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  1. Mehman

    The Future of Metal

    I was wondering if Reaper's metal miniatures are being phased out in favour of the Bones resin. It seems like there are more Bones releases than metal lately. This is probably unfounded, but I'd like to check.
  2. I know I said there would be a picture when my paint got here but I'm too tired to take one. Yay chronic genetic diseases! Anyway, it took all of one day for my package to get here via UPS. The contents included what was listed in the previous post: 54-count BYOPS, 4x Lysette, and a Ghoulie Bag. I got a translucent Marie Laveau Bones model in the Ghoulie Bag (at least I think that's the model). If it's her, the gift was tailored for me. Just a heads-up for anyone looking to order the new Tarnished Copper and New Copper paints: they aren't actually metallics. The former will be good for some rust effects and the latter for makeup when mixed with the skin tone. All that's left to arrive is my Anvil order which should be here by next Friday or so. Huzzah !
  3. I just ordered a BYOPS of 54 paints. It feels like a large weight has been lifted off me. Shifting paint ranges is bittersweet in a way: I'm looking forward to getting into the Reaper paints that I've already gotten and those that have just been ordered but I've been with Citadel so long that it feels like I'm leaving an old friend. Oh well. The 19 new metallic paints that just got ordered will have to keep me company ! Listing everything will take too much space so they'll get a picture, like last time. I know everyone is excited about that. Also, 4x Lysette models are headed my way. Nice. Sadly, this will be the last hobby-related purchase for about 6 months or so as I'm saving to get my mother to Colorado for medical treatment. Normally I'd say the hobby is more important but it's for family. He who dares wins, right?
  4. Mehman

    Modern US Army Infantry

    You might look at Spectre Miniatures. They have a lot of modern infantry.
  5. Huzzah! My things came today ! Getting a box from the UK to Texas in 5-6 days is... astounding. I placed the order last Wednesday, it shipped that Thursday, and arrived today. I expected it by Friday at the earliest. The Reaper order arrived, too. It shipped from Texas and arrived in Texas. It had a big two hour trip to get here. Here's a picture of the Reaper order. I know I don't usually take photos so feast your eyes upon its gloriousness!
  6. I've ordered a bunch of stuff that should be here this week (hopefully). Anvil Industries sent my order on Thursday and it's already in the States. I would list what I got but it would take up too much room and putting it in Spoilers would tax my fingers. They're models for my solo game which, at this point, looks like it's going to be "Humans vs Space Bugs". I also made my first Reaper order in six months. Guess who's switching paint companies. I'll give you a hint: he has a very long beard and is me. That'll keep y'all guessing . Anyway, I got a lot of paint for the aforementioned solo models and earned two free Diva the Blessed. More paint will be ordered next month, too, so someone's going to be getting a few of those gorgeous Lysette models. That's me. That's all me .
  7. Mehman

    Paint It Black

    Thanks for the help, everyone, and sorry I'm late in responding. I'll be looking at Pure and Dragon Black for the upcoming order. Huzzah!
  8. Mehman

    Getting to Know Each Other, September Edition

    Ted Nugent for obvious reasons.
  9. Mehman

    Paint It Black

    Right then, here's another question about the Reaper paint line. The last question was two months ago but I still feel like I'm bugging everyone. Anyway, I've decided to finally take the plunge and do some serious paint ordering for my solo game miniatures. Before I order at the end of the month (to get that Diva model for nothing), there seems to be a hiccup: there are a few different black paints in the line. I'm looking for a black to basecoat... black, funnily enough. There's Pure Black, Dragon Black, Noir Black, Nightmare Black, etc. Which of these (and the others not listed) would be closest to Citadel's Abaddon Black? Some of the blacks have a blue hue, brown hue, or whatever for different looks, but it's hard to tell from the sample mockups which ones have those hues and which don't. If anyone could break those down for me, I'd be grateful.
  10. Mehman

    Getting to Know Each Other, August 2017

    No, I won't be backing the Kickstarter. I've got way too many models to start buying more, I've got precious little money to spend due to the dog having to go to the vet (she has allergies to everything, apparently), and I don't like the Bones material. That sums it up.
  11. Mehman

    Happy Birthday, Mehman!!

    Thanks, everybody! I feel honoured!
  12. Is fluff important to me? Do you know who you're talking to ? It's 100% of most games to me! Other than rulesets that are system agnostic or fluff-lite, there better be some good story behind it or I'm going to see what bits I like and then dismantle the rest. This all stems from the Warhammer games for me. I started out playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles because I got to build and paint goat-like Satyrs. Before I started building and painting, I decided to have a look through the main rulebook and the army book used to play the game. It was amazing. The character of the Beastmen seemed fine-tailored to my personality and every page of both books got reread so many times that most of it was memorized. Yeah, the game was fun, but there was nothing like the fluffy backstory found at the front of both books. Then came Warhammer 40,000 and my mind was blown. That's a space opera like no other. It's so bleak that it spoke to my inner soul. At the time, somewhere around 4th Edition, I learned that there were books written about both games and that the company had its own publishing wing. Whole paychecks went to the hobby after that. See, there is a difference between the fluff of, say, Warhammer 40,000 and the books written about it or utilizing its setting. The books are just stories, not fluffy backstory. An author could, for instance, be contracted to write a book for Black Library - Games Workshop's publishing arm - and not know anything about the setting or factions and totally wreck peoples' perception of the backstory; eg, CS Goto's "books". This is why it's important to remember that backstory for a wargame isn't backstory until it's written in a rulebook or an official supplement. People confuse the two all the time and what is an irrelevancy quickly becomes annoying and irritating to me. For RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, I couldn't care less about the main fluff. The DM sets the fluff and the players are to hold it sacred. Same for my beloved GURPS - the GM has the first and final say.
  13. The little bit I've read about Warmachine leaves me thinking it is in no way Steampunk. I could be glaringly wrong about that, though, because the universe didn't hold my attention for very long. Anyway, I believe magic and fantasy are bigger themes than ingenuity and a "Manifest Destiny" ideal within the Warmachine/Hordes setting(s). I would say some Steampunk is a subset of Science Fiction. That can't be said for all of the genre(s) because there's always an outlier somewhere. How many varieties of Steampunk are there now? Of course, I'm using Steampunk as an umbrella term for the stereotypical Victorian-era romp with mechanical technology based on outdated science. I would say that, yes, most of the subtypes found in the genre count as Science Fiction. That they're based on older thoughts about how the universe works makes no difference.
  14. Mehman


    He is the one to blame for the modern-day idea of the zombie. To think, we wouldn't have all this undead crap without his movies. Godspeed, Sir.
  15. Lighter polymers for small arms. Movement away from the 5.56 NATO to something more substantial - it's a round made to kill coyotes, not humans. Good ole Vietnam War and Colt Firearms contract... Also, more use of satellite imaging. I do have Sci-Fi models. A lot of them, to be exact. Bonus Quest: My guys use cased ammunition so that's a no-go.