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  1. Well I guess Reaper called my bluff I thought for sure I would have the painted piece ready to go by the time the package got here since I just ordered this Saturday night. But no the hard working people in the Reaper warehouse had to make me look bad! It was delivered this morning! Maybe they are telling me to get off my bust and just finish the elfing thing!
  2. Yeah stuff from Spain is taking forever! I made an order from GSW in September and it was about 35 days to get it. Then I decided I wanted a bust from Pedro Fernandez, also in Spain, and with order processing and shipping it was about 50 days. So that was enough orders from Spain for me! ... Oh wait, no, I just had to make an order from AK Interactive on Black Friday so we will see how long it takes to get here.
  3. My Sator Box and Inferno expansion showed up today! I am trying really hard to wait till I am done with work to open it... sometimes working from home isn't easy!
  4. I really like the Viking with the wolf headdress and the Skeletor!
  5. - Secret Sophie project was started last month (maybe even October) but I am just finishing the base and waiting on my shipment from Reaper before I send it off. This one should be done within the next day or two. - Painting Avatar of Rage for the Quarterly Paint contest. Started last week. - Painting Rock Troll for the Reaper 40-99mm yearly contest. Started last week.
  6. I very much like a cool rainy day. But if you're looking for a more fun answer I think I would go with those beef jerky steak nuggets. All the flavors.
  7. Dang! That is quite impressive! But with no printer I'm not willing to pay $100 for it
  8. I was finally able to order all the things! Once that arrives I should be able to send my gift as I plan to finish the base for the painted gift tomorrow (at least I'm assuming everything will have time to dry for me to finish). Quick question, when I send the package should I let the person know then or do I just wait for them to get it to find out who it's from?
  9. Do you happen to know the code for Michigan Toy Soldier?
  10. So I know the recommended specs for Chitubox is Intel i7 8gb ram But I am curious if an Intel i5 or i3 with 8gb+ would be able to run it?
  11. Sorry, I hate to be that guy again but what things will be in Bones Black? Is it just the expansions again? Are any of the encounters in Black? Storm Giant?
  12. I grew up in the 90's so I would have to go with that. I would say probably the golden age for action movies and I loved TGIF. And I could listen to my music on my Discman and have a backpack full of CDs
  13. Signum Games has up 30% off select models through the 27th
  14. I have been wanting the 4 Horsemen and they are on sale! Not sure I will spend that much on them tho
  15. Just thought we could use this spot to post any black friday deals anyone might run across. Preferably miniature related but I think we are always looking for a deal so all deals are welcome. Please NO retail links
  16. So I am trying to anticipate a problem before I actually get to it but am having a little trouble with coming up with a solution. I am currently painting my piece for the Reaper Quarterly contest and I am painting the skin in oils (my first time really using oils and it is so much fun) and I want to add a tattoo. Now when I watched Vince Venturella's video on tattoos he says to glaze over it with the skin tone to help blend it into the skin. So my question is how to glaze over the tattoo to blend it? I dont think I can make a glaze with oil paints and I am afraid of trying to match the skin tone with an acrylic paint. Is there other methods for painting tattoos?
  17. I'm currently rewatching Chappie I always thought this was an underrated movie but I am a big fan of Neill Blomkamp and Die Antwoord.
  18. I think I might just hold off on this one. They don't do it for me as much as they used to. I would still like to get them someday but I can wait.
  19. Well it is finally here! After about 52 days my Lucifer bust from Pedro Fernandez showed up. It is absolutely beautiful! No flash or mold lines at all and it is one piece I thought the insert was pretty cool too
  20. It's very hard to pass on this. I like these a lot but I don't have a printer and I can't put down $100 for the physical copies (trying to save for a computer and 3D printer). I'll probably wait a month or two and wait for some of the merchants on Etsy to start selling these. I will probably get them quicker that way than if I ordered the physical copies from them and I guess that way I still support Signum and a small business. I really love the plague doctor, ogre and voodoo priestess
  21. Very cool lighting! I would love to learn how to do this
  22. I have always been bad about procrastinating. It is always full of so much anxiety and dread so I have been working over the past couple of years to get things done right away. I am still a work in progress but I am getting better.
  23. Dollar store! You can also just take an old brush and "snip the tip" and make your own drybrush
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