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  1. Is there any idea about pricing? Edit: Sorry, on the dakkadakka post it says similar to other SWM bases.
  2. Yeah I wish there were another level of combined pledge for a bit of a discount.
  3. I'm planning to order a Reaper figurehead and a Hippocampus figurehead if they're both available.
  4. Beautiful colors! I would love to see some close ups of the medium mechs if you have time.
  5. Doesn't seem to contain Spidey, which would be a deal breaker for me. I'll wait and see though.
  6. Posted here for accountability, I am giving myself an extra challenge this year. I have a lot of giants to paint, so I am challenging myself to paint one giant per RP challenge cycle. Feel free to join me!
  7. I fell off the wagon somewhere around October last year. Hopefully I can get a strong start this year. Thanks @NomadZeke!
  8. I would have a hard time coming up with an ordered ranking from top to bottom. The way I look at it, Dark Depths, Greek Odyssey and Fan Favorites are appealing enough to buy. The rest aren't. The specific places would probably change with my mood day to day.
  9. Going to try to knock out most of my Critit Animal KS minis this weekend. Got baking soda and kitty litter glued down on the bases that didn't already have texture the other night. Home with a sick kiddo today so I'm going to break out the airbrush and get them all zenithal primed. Should hopefully be able to crank them out over the course of the weekend.
  10. Happy ending! The package mysteriously showed up in my mailbox today despite having been "delivered" on Saturday. The minis look fantastic!
  11. The plot thickens. The package was marked as delivered yesterday evening, but there was no box to be found. Either way this is clearly not the fault of King Games, but the postal service. (Or, potentially a thief, but that's never happened before and the window of time between the delivery timestamp and me checking outside is relatively small.)
  12. Right up until the moment the DM decides they don't anymore.
  13. I'm in at the a la carte level. Can't spend a ton due to Bones 5, but I will be getting at least a few. I love the sculpts.
  14. Still no sign of the package and no updates on the tracking since leaving Chicago. I am officially concerned.
  15. Progress is moving steadily on the other one. I don't think there's any risk of it not fulfilling. Preliminary PDFs have been emailed out, a lot of them are just getting final edits. My guess is he was surprised at how successful the first one was and wants to get another round in while his name is out there. (In a good way, not a nefarious one.)
  16. My package left Chicago on November 5 and hasn't been scanned anywhere else yet. It usually doesn't take that long to make it from the Midwest to Maryland. It's probably nothing, but I have to admit I'm getting a little bit nervous.
  17. Yeah hopefully they are about the same size. With the frogs from B4 and B5, the gatormen and the big tortle you could have a fun swampy warband.
  18. Yay! Mine are on the way, should be here in a day or two.
  19. In this case I meant the ship. "We hope to..." lays out the best case scenario for the viewers and raised expectations. It's possible those expectations will be impossible to meet, possibly for reasons beyond their control. It reminds me of the situation with the hut and with the constantly postponed US fulfillment from Bones 4. (To be fair, some of this is Ed and Ron, not just Ron.) I get the impression they feel pressure to please and excite the live viewers, which I can surely understand, but it has lead to some over promising and under delivering. I think it would be better pra
  20. It seems to me Ron likes to hope for a lot, and then eventually has to walk a lot of it back. I would rather they did the research first and then reported back with what's actually feasible later.
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