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  1. Recently finished up this mini for a 5e character I made recently (Wood Elf Rogue). The slot base connector snapped during the prep stage, so I decided to rebase the mini and add some leaves as custom terrain (painted birch seeds).
  2. Current dream vacation is probably British Isles. All of my favourite vacations have involved visiting national parks (Canadian and American), as well as museums. Next big vacation is likely going to be to Newfoundland: First time to the island ever, and first time out East in a long while. Is meeting occurring in the present? Or am I travelling to the past to meet them? If they're coming to the present: I'd like to meet Shakespeare, and take him to see a modern theatre production of Hamlet. If I'm going to the past: I don't know if there's an individual I'd like to meet. I'd rather experience historical events/moments.
  3. Winnie the Pooh was really important to me as a very young person. When I was a little older (10 or 11 years old), I read The Lord of the Rings for the first time.
  4. New minis! You know what they say about DM-ing (probably): "When in doubt, throw the party in the middle of the Blood War"
  5. Very nice work! :) I have an owlbear coming in my next reaper order, and I wasn't sure if I should make him a snowy owl or tawny/brown. But the snowy looks absolutely gorgeous!
  6. Some of my favourite minis to paint have been devils and demons. The Tiefling fighter I painted for one of my players is also in the top 5. It might be the best work I've ever done on a mini.
  7. Apart from miniature painting and fantasy RPGs: I used to play bass guitar quite frequently, but haven't really scheduled the time to practice as often as I used to. I also really enjoy researching new topics and learning everything about it. When I have funds available (kind of like miniatures), I also get a kick out of tasting, nosing, and taking notes on different scotch whiskies (a subset of my obsession with research).
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