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  1. Ideally, tiny minis should have a 12.5mm (1/2") base, because you need to be able to fit four of them in a 25mm (1") square. Like I said, I got some 12.5mm bases from Litko and they're perfect for owls, cats, imps and things like that, but I prefer Reaper RPG bases.
  2. I'd also like to see 1/2" RPG bases. I bought 1/2" bases from Litko to use for tiny creature minis, like familiars, and they work fine (no problems toppling over), but my OCD dictates that all my bases should look the same, and I already use Reaper's 1", 2", and 3" RPG bases for all my other minis.
  3. I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, which is what I use my miniatures for. In D&D 5th edition there are two main things that people polymorph their allies into: a T-Rex or a Giant Ape. The T-Rex is covered by Reaper and others, but the only Giant Ape I can find is Kabaka Kwana, Ape Lord (03052), which is available in metal but too expensive. I'd really like a Bones version of that mini.
  4. I know I've seen some people saying that Dance of Death is smaller than they were expecting. Is that just based on the price (the same as the humongous Barge) or was it scaled down, like Argent? Is Dance of Death still slightly more than 12" tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the upper dragon's wingtip?
  5. Well, yay for me! I just got my shipping notification! I was a 9/10/17 lock-in but mine didn't ship until a few minutes ago. I was worried I'd been set aside until the last container arrived because my order contained multiple of everything on the List of Doom (I ordered for everyone at my FLGS' gaming and painting group, because I had a Wave 1 slot).
  6. I think they're currently shipping 9/12 lock-ins. Has anyone with an earlier lock-in not had their order shipped yet? (Besides me.)
  7. From Reaper Live: Ron says there probably aren't enough Baba Yaga's Huts to get through Wave 1. :(
  8. Reaper Live starts in 10 minutes on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures
  9. From Facebook 1 minute ago: Matthew Clark: "Here's official as it gets. Today and yesterday we shipped a chunk of rewards to test the system and find any bugs. We'll start for real tomorrow. I don't know if the tracker will be reconnected to the data or not. I haven't heard, but I assume it will. It's currently on 16,884. I assume roughly 500 or so will come off when it starts back up."
  10. I just created a UPS account. No deliveries scheduled for my address...
  11. Yep. I'm refreshing it regularly, hoping that it will show that it's shipped, but if they've stopped shipping after lunch then there's probably no need.
  12. Nobody has received tracking numbers since they returned from lunch, right? Are they done for the day? I'm Wave 1, locked in 9/10 and mine hasn't shipped yet, so I'm starting to get worried there was a problem with my order, since I know they made it to 9/11 lock-ins before they went to lunch.
  13. Hmm, either they're just going by lock-in date and not factoring lock-in time into it, or they might have skipped me. People are getting shipping notifications that locked in hours after me, and I just logged into the pledge manager to confirm that my order definitely hasn't shipped yet. I have everything on the List of Doom, but hopefully that's not an issue already. Finger's crossed that my order hasn't been set aside.
  14. I'm still a pretty early 9/10 lock-in and I haven't got my confirmation email yet. I locked in at 12:26pm Reaper time (so about halfway through the day). I think they'll still be on 9/10 lock-ins for awhile.
  15. Yeah, I'm hoping to see one tomorrow, too. I know I had my first lock-in within a few minutes of lock-ins being allowed. I have everything on the List of Doom, but I don't think that will affect Wave 1. Hopefully...
  16. It would be good to get some kind of update to let us know what's going on, but I'm crossing my fingers that part of the delay is to fix some of the shipping issues that some Canadians seem to be having, with missing items and incorrect paint sets. An extra day or two delay now is fine if it increases the chances my order gets fulfilled correctly the first time. I just want to know what's happening.
  17. I'm still holding out hope that they'll at least do a few test shipments today, like they did for Canada. That way we know things are moving and are likely to start in earnest tomorrow.
  18. If anyone watches the Twitch Livestream in it's entirety, could you post the relevant points? I watched the first five minutes or so and it sounds like they're still on to begin U.S. fulfillment on April 8, but it won't be starting early.
  19. It's been suggested that they didn't have the lease on the new warehouse until April 1. But they needed to at least get the European orders shipped before that, to minimize the chances of Brexit problems. And if they'd waited on Australia and Canada, it would just be that much longer of a wait for U.S. But, it is frustrating that people that are Wave 14 and just a little north of us are getting their stuff before Wave 1 people who locked in the first day the pledge manager was open. I suspect that Canada won't be included in the waves next time, if they're going to ship it this way, again.
  20. Only things I'm getting rid of are the Small World Heroes. Everything else might get used someday, even if I don't know when.
  21. For those of you who have received your chicken huts, does it look like the feet were glued on (and thus could potentially be removed by freezing the hut to weaken the glue) or are they the same piece as the hut (and would need to be cut off)?
  22. Glitterwolf, if you're worried about the Brexit, I assume you're in Europe somewhere. Your stuff won't be delayed. It's only people that are getting their stuff shipped during U.S. fulfillment (starts April 8) who might have a problem and it was implied (but not stated) that they have enough to get to around Wave 5 of U.S. fulfillment before there might be an issue. Hopefully, the last container comes before they run out of inventory from the List of Doom and there's no delay for anyone.
  23. I use Krylon UV Resistant Clear Matte. I do two coats and I've never had any problems with paint chipping or flaking. I think any acrylic sealer should work fine. I use Testor's Dullcote as a final coat on my non-Bones minis, but I don't use it on Bones anymore, for fear of it cracking. It dries to a hard shell (unlike the Krylon, which is acrylic, like paint). The Bones material is flexible, so if the mini bends after it's been sealed with Dullcote, the Dullcote can crack. Wren tested Dullcote as a primer on Bones several years ago and it was one of the worst performers, for the same reason.
  24. I just found the name for my next PC, a gritty, noir antihero: "The name's Pledge. Pledge Magager."
  25. Regarding 1/2" bases for "Tiny" minis, I ended up buying some round micro-plywood bases from Litko. They're 3mm high, rather than 4mm, like the Reaper RPG bases, but they're pretty nice, they're cheap, and they'll be my go-to 1/2" bases unless Reaper releases 1/2" RPG bases.
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