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  1. Thank you!! Have fun with those!! Please let me know once you have it posted somewhere!
  2. Yeah Yeah I've heard it all! You guys just don't want to make unboxing videos. You just want to torture me!!
  3. I wish we could get a set date for this already!! I mean they can't have that much do to, would it be so hard for them to focus on this right now?!
  4. Yes these are completely closed. Bones 3 is shipping now. The KS for this ended in Aug of 2015. Bones 2 a couple years before that. KS only last for a limited time. Couple points of good news though... 1. Bones 4 Kisckstarter should be up in a few months (we'll have to wait for them to announce the actual date.) 2. You can buy any of the Bones 2 figures right now on the Reaper sight or anywhere Bones are sold. Bones 3 minis should be released a few at a time over the next year or so. (a few each month, although I believe details are still being worked out) 3. You can find Bones 3 KS package for sale on eBay although this doesn't help Reaper and you will pay more for them.
  5. Please help!! When I search for Rising Sun Late Pledge in google and go through the link on the CMON website I see a message that says "Late pledges have now closed. Thanks for your interest in Rising Sun" However when I go to the KS page they have the Late Pledge link still on there and I am able to pull up the ordering information page. I just don't want to make a pledge and then have them not send anything. Anyone know anything about this?
  6. Late pledge is closed. I thought I read somewhere on the KS that they were a offering KS packages to retailers. Can anyone confirm or deny this? It would be a huge help and maybe I could track down a pre-order somewhere.
  7. Man I wished I would have gotten on this!! I am so jealous!
  8. Good luck! On YouTube look up Sorastro and he has a fire giant from Blood Rage that give a good tutorial on OSL.
  9. Since I missed out the KS and will not be receiving any packages can some of you please please please make an unboxing video and post to YouTube?!?! If you do maybe give a shout out to the NecroMancer so I can feel like I am there with you getting my package.
  10. Sorry but I am going to ask again ( I'm afraid people missed my previous post) What was the wait like for Bone 1 & 2? Was it shorter than 3? Or about the same? Was there a problem that led to 3 being such a long wait? (Thought I saw something about the shipping company going bankrupt). Also I thought Reaper had production facilities in the US. Can that just not handle the amount of production needed to fulfill a KS?
  11. I would like to have a date of when this thing is going to kickoff instead of leaks. Does anyone know about how long the wait was for Bones 1 & 2? Was it shorter or longer than 3? About the same?
  12. I'm torn! I really want to be a part of it since I missed out on Bones 3. I just don't know if I could handle the wait. Especially after seeing the Bones 3 discussion thread. Nothing against Reaper! I'm sure the whole thing has been/ is a logistical nightmare. I just don't know if I have the patience to but down a couple hundred and have to wait 2 years. Like someone said in the other thread said. If you can't handle those types of waits then maybe you aren't a person who should be on KS.
  13. Thanks for the heads up I did edit it but I think my post didn't come across the way I wanted it to. I will keep this in mind in the future. Now I'll get out of the way for people who are part of the KS to post. Take care.
  14. Only your 6th mini?! Amazing! I have been painting for a couple months now and I am not anywhere close to your level. I have used a toothpick to paint eyes that seemed too small for a bush. If the existing tips of the toothpick is to large you can sharpen it to get it nice and sharp.
  15. Not trying to get anyone mad or anything especially since I am not invested in this KS but it seems like everyone is worked up to just open their box of minis and stick it on the shelf. Is anyone truly waiting for their new Bones to start painting? I really want to be on the next KS but not sure I have the patience. I get antsy when I have to wait more than a week for something off the Bay of E.
  16. Yeah after reading Guindy's suggestion I thought about cutting them and using a mixture of sand and PVA glue to give the texture. I like the idea of beating it up though, not only fun but might prevent a "manufactured" look and make it look more natural. I might have to buy two sets and tryout both!
  17. Ok guys I am back with need or more help or ideas. I am working on my DDS2 and I am wanting to add some statues (shout out to @Pochi). Anyways I want mine to have a real weathered look like this one: Any ideas on how to create the eroded look? I thought about maybe cutting off some pieces to give the appearance of it being broken but am afraid it will just look cut instead of broken or eroded. If it helps I will probably use the Caryatid Columns (if they fit how I want them to)
  18. Thanks! I should probably add that I mostly use the MSP paints, a few P3, and Vallejo game and model colors.
  19. Hey guys I am needing some help in preventing the chalky look that some of my minis get. Do I need to thin my paint better? Do I need to add something to my paint (drying retarder, flow improver, etc.)?
  20. Very cool! Gotta love those Necromancers!!
  21. Yeah this was exactly my problem. Since there was basically a hole on the right side of her face I took some putty and worked it in there the best I could. It seemed to work ok and I was able to get something that I was satisfied with. Thank you everyone for your tips on how to do eyes and misery loves company so I am glad to hear I am not the only one who struggles with this.
  22. I like the OSL! It's subtle but I think that makes it look really good. I'm still new to painting but I want to start trying my had at some OSL but am pretty intimidated by it. Nice work.
  23. I use kitty litter. It makes for a rockier look rather than gravel. However if i want a finer gravel look, it crushes up well. And its cheap! Once you prime it you can't tell that its kitty litter.
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