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  1. I'm working on a Barrow Warden and I'm trying to come up with some ways to make his armour look old, maybe rusty? He is mostly plate so it would be nice to break that up somehow so it doesn't all look the same. I did a rust experiment on one of the shoulder pieces which I think looks pretty cool but maybe isn't the right way to go? Or maybe there are some other techniques I can use on the legs and body?
  2. Great, thanks! I've been testing out the 3d printing service offered at the university where I work and this one was printed with PLA. The only filament options available are: PLA, Tough PLA, and ABS (w/ and w/out dual extrusion). I don't know the first thing about 3d printing and PLA was the default so that's what happened there. It seems pretty crummy to me so I submitted another of the same design with ABS dual extrusion and it looks a whole lot better so that is what I've been using. It's going to be a bit before I get around to painting these, still working on my actual paint
  3. I have some 3d printed minis and they have grooves from the printing and now a great amount of detail. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm working on shading and highlighting and having a bit of trouble with smaller areas, like muscles. Any tips/advice? Also, tips on taking good pics of minis are welcome.
  5. Ah, cool idea. Looks like Reaper is sending me out a new bottle. Amazing customer service!
  6. :-( bummer. Well, I've emailed customer service so hopefully they will help. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the replies. I did this. Starting with 1 drop, shake, test; then 2 drops, shake, test; finally, several drops, shake, test. This doesn't seem to have cleared things up. The images that follow are taken after each of the steps explained above. Additionally, the paint is in a dropper and I was able to stir this pretty well with a toothpick (the bottle isn't actually very large).
  8. I have a couple paints that seem to have some small chunks in them. I've tried adding water and shaking them for awhile but this doesn't seem to help. Does anyone have any idea what I should do? Also, any suggestions on what to do if I've already painted some of this chunky paint on a mini?
  9. This is really great! Thanks everyone for the input :) Just having painting a few minis so far, some skeletons, some armour, some cloaks, I see exactly what everyone means. The bones on the skeletons look pretty cool dry brushed. The first minis I painting after going through the Reaper How-To kit were some zombies and they look pretty cool dry brushed, since they are sort of dirty and gritty. Right now I am working on shading/blending. Any tips on shading and blending smaller areas? Cloaks make sense, but things like skin and shoes...?
  10. Currently I am going through the second Reaper Bones Learn-to-Paint kits (which are AWESOME!) that teaches shading and blending. What I'm wondering now is what are some guidelines about when to shade and blend and when to dry brush?
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