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  1. Just the thought of going is exciting and VERY anxiety inducing. I don't know how I am going to handle this. I really truly hate having a severe social anxiety issue.
  2. Hey everyone. I just have a couple of questions about reapercon. 1: how far away is the hotel from the convention center? 2: I can not drive, so do they have something like Uber or could I possibly ride around with some of the other attendees? 3: Now, about the classes. Are they in actual rooms or are they just little booths? I thank everyone for their time!
  3. The reason I was asking is because I have a friend whos birthday is coming up and he is a HUGE Lovecraft fan. I just want to give him something hand made and unique for his Birthday. I do kinda like the pink with polka dots idea though!!!
  4. I am trying to figure out the colors that I would need to paint Cthulu. Please help!
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