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  1. Minis would probably look fine in one of those though it will probably take up more room space and be hard to transport your minis in it. :-) The Reaper logo is just an optional (special event) unit, not required, same with the color. Most seem to like the clear units more than the others (produced 3 times as many clear in the original materials and sold out of all but a few) but we do carry the opaque units still and if we fund we will have more of the non branded clear as well.
  2. What do you think of this Cool Variant. Talked to Reaper and we are going to make a branded unit if our Kickstarter Funds. This is just a mock up though so the image won't likely look exactly like this or even for sure be placed on the back of the unit but we will make it look good, where ever it ends up. These will be Kickstarter and Reaper/Event Exclusives. So be sure to check out campaign if you are interested.
  3. @SamuraiJack Thanks for the post. Did not know someone had already done this. We appreciate your sharing for us.
  4. Yes, exact same dimension only much stronger material with some small feature improvements that may only be noticeable comparing units closely. Thank You! You are not the first person to bring this up and we feel your pain. We hate the cost of shipping and we will definitely be looking into USPS this time around we were not aware that they handled that sort of thing differently. We just wanted to offer the lowest base price. We are also in talks with some fulfillment services to see about using their services to lower costs to Canada.
  5. Hey Everyone, first let me say thanks to all the great people who visited us at ReaperCon. You guys definitely made it our best Con yet. We sold out for the 3rd Straight year. We always love coming to ReaperCon! Now it is time for us try again to restock and continue to make the best storage and display solution for miniatures on the Market, No Foam required. Our latest Kickstarter has launched, and this version of the Clear XCase will be better, stronger, faster...OK, maybe not faster, but definitely better and stronger. These units are able to withstand pretty much any normal usage scenario that you might throw at them, for, what should be, years to come. Also, you will have a chance to get your hands on the first wave of organizational inserts we plan to offer for the XCase. The shelf and tray inserts that are add-ons will allow you to display your miniatures even more prominently during travel or will hold your dice, tokens, cards or whatever components your game has... except the board. This is a relaunch as our September campaign came up short. We did quite a bit of marketing this time and we are doing better but we could still use your backing I hope you will come check it out. XCase 2.0 Kickstarter
  6. I know it is late notice so we are promoting as best we can. If you are going to be at ReaperCon this year and would be interested in winning up to 12 X-Cases including our soon to be release Clear X-Cases create a diorama using one or more X-Cases and/or MageCages(Ribbed variant) with your hand painted miniatures and bring it to ReaperCon to be judged for our contest. Be sure to tell everyone you know, who is going to be there, to increase the potential number of units to be won. The best diorama, as judged by the official ReaperCon judges will win a number of X-Cases as follows. (All prizes will include one magnetic strip and pack of Flex Iron per unit awarded.) 1 unit for 2 or less entries 4 units for 3-6 entries 12 units for more than 6 entries Good Luck! NOTE: Awarded prizes will be shipped when we receive new production run of X-Cases (currently estimated to be January 2018):
  7. Just relaunched the Kickstarter today. Check it out. This is the last time though. We have had other version of these for awhile but these are to restock and get the new Clear ones. I say this so that everyone knows that this is not a high risk purchase. We will get them manufactured and though we cannot guarantee the date of delivery we expect we should be reasonably close based on previous production runs.
  8. We just Re-launched our Kickstarter for a brand new Ultra Clear variant of the X-Case the only Expandable, Transport, Configurable, Display case for miniatures. The X-Case not only can transport your figures but it can show them off as well Check it out. XCase Ultra Clear Expandable, Transport Kickstarter
  9. Actually I did register but unfortunately it was after I posted. I then wanted to edit the post but that was not allowed since it was a guest post. Sorry about the Norway shipping. We do not have any fulfillment setup for overseas yet. It is pretty pricey for sure. Ken
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