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  1. Grrr filthy elves...always getting under foot. You'll get 'em next time. Speaking of next time...Feanor, you up for a tussle with some Overlords tomorrow? Cheers!
  2. I like your idea Lord Psilos. It invokes visions of Lewis Carrol. You may get some inspiration from some of his writings. Cheers!
  3. I always keep my crossbowmen behind a screen of troops. Not just for ranked but to keep the other guy from engaging them. Their 3 RAV is too good to let fall easily. I usually have my crossbowmen spread out during an advance. This allows me some opportunities to shoot at the enemy regardless of what he/she is doing (i.e., which side of the field they are moving forces). When I get within 18" of most of the enemies forces I then draw my x-bowmen closer together trying to keep at least 3" between them (been a victim of flamestrike once too often) while trying to keep meelee grunts between them a
  4. Hey Stork - yup I'm an archaeologist. Have trowel will travel. When it rains it pours, now I have an offer to work in the Houston/Galveston area. How is the gaming around there? Cheers!
  5. Tried that before Qwyksilver, but the job will have me bouncing all over the area living in motels. It's pretty difficult to coordinate. Maybe after my wife packs I can go through her luggage and remove things I don't think she needs and sneak my figs into her stuff so she carries them. I don't think she'll mind. What do you think?
  6. Great, now if I take the job I have to explain to my wife (and partner) whay I can't take certain pieces of field equipment because I need to make room for figs.
  7. I've just been offered a contract that will put me in the San Antonio area for a few months (if I choose to take it) and I was wondering if there was much Warlord action to be found there, i.e. if I should pack my figs for the trip? Cheers!
  8. Well, since my last posting I have met those slippery elves in battle twice more. Those slippery little runts. They attack and slip into the woods only to appear on your flanks...grrrr. And that witch with her flame strike casting down from the rocks above on my kind-hearted warriors whose only crimes were to try and free the elven people from Feanor's ruthless hand. Beware Feanor!!! for I shall regroup and grow strong. Your broken body shall feed the fields as the Lords of Tusk march over!! (umm...by the way...I...uhh...lost those two battles)
  9. Well I engaged the elves last night and won. I had two troops, each with a cleric, and speed and bandage were vital to the victory. I wont go into combat against elves again without them. I was able to engage quickly and it was a pleasant feeling to say the least. Unfortunately I can't pin my victory purely on superior tactics. I rolled better than I normally due. Sometimes I swear my dice are cursed, but not last night. Also, my opponent miscounted while assembling his force and probably could have squeezed in another archer or two which quite possibly could have swayed the game by thinning m
  10. Oye!! Elves in the wire!! To Arms!! To Arms!!!
  11. Thanks for all the input folks. Several of your suggestions I had already planned on, except casting speed. Leave it to me to miss the obvious. I may or maynot be fighting elves tonight. One member of the group , a pointy-eared miscreant, won't be there, and another runs either elves or his forces from the legendary realms of Generica. If I do encounter any of those tree-hugging ankle-biters I'll report back and let you know how the Lords of Tusk (modified Overlords) did based upon your suggestions. Cheers!
  12. I was wondering if anyone knows of any tactics that have been effective against those pointy-eared miscreants. I run Overlord and once I engage things seem to settle down a bit but those archers are thinning the herd a bit much before I can even get there. So, If anyone has any suggestions, or can describe some approaches that have worked for them they'd be much appreciated. Cheers!
  13. Yeah, I made a simple excel sheet. I just cut and past onto a plain word document then type in any extras and spells and edit accordingly. I still have to do the math manually but it works pretty well. What I like about it is each grunt gets its' own row so that in the (very unlikely ) event that it gets killed I just pencil him/her out. Cheers!
  14. My Dwarves took a woop'n the other day because of these guys (I you're reading this Cory your day of reckoning is coming ) I was wondering who all has made custom generic forces and what they came up with. That is, what was the troop, what were the SAs, what was the point cost, and did it work? **scurries off to make his own heavy cav*** Cheers!
  15. Not sure if this is posted elsewhere WarlordHQ Cheers!
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