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  1. The only thing I don't like is the strange placement of the male's shoulder strap. It literally runs right through his wing in a very nonsensical way. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to address that before I paint it up.
  2. My kids both started to show an interest when they were four. YMMV in either direction.
  3. Does anybody know if there's a particular significance behind the color choices of Sophie's dice?
  4. @TaleSpinner I don't know exactly how feasible that is given whatever art direction you got, but I wholeheartedly agree with @TGP. Also, totally stealing The Hammered Head.
  5. So far, my "for sure" list looks like this: Core Dark Depths Greek Odyssey Fan Favorites Goroloth Fire Giant All 5 big dragons Spider encounter My strong maybes are: Yokai Fantasy Dinos Dragonfolk Siege Engines Storm Giant Arakoth Elemental Scions Mouslings Yog-Sothoth Also, for the benefit of the newer members: If it works the same way as last year, orders are processed for shipping according to the timestamp of the *first* order you make in the pledge manager once it officially opens
  6. This fan favorites is probably my favorite expansion they've ever done. Holy cow!
  7. I'm confident they will make sure the red dragon makes it in. Having 4 of 5 chromatics would leave a bad taste in people's mouths, and the red is the most anticipated for sure. It would probably actually make me pledge less because I'd like the whole set, but if the red didn't unlock I'd probably only get one or two others.
  8. Things should pick up considerably at the end. I do think there's a lot left that they've teased though. It's starting to feel like it's possible that something like the Godzilla will be left on the table. Hard to say though.
  9. I can't find the picture, but we've seen a preview of a piece of terrain with a pit full of bones and goop in the middle of it, right? I'm guessing that's the charnel pit. Pulp & Steam & Modern & Horror & Santa
  10. Baltimore Book Festival. It's a great annual event down at the harbor. Books, authors, comic books, drawing demonstrations, panel discussion, live music, etc.
  11. Got a school field trip today so I'll be unable to track closely during the day. I'm excited to see what the evening holds though!
  12. Heading to bed...less than 10k! Been a nice pick up and, I think, a good sign that the next few days will blow away some recent concerns.
  13. I tend to agree, I think this runs too close to something Reaper themselves should put out. Edit: Though I share your enthusiasm and applaud the effort.
  14. Dark Depths is my favorite expansion so far. I love how you've got essentially three factions, at least in my mind. Several merfolk, a giant and his ogre/goblin underlings, and the slithe. Then you've got additional independent creatures to go with them.
  15. I'm under 35 (but only for a few more months) and I started with Testors as well.
  16. I would love to see more cool stuff, but all I'm really hoping for is finishing the current expansions and unlocking the last two big dragons. I'm rooting for you Chronoscope fans to get your due though.
  17. There should also be a big bump when we hit 48 hours and the reminder emails go out.
  18. Before I say anything else, let me say that I love the Greek expansion and I was already in for it before part 3 was spoiled. That aside, I do wish the expansions would concentrate just a little more on a few creatures. For people planning to run encounters in D&D or field a warband, it's more helpful to have something like 3-5 satyrs/fauns, 3-5 harpies, 3-5 centaurs, 3-5 minotaurs etc., and then a few unique creatures like a pegasus or giant. Speaking for myself, having one each of 15 different types of minis is not ideal. Still, it's well worth the money and I l
  19. I'm trying to make sure I understand...is the ship constructed so that you can play on more than one deck? That would be a *huge* selling point for me and would probably tip the scales.
  20. Man, I had no intention of buying the ship. I probably still won't. That said, those pictures are really nice...
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