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  1. The fairy I painted from White Werewolf Tavern
  2. Undead from Signum Workshop. Looks mighty tempting!
  3. After having too many failed prints and things just not quite printing how I think they should I have decided to give up on the water washable resin. Got some regular grey resin from Elegoo and have a print started so we'll see if this is better. The water washable works well for things that have big supports or for ones that don't require supports. However any light supports tend to either not print or get pulled from the model while printing. Unless you really over expose it.
  4. Yeah I dropped all my other patreons but I kept Heroes Infinite because just looking back over their previous sets there are at least one or two things I really like. So I'll probably keep them for as my regular Patreon and then jump around to one or two others a month. Does Loot post preview stuff somewhere?
  5. Yeah I might go up a tier to get the terrain. I really love this set
  6. Thank you to @Cicciopiu! I followed his tips on how to take pics with a cell phone and I am really happy with how the pictures turned out. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91761-found-new-way-to-take-minis-pics-with-the-phone/
  7. Very very cool! And fantastic painting!
  8. I'll have to check. I dont think so. But this was the pre-supported file so I could check the unsupported files
  9. The whole thing printed as one, I didn't glue the wings on. And we vat still has resin left. There were some supports that printed very strangely but most of it was fantastic. Guess I will check the file and go from there.
  10. Ok I need some help. I had a failure and am not quite sure why. Lost the top of his head and his sythe and he also has a print line through his face. Is this just lack of supports? Everything else seemed to print pretty well.
  11. Cool thanks! Looking at their previous releases it looks like in the last couple of days of the month they usually post a release video. So hopefully soon.
  12. Anyone know when companies usually preview their models for the next month? I'm just wondering for Heroes Infinite. I am dropping all the other Patreons I backed and am going to try some different ones but they usually have cool stuff so I haven't decided on them yet.
  13. Mini Monster Mayhem's March release looks interesting
  14. Oh I did see those. I'm not crazy about them either. There are a few things I want from their MMF so maybe I'll grab a couple of those but I have a feeling I'll be back to Bestarium so I'm not too worried about it. I'll probably drop too and add something new. That CastNPlay looks mighty tempting
  15. Has anyone seen one of the rulers but for 75mm?
  16. Went looking a little more and found that Eastman (one of the Patreons I mentioned before) has a couple free busts. And they don't require supports (although I raised mine off the bed so I just had supports on the very bottom). They do need to be scaled down and hollowed out because I believe the were meant to be statue busts but they scale down just fine. I scaled down 50% and the scaled that down 5-10%. Anyways I couldn't help myself and had to print this out. It seems it is modeled on the Stallone version (obviously the best version) but he is wearing the helmet from the new version which works because it was an improvement over the original costume design.
  17. I focused mostly on the infinity symbol and getting the middle section of the bottom printed as crisp as possible. But the bottom array did get pretty mushy towards the sides Fotis Mint and Eastman both have awesome busts! They both have Patreons and MMF. Couple examples from Fotis Mint (only $5 to get access to all his past 80+ files): (After posting these I may back just to get these two although they have tons of great stuff. I love the Bill the Butcher bust.) Eastman catalog
  18. I reduced my layer height to .04 and reduced my lift speed but I think the biggest thing was getting the exposure time dialed in (started at 8-8.5 sec/layer and went down to 6 sec). This is the exposure test I used (just a pic not a link). You can find it on MMF under exposure validation. Then there are a bunch of YT videos on how to read the print and dial in exposure. There are probably better ones but this one is free and only takes about 10 minutes to print so you can dial in fast. Only needs washed not cured.
  19. I didn't realize how much dialing in exposure really reduces layer lines. Bestarium also has presupported models and the big pieces are prehollowed as well (these perks may be pretty standard at this point, idk)
  20. I really like Bestarium so far. I think I will stick with them next month as their style is right up my alley. They also have a bunch of stuff on MMF that I want to get (you get 40-50% off when a patron) I would say this is my first fully successful 3d print. (Dry fitted and paint bottle for scale)
  21. It's great! I forgot to ask though, what color is the green you used for the stairs on the base?
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