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  1. Oh, I'm not bothered by stripping minis. Olaf is currently enjoying the ceremonial Viking dip in a vat of caustic purple liquid before being scrubbed with The Toothbrush of Odin. And I hope I didn't give the wrong impression - I think Olaf is a cool mini with a ton of nice sculpting work. He's just easy to use as a practice piece because he isn't directly tied to any campaign. Once he's all clean, rinsed, I double check for mold lines and such, I decided I'll prime him gray because that seems easier to paint blonde hair and an arctic wolf pelt over. Thanks again!
  2. I like A the best as well. I think if you imagine D from a logical perspective it doesn't make sense to me. It would be really difficult to use his horns for anything. Edit: By the way, this is a really cool find and I can't wait to see how you paint it.
  3. I don't have any input to give as far as working with resin, but I agree about using the far left weapon, and I like the curved horns.
  4. Thanks everybody! I'm not sure whether it's primer or paint, but on closer inspection I found a couple small patches that the original owner missed in the spray (places like up under the shield and scabbard for example, so I'm going to go ahead and strip and re-prime as recommended. Purple power and brush on primer should arrive Wednesday provided snow doesn't hamper shipping too badly, so I'll check back then.
  5. Hi all, welcome to My First Post! Population: Us. The last time I painted miniatures I was probably about 12, which for those of us keeping score was 20 years ago. I pulled them out recently since my friends and I are getting back into D&D. They're the plastic miniatures that came with the game Hero Quest, and honestly, I'd say they weren't half bad for a 12 year old borrowing colors out of his dad's model airplane paints. (I basically just painted solid colors, no washes, no highlights, no thinning, etc.) That said, I've done a lot of reading the past few weeks
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