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  1. I'm 50-50 on the kickstarter but I can't pass up a free Nosferatu! I know I have to pay shipping but I when I see the price as 0.00... I don't think I can help myself. If its good it might get me to bite on one of those Revenants!
  2. I guess most people have said everything. I would just suggest experimenting with different paints. I am still new to painting and have mostly reaper paints but several others as well. I have several citadel washes, some P3 metallics (I really like their metallic paints), Vallejo Game Color & model color, and I think Vallejo Air. So you don't really need to limit yourself. One of my local game stores sells one brand the other another brand, so if I'm at one and I see a color I like or need then I grab it. Even if you find one brand you really like I don't think you need to limit yourself to that one brand. Also as a new painter I know what it is like to really enjoy it and just want to jump in head first. However remember you may want to upgrade your brushes, buy new miniatures (not all minis are as affordable as bones), you may get into basing, and several other little expenses that pop up. I don't know what your budget is like but you may just want to take it step by step as you find new things you want to buy for your hobby and then you can just slowly build up your paint set and other materials.
  3. Very cool! I have been wanting to paint him for awhile.
  4. Maybe after you rinse your brush (before loading more paint) drag your brush across a paper towel or rag and kind of spin it to draw the bristles to a point. You can also do the same technique when loading paint. Drag and spin.
  5. If you are having trouble keeping a point it might be because you are getting paint up in the ferule (that's the metal part that connects the bristles). If the paint gets in there it pushes the bristles apart. You really don't want paint more than half way up the bristles, which can be very tricky with smaller brushes with shorter bristles. I am still new to painting having only been at it a couple of months but have moved on to almost exclusively #1 & #2 brushes (although I carefully use smaller at times). I would also suggest that you get yourself a nice brush soap, this can help get paint out of your bristles and prevent the paint from building up in the ferule.
  6. I ordered mine last night and it is already being shipped. When I read your post though I got really excited that mine might be here even sooner than I expected... then I remembered that you live right by the headquarters. Oh well I think it will still be quicker than I thought it would be.
  7. Man all of you miniatures turned out really nice! The metal work on this one is outstanding! Either you follow instructions very well or you just have a knack for this hobby... or I guess it could be both. Keep up the great work and keep uploading pictures.
  8. I was wandering if any of you use modge podge for effects for basing? I know its probably not great for water effects because I don't believe it dries clear. Do you think it might give me a good effect for flowing lava? I see people using the Vallejo water effect for flowing lava but am looking for something a little more budget friendly and i don't know if I need a big jar of the water effect. Any thoughts on the modge podge or any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hey guys I just received a gift certificate from reaper for a defective miniature. Seriously these guys are amazing and they stick by their guarantee, AMAZING customer service!! I can't say enough nice things. Anyways I was wandering if anyone knows if I use that certificate will it count towards my $40 for the 25 anniversary miniature? Or do I still have to spend $40 before using the certificate? Honestly since I had already planned on spending the whole $40 I will probably do that anyways but I was just curious at how that works. Thanks in advance.
  10. Sometimes you just need to take a break for a day or two and when you come back you may feel a lot better. The other day I was trying to paint eyes and I gave it about 7 or 8 attempts and over an hour of work and still couldn't get it to look right, I was ready to throw the thing across the room! But I took a break came back a couple days later and was able to get eyes that I was happy with in 1 try in about 10 minutes. Whatever you do just don't get frustrated and angry! This is supposed to be fun and relaxing, just try to remember that.
  11. Great stuff Herman!! (That was my grandfather's name) Hey I assume you have seen it but Avatars of War has a nice mini that I think would fit in good with your project. He's called Berserker Tyrant, you should check him out. There's also a website out there that has some really cool Aztec ruin pieces. They look like broken statues. They are really cool. I don't wanna put the site up as I don't want to get my post removed but you can message me if you like. You might be aware of these already or hell you might have used them. But still thought I would share. Keep up the amazing work! I always look forward to your updates!
  12. I agree with everyone, they look good! My only suggestion would be on the fire sword. Whites and yellows are where the flame is the hottest and the orange and reds are the cooler. So you have to paint fire (or lava) opposite as you would normally paint and highlight. I would suggest that you put the white and yellow toward the base (hilt) and use the red and orange on the tip. The paint job on the sword it excellent as far as laying the paint down and blending it but I would just swap how your colors laid out.
  13. What's that little boar guy called. I really like him and might need to get one myself... although I will not paint it as well as you it looks like a fun paint. Never mind... turns out if you read the post instead of drooling over the pictures you can learn all you need to.
  14. I might be interested... I just worry about the material.
  15. That Minotaur looks awesome!! Is it for sure offered if I pledge? I only paint so I would not need more than 10 and would only be at the $25 pledge. I am pretty interested in these... I have been on a beastman kick lately for some reason and I think these would fit in nicely.
  16. Man I like the looks of the mini for next month. I am not crazy about the jester (its cool but just doesn't go with what I am into painting right now) and there are a bunch of paints I want to order. So I guess I'll just plan to order my paints next week.
  17. Yeah I am hoping since she is kind of at an angle and it being DDS2 with a lot of other stuff going on that her eyes won't be so noticeable. I was getting really frustrated last night and hoping after taking a day or two (if I don't get a chance to paint tonight) that I can go back and get something passable for her eyes. ...Maybe I should just make it my thing that I paint sunglasses on all my miniatures...
  18. Hey guys I am finishing up painting the female wizard for DDS2 and she is my last adventurer to paint. I really like how I painted her robes and accents but then I got to the eyes and the wheels fell off! Part of the problem is the Bones material not quite holding the detail on one of the eyes. The major problem though is ME!! Any tips of links or video recommendations for painting eyes? I might post pictures later so you can see the disaster I created but for now any tips would be appreciated. I really don't want to have to buy a new one and start over so I am hoping I can salvage her. Although I painted and painted over them so much last night that I am afraid they are starting to lose their definition. Thanks in advance.
  19. My set up time is very minimal. I am bad about starting over my rinse cup every time and I use an old marinara jar with a lid so this sits in an out of the way place with my other paints in a box. So when I set up I grab my box of paints, my ready to go rinse cup, and plug in my lamp and I am ready to go. The box I have my paints in also has all my brushes and several paper towels so once my lamp is plugged in I have everything I need to paint. Total set up time <5 minutes. I also use a wet pallet that I made myself and do not change until I start a new mini, so I just open this and I am ready to go. This also helps for putting everything away as I don't have a dry pallet that I need to clean and I have paint all the paint I have used ready to go for the next session. All that being said I am still new to painting and I love it so I like to try to spend at a minimum of 30-45 mins every day but that can go up to a couple of hours. It also helps that I really don't like any of my wife's TV shows so I can sit in our living room and still be with her but not have to watch the garbage that she does.
  20. Nice work! What did you use to make that base?
  21. So I have heard that the Bones 3 will not be hitting retail for like a year. I am just curious if this goes for the paints as well? Any chance they will hit retail any sooner?
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