be curious to see what the prices are. 1/10 scale seems big so these might be more pricey than I am anticipating.
  6. NecroMancer

    WIP - Learn to Paint Kit (Core Skills)

    Welcome! Welcome! These look great! Keep posting and never be shy to ask questions!
  7. NecroMancer

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    The creator posted a message in the comments page that they now plan to have the miniatures be self assembly. Which honestly, I think is super cool! I don't do enough of it and I'm only in for the miniatures so self assembly leaves a lot for conversions. They may get some blow back from it but a lot less than if they would have had they changed the minis or lowered the quality of the minis. They also acknowledged that this probably won't cover the $80K but that it will help a lot. I am not sure if they are going to eat the rest of the bill or what they will do to cover the remainder.
  8. NecroMancer

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    I would much rather have more of tgeir existing paints! I am still trying to learn them and dont need to throw more on top of that! Also I recently bought some oil paints to use as washes and just opening a couple small tubes to just check them out and I had paint EVERYWHERE! I am not a fan of tubes.
  9. NecroMancer

    The Orc, My 1st Bust

    I was thinking the same but was worried that the contrast with the teeth/claws might be muted. I think you're right though because I want the fur to pop a little more. Maybe I'll have the trophies as more of an ivory and use your suggestion of a creamy brown highlight for the fur. I love that Sandalwood! When I get taxes back I am going to get some more Scale75 paint sets.
  10. NecroMancer

    The Orc, My 1st Bust

    So I got a little more done on him and he is progressing steadily. I'm still pretty happy with I'm but I will take any tips, advice, or suggestions anyone has. I worked on the fur and am pretty happy with how it turned out but not sure if it looks realistic. Any thoughts? Added a little more color to the lips and brought in some more highlights to the skin but not sure the highlights showed up. I still feel the face needs more contrast so I think I will push the highlights a bit further and see how it looks. The teeth or claw trophies and his under vest thing are just place holder colors. I had spent too much time looking at green paint and need to break that up a bit. Any C&C is greatly appreciated!
  11. NecroMancer

    Black Hallows Townsfolk II

    Is this a game or are they display pieces? Not really my style but if the minis look as good as the renders then I might be interested.
  12. These showed up yesterday as well I was skeptical about getting these for awhile but I see a lot of pros using aquarium plants for mini dios so I figured I would give it a shot. Plus its 20 4" plants for $10 on the Bay of e so its worth the investment.
  13. Mine actually just showed up in the mail yesterday. It was a nice surprise!
  14. NecroMancer

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    They posted in the comments that they would soon be posting the technical information sheet soon. Not sure if they have yet or not.
  15. NecroMancer

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    This is now live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2025694581/scalecolor-artist-smooth-acrylic-paints?ref=discovery&term=scale75 I am really interested in these but they are quite pricey! At around $34 including shipping for 6 paints is a bit ridiculous. I'll probably pass and just use my discount and coupon from their bust KS to buy some of their existing paint lines.
  16. NecroMancer

    Reaper Karaoke Cafe: What do you sing?

    Yes! There are few tunes as intoxicating as necromancy ballad! For my song of choice would probably be something by Marcel Marceau
  17. NecroMancer

    Ouroboros Miniatures: Dragon Masters busts

    Dang that looks nice! I may have to pull out of the Yedharo campaign for this one. I just hope this one starts before that one ends so I can make an informed choice. Although I already have a couple orc busts so I am leaning towards backing this one instead of Yedharo.
  18. NecroMancer

    Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Cuetzpal Empire

    I'm really hoping these go up for sale on their store soon after fulfillment! There are several pieces I'm mad I missed out on
  19. I sent Reaper an email with my address last Thursday night but haven't received a response I hope they didn't change their minds and decided my question wasn't good enough.
  20. NecroMancer

    Orc Warband Collectors by Yedharo

    My backlog is quite extensive as well but I keep adding more because I don't want the ones at the back of the line to get lonely
  21. NecroMancer

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    #1 Well it was Bones IV but now probably the Samael Raven Demon bust KS that is supposed to deliver this month. #2 I am still working on my orc bust. This picture is from Friday so I have gotten some more work done on it but have yet to take pictures. I am also working on the Minotaur Demon Lord but I don't have any pictures of him. Music I probably do the least. When I do I like to listen to Tool, Primus, Metallica, and sometimes classical or opera. I also sometimes will turn on the Office and listen to that. I mostly like to listen to Last Podcast on the Left. It's a great podcast that talks about serial killers, strange conspiracy theories and things like that.
  22. NecroMancer

    Your favorite Youtube channels

    Yes Vince Venturella! The guy from Next Level Painting is the Guy Fieri of mini painting! I like Schnauzer Face Minis https://www.youtube.com/user/SchnauzerFaceMinis He uses mostly airbrush and he takes a lot of long breaks from posting but he has some cool tricks and creates some really nice work.
  23. NecroMancer

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I want to say that one one of the Reaper Lives they said they could make translucent Bones Black but I don't recall if they said these would be them. So I wouldn't be surprised if they were. But don't hold me to that.
  24. NecroMancer

    Orc Warband Collectors by Yedharo

    I'm in for the bust right now too. Not sure I'll stay in but I wanted the EB