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  1. Mehman

    Knuckleduster Jesse James and a Pinkerton

    Love the Pinkerton agent. (For reference: if you have a problem, the double-barrel will fix it!) Jesse James looks excellent in Confederate colours. He looks dark and road-worn, perfect for something dark like Dracula's America. Way to go!
  2. Mehman

    Do I Continue?

    It's no big problem to remove. I've trimmed her neck once before and both her neck and head pop right off. I'm actually excited to work on her again! Woo hoo!
  3. Mehman

    Do I Continue?

    I see what you mean about the body proportions. This is where I quit with her those years ago and never got around to finish shaping her up. That bit her legs are connected to has a divot in the front that makes the whole piece look like the continuation of her legs - an unfortunate look but an easy fix. I'll make sure to add a better waist to her before/while sculpting because, now that I look at it, she doesn't have well-defined hips. The neck is pinned but, in my amateur haste, I also glued everything, so there's that to deal with. I know better now from other models I've done, and that's a huge plus. This diagram is new to me and I've saved it for this and future projects. Very handy stuff.
  4. Mehman

    Do I Continue?

    So, I've got this model I was working on a few years ago but I don't know whether I should scrap her and start v2 or continue on and begin sculpting on her. The base for the model (I guess you could call it a proprietary armature at this point) is two models from Games Workshop - Lelith Hesperax and a Lhamaean. The former has been positioned to a standing pose from her original kneeling pose and the latter's torso and head have been taken for the base model. Through the power of smooshing (and lots and lots of pinning), all the pieces were fitted together to get what you see below. Here's the problem: I don't know whether I should go ahead and start putting greenstuff on her or just scrap it all to heck. My frustration lies mainly with her neck - I don't know if it's too long. It seems too long, in my opinion. After looking at anatomical models of necks and shoulder-to-neck-to-head height, I'm more confused than when I started. I need another set of eyes on this base model that won't just placate me with a "She's fine" answer.
  5. Mehman

    Tech Priestess (Games Workshop Conversion)

    I couldn't love this any more if I tried. Way to go! (You've given me ideas...)
  6. Mehman

    Black Legionnaires of Malvernis

    These guys have a special place with me. You've done them great justice!
  7. Mehman

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Apparently I'm called a "Hybrid" diabetic. I have a very confusing body...
  8. Mehman

    New GURPS Campaign Help

    I always leave something out. Ideally, a place to start. The only things I have right now about the campaign are it's set in a desert/bad lands (lots of rocky climbing stuff), the party is composed of holy people (clerics, priests, and paladins - the priests being the really squishy ones), and the main opposition to the party is a force of missionaries/priests/prophets of a monotheistic "evil god" with soldiers under their control. The party will also run into Chthonic beings, undead, and, if it goes this far, the primordial force of everything. For a start, though, they'll just be dealing with the bad guys ! I've got Advantages/Disadvantages set firmly. Also, it's a solo campaign, so I doubt I'll have a "that guy" in the group, but you never know...
  9. Mehman

    New GURPS Campaign Help

    Hello fellow gamers! If this isn't in the correct place, please tell me/move it where it should go. Over the past few years, I've gotten an itch to make my own campaign. To that end, I've gotten a lot of resources together (GURPS-related and not related) to help me with this task. Here's the deal: I want this to go as smoothly as possible, so I'm looking for something along the lines of a campaign builder - something to help me lay the groundwork and whatnot. I don't know if the interwebs has anything like this or not, so I come to you all for aid. As for programs I have that could assist me in making this an easier project, I have to say Scrivener for Mac is stellar. It's used extensively when I'm writing on my books. Thanks for any help you can offer !
  10. Mehman

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Well, looks like I'm back on the forums after a two-year absence. What took me so long? I almost died twice. I told everyone my health wasn't great! But seriously, don't mess around with not knowing you aren't a Type I and Type II diabetic at the same time. With those two hospital visits out of the way and my mental health getting back to semi-normal (I mean, what is normal?), I thought it'd be a good thing to come back around.
  11. Mehman

    The Future of Metal

    I was wondering if Reaper's metal miniatures are being phased out in favour of the Bones resin. It seems like there are more Bones releases than metal lately. This is probably unfounded, but I'd like to check.
  12. I know I said there would be a picture when my paint got here but I'm too tired to take one. Yay chronic genetic diseases! Anyway, it took all of one day for my package to get here via UPS. The contents included what was listed in the previous post: 54-count BYOPS, 4x Lysette, and a Ghoulie Bag. I got a translucent Marie Laveau Bones model in the Ghoulie Bag (at least I think that's the model). If it's her, the gift was tailored for me. Just a heads-up for anyone looking to order the new Tarnished Copper and New Copper paints: they aren't actually metallics. The former will be good for some rust effects and the latter for makeup when mixed with the skin tone. All that's left to arrive is my Anvil order which should be here by next Friday or so. Huzzah !
  13. I just ordered a BYOPS of 54 paints. It feels like a large weight has been lifted off me. Shifting paint ranges is bittersweet in a way: I'm looking forward to getting into the Reaper paints that I've already gotten and those that have just been ordered but I've been with Citadel so long that it feels like I'm leaving an old friend. Oh well. The 19 new metallic paints that just got ordered will have to keep me company ! Listing everything will take too much space so they'll get a picture, like last time. I know everyone is excited about that. Also, 4x Lysette models are headed my way. Nice. Sadly, this will be the last hobby-related purchase for about 6 months or so as I'm saving to get my mother to Colorado for medical treatment. Normally I'd say the hobby is more important but it's for family. He who dares wins, right?
  14. Mehman

    Modern US Army Infantry

    You might look at Spectre Miniatures. They have a lot of modern infantry.
  15. Huzzah! My things came today ! Getting a box from the UK to Texas in 5-6 days is... astounding. I placed the order last Wednesday, it shipped that Thursday, and arrived today. I expected it by Friday at the earliest. The Reaper order arrived, too. It shipped from Texas and arrived in Texas. It had a big two hour trip to get here. Here's a picture of the Reaper order. I know I don't usually take photos so feast your eyes upon its gloriousness!