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  1. Since I already registered at the forum, I may as well post I guess. I did those ones the last week :3 I will get back later to them, once I figure how to do fancy things like washes. I wanted to experiment a bit, but I couldn't bring myself to ruin it just after I had finished it :D Luckily the warforged looks darker irl. Mobile phones aren't the best things to take pics with, who could have guessed... :p I did some spiders and scorpions today, I am debating if I should leave them black or I should add some color. Worst case I repaint them black, right?
  2. Thanks for the welcome and the replies! I guess I will try to slowly bend it when I work up the courage to :p
  3. So I got a couple (well more like 60 of them) minis, but I am a total noob as far as miniature painting goes. I mostly got the bones series, but I liked this metal one and got it too. However I can't seem to figure out what is wrong. The hands don't fit perfectly like the bones ones do but I think if I use enough superglue it will be fine. But my problem is the hair. I can't fit it on the head, as the sword is literally stuck on the head. I looked at the images of the same miniature on the net, but they look like they have space. I am not sure if my miniature is bent (is that even possible with metal miniatures?) if my eyes are tricking me or if simply everyone had the same problem with me and chopped off the hands and glued them back? I tried to bend the metal bar which had the hands and the hair stuck on them and it makes scary cracking noises and it is very hard to bend. I am pretty confident I will just break my miniature if I try to do it. Anyway the model is this one https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Darkspawn/latest/14474#detail/14474_marilith_back_mp Here are some photos of my miniature. Any suggestions? It would be sad if it got broken as I live outside of US and I probably won't have a chance to replace it if it breaks (but I probably won't since I bet with my luck I should avoid metal minis anyway XD)
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