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  1. Thank you so much, everyone! I am pretty proud of the cloak. I used a purple trio from Reaper: Monarch Purple as the base, working down to Regal Purple. And then the highlights were worked up from Monarch to Royal purple and a little white. I glazed like crazy, I am obsessed with glazing now that I know how to do it.
  2. Finally made some progress. I've finished the cloak and the staff/bow. I attempted some freehand to add the grains into the wood on the staff, but I think it looks a bit too cartoonish to me. Not bad for my first attempt, and definitely good enough for tabletop standards. I'll have to practice more on it. I am pretty much much obsessed with the cloak though! I really love the way it turned out. On to the armor now. I have about 12 more hours to go before D&D, fingers crossed I'll get it finished! Comments and suggestions welcome!
  3. Hair is all done, and I am really happy with it! I am sure that I have my highlights in the wrong place, but this is the first time I've tried any unnatural colors for hair before and I think it turned out really well. Please feel free to offer and suggestions and advice you may have though. Cloak and staff to come next!
  4. Oh @Pingo, those eyes look so great, and so does the rest of her!! I love the purple cloak, that's what I am doing for mine too! Thanks a lot for showing me the pictures and giving me the name! I just can't get over those eyes!! I can't wait until I can make eyes that well.
  5. Alright, flesh is done! Her eyes were a bit difficult, but I managed. She has a very intense look about her and some big pouty lips that I didn't realize until after I painted her! Still trying to work on my contrast in my skin, pushing shadows and highlights. I went up to linen white in a few places, but it's hard to tell. I'm deathly terrified of obvious color transitions, so I err on the side of less to prevent that from happening. Tomorrow will atart the hair and cloak, along with the staff, fingers crossed. Hope everyone is havig a wonderful Fourth of July weeken
  6. Starting my next WIP! This is from my Bones III shipment and I unfortunately don't know her name. She is going to be for a D&D campaign I am guesting in occasionally; an eleven Moon Druid named Phyraa. I'm very excited about her! I tried to go for a Zenithal Priming technique using spray Duplicolor primer. I'm having issues getting this technique down though. I'm not sure if it's noticeable in the picture, but the primer is pretty "grainy". This is actually better than it was before, I scrapped off a good portion of the first coat and just reapplied it. I've done a lot of rese
  7. Thanks so much for the kind replies and encouragement everyone! I will take all to practice I can get, feel free to send em my way! I am currently just using my iPhone camera. I don't have a light box set up yet, not in the budget. But I hope to have one soon since I plan to be painting a lot more. I am trying to slowly ease myself into the hobby again, and since I have a habit of purchasing things and never using them, I want to make sure I am spending smartly. :) I do have one question, if anyone is able to answer. I put a coat of matte varnish on
  8. Oh! I forgot to add, comments and criticism welcome, please! Tell me how I can improve.
  9. Thanks so much! She's all finished and on the Show Off board. Now I just have to figure out how to put her in her base...
  10. Making my very first show off post and I'm so excited!! This mini was so fun to paint, even through all of the challenges. Not to mention, this is my first completed miniature that I am actually happy with!! I still have a lot to learn but I am so looking forward to leveling up! Thanks so much to everyone who provided advice and kind words through the journey. The community here is wonderful, and I am so glad to be a part of it.
