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  1. I use the water washable and I like it a lot. Super easy to clean. I had some pretty nice prints with it without dialing in my exposure settings. Once my current print finishes I am going to see how good the detail is with things dialed in a bit more.
  2. I too just received my Secret Sophie package from @Auberon and I really couldn't be happier! The goodies are perfect and the mini is AMAZINGLY painted! The only complaint is now the best painted mini I have was not painted by me but it will be displayed proudly! I am really impressed with it! Thank you so much @Auberon First I got some great scatter bits which I am always looking for. Next some clay sculpting tools which I am in need of since I seem to have misplaced mine Next was some fantastic local (not local to me) summer sausage and honey (please note the summer sausage did not arrive open... but you get some local summer sausage and see how long you last! Then the crown jewel! I can't tell you how much I like this mini! The base is awesome too with a tiny little demon band
  3. These setting got me this on an exposure test (using Elegoo Water Washable Grey): Still maybe a little over exposed Edit: After watching it print a model for a few minutes I think I can turn down the Light Off Delay by about 3 seconds. Wish I would have noticed this earlier I could have saved a little bit of time on this 16hr print. Oh well.
  4. Just got a Mars Pro and so far I have really liked it! I plugged and played that thing right away and got some fairly nice prints and now I have decided to try to dial in the exposure and all that fun stuff and I think I will now be able to get better prints. (From my current tests I think I was way over exposing) I went for the Mars Pro since it was cheaper and I wanted to make sure it was something I would enjoy before getting in over my head with a more expensive printer. That being said, if I continue liking it this much I will probably upgrade to the 4K Mini later on down the road (Black Friday?)
  5. I really just need to get a work flow. I just got too excited and didn't take my time. I just need to pull up a chair and just take my time. Some bottles and mushrooms
  6. Ok printed successfully again but I broke off some of her fingers and destroyed a minions wing. So they will get reprinted along with the rest of her robes. But so I dont get bored printing the same thing over and over i am doing a little print of a bunch of mushrooms and bottles.
  7. I did the thing! I'm really happy with how she came out except she is very small. Her little minions are so tiny that I ripped them apart trying to remove the supports. I already cranked up the scale and have the new one printing
  8. Well we're off and printing. It was so nice opening a brand new printer without resin everywhere. I decided to forgo the rooks and just started with a pre-supported model. Who knows if it will work but if it does then I have a mini and not two rooks.
  9. Well my third try at getting a third 3D just showed up and...
  10. Apparently blue pigments are made by chemists and they have just created a new blue pigment. The first time in 200 years! Thought this might interest some people https://news.yahoo.com/not-every-day-blue-152224542.html
  11. Looks great! I'm not seeing any layer lines and the detail looks great. Hope my Elegoo can kick out prints like this once I get it.
  12. Well it said when I ordered it from AliExpress that delivery is guaranteed by Feb 26th or I get a full refund so there's that. I guess if it doesn't come I get my money back which is a lot more convenient then having to keep sending crap back with Amazon. Good to hear you haven't had problems! At least the packaging looks good. Both mine were obvious returns. The first one that came for me had old shipping labels cut out of the box and the second one was sealed with duct tape.
  13. Now to decide if I just order another from the river site and get it Monday or somewhere else and get it when I get it. I was afraid of ordering through AliExpress because I thought it would be a hassle but I was so very wrong. Think I will just order from them. @Ratmaster2000 how did it work out for you?
  14. My replacement 3D Printer came! oh wait.. Nope another used printer! Just returning for my money back
  15. Now I am wondering if a grow light will cure the resin? This is what I found for a bulb at home improvement store: The plant grow bulbs have a light intensity of 14.2 PAR/PPF and emit more light in the useful 449nm blue and 630nm red spectrum than regular white LED bulbs. The LEDs emits spectrum wavelengths and color for better photosynthetic response. The A19 LED Plant Grow Light offers low heat emission, low energy consumption, instant-on to full brightness and an average life of 25,000 hours / 22.8 years. It also says it has low heat emission so I wouldn't need to worry about that. It's supposed to be a bit over cast here this weekend and/or if I finish any prints at night I want to be able to cure them and am just looking for a quick cheap solution.
  16. Couple quick questions. 1. Will a regular black light work to cure the printed models? 2. Does anyone know where I can find settings for using the water washable resin from Elegoo?
  17. No, they have them for resin printers. If you search "magnetic build plate" on a certain web site named after a REALLY big river in the southern hemisphere you should find them. Uncle Jesse on YT liked them but the ones I am looking at are off brand.
  18. Has anyone used the magnet flexible build plate things?
  19. So far I have signed up for 2 Patreons. Heroes Infinite and 3DArtGuy. I am thinking maybe one more for my first month, maybe Bestarium or Archvillian.
  20. Yeah that was my plan. I have watched a lot of his videos but they didn't mean a whole lot since I didn't have it in front of me to follow along. Then I started having problems with Chitubox (I ended up needing to select some option about my graphics card and backwards compatibility(?)) and so I haven't got a chance to do that yet. But my printer and resin will be here tomorrow so I have tonight to mess with it a bit.
  21. So already ran into my first problem and I don't even have a 3d printer or resin yet! I got my laptop tonight and decided to download a free file and just mess around in Chitubox to learn it a little bit but that has not worked out at all. When I click to add manual supports either nothing happens or it just places it in a random spot. I don't know if I'm missing something or what? I've searched around and found little to no information. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck. I'm going to call it a night before I get frustrated and just scrap the whole thing. Edit: Figured it out!!
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