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  1. Sweet! Thanks! That should make it more affordable for myself.... I say that now but when this thing starts up who knows what will happen!
  2. I would like more casualties in all sorts of different positions. They wouldn't need to be to detailed but just have the appearance of being KIA.
  3. Ok I have a question and this thread is a bit long to sift through the whole thing for an answer. I plan on taking part in the next Kickstarter, which will be my first! I am super excited but just need a little clarification on how it works. So lets say that I pledge $100 at the beginning for the core set. Now after the stretch goals are reached and the Pledge Manager is available, do I have to pledge more to get those? Can I just move that original $100 around to get the add-ons that I want instead of the core set? Basically what I am asking is do I have to purchase a core set to be able to purchase the stretch goal items? Or can I just get the stretch goal items?
  4. Looks Awesome! Thanks for the help and the idea!
  5. Looks awesome! With a little paint I think it will look even better! Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone! Sounds like it might be difficult but I'll give it a shot. I know that you can put the figures in boiling water to straighten weapons and what not, do you think that I can do the same thing with the whole figure to make the body bend? Depending on what the original position was I was thinking to make the body look limp and possibly attach it to the had of a dragon to make it appear the dragon is holding a body, does that sound possible? Think that will look cool?
  7. Yeah that would be awesome if you could maybe give me an example! I was thinking that this is exactly what I would have to do, I just wasn't sure if it was feasible or really where to start. If its too much trouble don't worry about it but I sometimes have a hard time visualizing how things will come out so an example would really help.
  8. Hey guys I am just starting out painting the Bones set miniatures. I want to create a big battle scene with many characters. I would like to include some that look like they have been KIA. Anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this? Are there characters in Bones that are dead (not undead or skeletons)? Are there characters from any other sets that might go with the Bones that looked like they have been killed? Any tips are appreciated!
  9. You make a great point! Honestly, the more I look at them the more I like the smaller ones. I'll probably stick to the ones over an inch or two for now until I get better at it though.
  10. One last quick question, do most reaper miniatures require some assembly? Thanks again guys you've been a huge help. I have now found so many I am a little over whelmed but that's a good thing! Hopefully after this I'll be on here asking for painting tips.
  11. Cool! That helps! Where can i find the C'thulu?
  12. Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it! Hey Xherman, how can I tell how big the items you listed are? Any ideas of where I can get reasonably priced resin kits?
  13. Hey everybody I am not into fantasy gaming but I really want to get into the painting of some miniatures. The problem is that I don't want the tiny little 25mm miniatures, I am looking for something more like the 6"-12" (or bigger) type of figure. I am looking for any model kits or already assembled pieces fantasy related. I figured you guys are the ones to ask. Do you know where I can find anything like this? Please help! Thanks
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