  11. Another update! I've got the gloves and hair almost done. I'm off to work for a few hours though, and plan to finish the rest of her tonight. I am not happy with the gloves, more contrast issues, but I'm pretty happy with the hair! I'm gonna go up to leather brown I think. Hopefully the highlights look like actual light instead of highlighted hair, since that's not what I am going for. I am really struggling with the black and how to highlight/add more contrast. I've got a general sense of where the highlights should go, but once I put brush to figure it seems I lose any direction
  12. I've made a little bit of progress these past two days. I've been working a lot, so I haven't had a chance to do much, but I've been able to finish her gun and shoes at this point. @Pingo, thanks for the info about how to paint the guns. I tried both suggestions, and decided to go with the silver over a black base, and then do a dark wash over the top of it. I might change my mind later, but that's where I am at so far. The shoes were difficult for me, as has been most of this mini, actually. I thought she would be simpler because there are less parts to get hung up on, but turns
  13. Alright, I've done some more work on the dress. I'm still not entirely happy with it, something just doesn't look right to me. But I've added highlights and adjusted the size of my shadows and I think it looks much better than before. I have to move on though as I've already spent 3-4 hours on the dress alone. I've gotta keep trucking! I went from Brilliant Blue to Sapphire Blue and then up to True Blue. Definite improvements, but not where I would like it to be. Next I will work on gloves, her gun, and shoes. I hope to have her finished by Saturday so I can move on t
  14. Oh thanks for the tip @Doug Sundseth! That makes a lot of sense. I'll narrow it down and through some highlights on and see how I feel about it then.
  15. Thanks so much for your reply! My the solution is as simple as adding black into the base color and I'm just over thinking it. As far as the highlights go, I actually haven't added any in yet! Those are just from the overhead lamp I'm using, and im not sure if it's good or bad that they showed up the way they did. At least I'll have a reference for when I do add in the highlights! I think you're right about how much of a difference highlights on the skirt will have once they've been added in. I'll give it a shot and see how I feel about it then. Thanks so much again for your advi
  16. Good people of the Reaper Forums: It's been a while since my first WIP (that I never finished) and I am currently working on the Deadlands Noir: Femme Fatal model. I love this sculpt and I am really liking my progress on her so far. She's so sassy! Anyway, I have been struggling with the blue of her dress and I think I'm finally gotten most of it to the color that I want. However, I think my shadows just make her dress look dirty instead of like a shadow in her dress, so I am hoping for some insight and advice. I think I know the problem, but just want to be sure. The
  17. So I have finally been able to paint! I've made a little bit of progress, but not a lot. I finished the boots, and the skin. For the skin I went up to golden highlight, but I don't think that I've done enough shadows. It's so hard for me to determine where they would or wouldn't be. Mostly the highlights though. The boots i did using Scale Color. I based them with a 1:1 mix of brown leather and black leather. I did my shadows with black leather and then worked up to Walnut for my highlights. Again, it's still hard for me to determine when the shadows and highlights should go, but
  18. I really appreciate everyone's input and helpful tips! @Guindyloo, I especially appreciate your comments about perfectionism. I know the desire to be really, really good has already overshadowed the learning process and even the fun that should come along with the hobby. I plan to work some more on it tonight and will post my progress in the morning. Thanks again, everyone!
  19. Thank you so much, Guindyloo! Those figures are absolutely beautiful! From the research I have done already I did know to add some complimentary colors into shadows, but color theory is a completely new concept to me having almost zero art background. I know that color theory will eventually be like second nature to me, but until then it actually scares me! Which I imagine is part of the reason why I have so many unfinished minis. I guess the only thing to do is just finish one and learn from it, and accept that it probably won't be as great as I imagined it would be. Until then, I'll be proud
  20. Thanks so much for the kind replies! I am really excited to be a part of this community, everyone seems so nice and helpful! I still have so much to learn, and the perfectionist in me makes it hard for me to accept that I'm not going to be winning any awards any time soon. However, I am looking forward to progressing and learning from everyone here!
  21. Hi everyone! I am a new poster, finally getting the courage up to post after stalking the forums for quite some time. This is my first WIP I've ever done, and probably my 3rd or 4th mini painted. I've started a few that I've never finished, but I am determined to finish this one! The miniature is Andriessa, Female Wizard from Reaper Bones line. She represents my PC in the newest 5e campaign that my group of friends is running. My character is a half-eleven sorceress with focus on fire spells. So far all I've gotten done is the base coat on her skin. I'm s
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