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  1. Last week I went on a small rant that I keep ordering stuff from companies in Spain and it keeps taking over a month to get here. At the same time I made a black friday order to AK Interactive (located in Spain) because I have no control Well I expected it to arrive after the new year but then I checked the tracking they sent me and realized they use DHL. The package was shipped last Wednesday and it got here this afternoon. Never had a package show up with a "Dangerous Goods" sticker. Maybe the enamels I ordered? New Abteilung 502 oil paints! These were too good of deal to pass up and I regret not getting more. Plus some new weathering effects And a bunch of new stickers! I love when companies throw in free stickers! And they are huge
  2. I love big cats (well all cats) but I don't know if I can think of a much scarier predator than a big cat! Silent death!
  3. So since I started painting minis a couple years ago I have wanted to paint a diorama of a massive fantasy battle. Like giant battle! With orcs, elves, wizards, dragons, demons, etc. Like one of those paintings where as you look around the painting each little section tells a smaller story of the overall larger story, like a bunch of little easter eggs. As I have looked through Reaper models to see which ones I would like to have in said diorama I have always come back to this figure and I have to have him in the dio (should the project ever get done)... Horace "Action" Jackson For some reason it always amused me to think of a giant fantasy battle going on and somewhere hidden in it is this guy firing his pistol. Like, "where in the h*ll did this guy come from"
  4. Mine is painted, photographed and boxed up. Since I have to work my second job this evening the package will probably go out tomorrow or Wednesday. Is it ok if I only painted one figure? I wanted to paint more but other projects got in the way.
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/emvicreative/greenskull-castle-miniatures?ref=section-homepage-view-more-recommendations-p1
  6. Hair is too hard! Just cut all the hair off all of your minis, it will save you time
  7. Demons and evil things! Not sure how well they would go together but I like wizards and demons and evil things
  8. I like to make my own style of the KFC Famous Bowl. Basically take all the things and put it in a bowl and top with gravy and cheese. Yeah that's right I top it with cheese and gravy! I'm not proud but it's how I roll!
  9. There is a lot of life in those eyes! Great work!
  10. Well I guess Reaper called my bluff I thought for sure I would have the painted piece ready to go by the time the package got here since I just ordered this Saturday night. But no the hard working people in the Reaper warehouse had to make me look bad! It was delivered this morning! Maybe they are telling me to get off my bust and just finish the elfing thing!
  11. Yeah stuff from Spain is taking forever! I made an order from GSW in September and it was about 35 days to get it. Then I decided I wanted a bust from Pedro Fernandez, also in Spain, and with order processing and shipping it was about 50 days. So that was enough orders from Spain for me! ... Oh wait, no, I just had to make an order from AK Interactive on Black Friday so we will see how long it takes to get here.
  12. My Sator Box and Inferno expansion showed up today! I am trying really hard to wait till I am done with work to open it... sometimes working from home isn't easy!
  13. I really like the Viking with the wolf headdress and the Skeletor!
  14. - Secret Sophie project was started last month (maybe even October) but I am just finishing the base and waiting on my shipment from Reaper before I send it off. This one should be done within the next day or two. - Painting Avatar of Rage for the Quarterly Paint contest. Started last week. - Painting Rock Troll for the Reaper 40-99mm yearly contest. Started last week.
  15. I very much like a cool rainy day. But if you're looking for a more fun answer I think I would go with those beef jerky steak nuggets. All the flavors.
  16. Dang! That is quite impressive! But with no printer I'm not willing to pay $100 for it
  17. I was finally able to order all the things! Once that arrives I should be able to send my gift as I plan to finish the base for the painted gift tomorrow (at least I'm assuming everything will have time to dry for me to finish). Quick question, when I send the package should I let the person know then or do I just wait for them to get it to find out who it's from?
  18. Do you happen to know the code for Michigan Toy Soldier?
  19. So I know the recommended specs for Chitubox is Intel i7 8gb ram But I am curious if an Intel i5 or i3 with 8gb+ would be able to run it?
  20. Sorry, I hate to be that guy again but what things will be in Bones Black? Is it just the expansions again? Are any of the encounters in Black? Storm Giant?
  21. I grew up in the 90's so I would have to go with that. I would say probably the golden age for action movies and I loved TGIF. And I could listen to my music on my Discman and have a backpack full of CDs
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