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  1. Along with all the mates to your singleton socks.
  2. It looks, functions and appears to divination magic like a Ring of Protection +1. However, whenever you experience an involuntary bodily function, you must roll on the Wild Magic table. Oh, and you can't get it off with anything less than a Wish spell.
  3. I hate clowns but for some reason I used to love watching Bozo on Saturday mornings.
  4. That is exactly the word I was going to use!
  5. Selling off some old unused Magic cards to minimize the cash I spend on this and make it as much of a hobby trade as possible. I'm painting up Bones 4 while I wait and salivating over all these awesome incoming minis.
  6. I love chub, I think it's perfect. Great job on the mini!
  7. I am willing to participate, and totally fine with this being a "slow" round if people want to make standard practice of leaving the box for 4 or 5 days before opening.
  8. Very cool, always loved their work, but $40 is too much for a playmat.
  9. I was glad to get Quicksilver at the end. He's one of my son's favorites, and it would've been weird having Scarlet Witch but not Quicksilver.
  10. I went all-in, minus the mats. We're too much of a Marvel lovin', mini paintin' family for this to be a bad purchase.
  11. Just received mine today. They came out absolutely fantastic!
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