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  1. Hey! Thanks a lot! Will do :)
  2. I'm not sure but I've got this mini from CMoN, under Black Forest Miniatures
  3. Thanks James :) The sculptor's name is Olivier Bouchet
  4. Sweet paint job ^^
  5. I'm new to this hobby, spent too much money buying my first pack of minis ((got the Hordes Krielstone bearer and stone scribe 4 set) because I hadn't come across the Reaper Bones at that point) and this is my fifth miniature I've painted. I wanted to paint a half orc barbarian sort of character in case I wanted to try playing D&D on Roll20 or something (im a bit shy, so an in person kind of D&D thing is a bit of a stretch). Welp, here is my uh.. 3/4 orc barbarian :)
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