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  1. Pineapple

    Reaper Bones 4 Six Wraiths

    You could have each one be a mini-boss in its own wing of the dungeon so that they don't look quite so power ranger-ish all together. I love the paint jobs though!
  2. Yep, they are! Good eye.
  3. Oh, sorry, just to clarify - he had mentioned earlier that when they come back to him unfinished he often avoids working on them because he doesn't want to mess up the work of others. I was just saying I'd rather he finish and make mistakes than not finish at all.
  4. Well there are still 3 people it'll go through after you, so I didn't figure it needed to be very far along. Thoughts?
  5. My family and I went through the Generic Fighter box and this is our haul: The left side is my stash, the right side is what the rest of the family took. My son (4): A Hulk Heroclix Figure and a d20 My daughter (7): A Vivi sticker, a heart dice bag, 2 d20s, some tiny d6s, a Mousling, a DSM Female Ranger, a WizKids mini, some beads and some crystals. My wife (<redacted>): A d20 Me: Some Unexploded Cow cards Surkar, Orc Shaman Some weird but cool figure of a dude in a metal life support suit Two Stonehaven Kickstarter minis Three Bones Bathalians Bones 4 Chaos Toad Sorcerer Some kind of figure that I think is a GW one A couple male fighters with big weapons, I think by Wizkids but not sure A couple cool dice (d20, critical hits, random directions and weather) Some basing moss Little bronze castings Some rocks, weapon bits and cocktail skewers Some cool puttied bases Plaster rocks and a foam pillar Some closeups of the minis: I didn't realize until we'd sorted everything out for the pictures that my daughter grabbed two Reapercon figures. I hope that's not a faux pas, but we added *CYMBALCRASH* to hopefully make up for it. We also put in *AWOOOGAH*, *MEEPMEEP* and some *HEEHAWHEEHAW*. I'm blocking in some colors on the group paint mini and then I'll send everything along. @Generic Fighter - Please do finish the group mini and take a photo! I'm really not worried about you ruining our work, I'd be more annoyed that I wasted my time on it if it never got finished.
  6. Personally I think it would be fine, and might help him out. You could PM him first I suppose. It does help a lot to have the challenges sooner rather than later for people who want to take part in the bonuses.
  7. @NomadZeke mentioned that he has been traveling and it will be delayed.
  8. Generic Fighter box has arrived!
  9. Pineapple

    Bones 4 Apemen as Barlguras

    Great idea! I might just steal this...I think I have more need for demons than gorillas in my games.
  10. Pineapple

    First Legion Fantasy Line

    The prices seem reasonable enough that I'm not too worried about freebies, but they aren't exactly cheap either. I do like the sculpts. On the other hand, I'm well stocked with goblins, kobolds, undead and townsfolk after Bones 4. I might get the orc or mounted goblin core, but most likely I'll just cherry pick a few add-ons and keep my price tag as low as possible.
  11. I don't have any feedback to add that hasn't already been given, but I enjoyed the video and I'm looking forward to more.
  12. Thanks! I'll look into it, didn't mean to hijack your thread.
  13. Pineapple

    Goblin Musicians

    Greenskin Day Led Gobbelin Gob Jovi Six For Fighting A Tribe Called Death Janis Goblin
  14. Pineapple

    Colossal Skeleton (77116)

    Superb. The wood and ropes look fantastic.
  15. The box is on its way to me so in the short term we're all good on movement. I don't think there's any perfect answer to the new user question.