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    family, religion, pen/paper rpgs, miniatures, reading, hunting, fishing, shooting, etc., etc., warned by wife "no more hobbies"

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  1. Beautiful colors and slobber... and it works! Good Paintin'
  2. I have always found the thought of dopplegangers ... unsettling. This exemplifies exactly why. Good Paintin'
  3. Oh man, I just got campaign ideas from this! And the diversity of color schemes is excellent. Good paintin'
  4. That's a really good paint job, no matter the experience level. You'll find an amazing level of knowledge and, more importantly, willing help on this site. Some absolutely awesome people to engage with... Good paintin'
  5. Beautiful paint job on your character. I had to stop painting PC's. Every one that I paint draws massive aggro. Unto death. Not just mine, so many have met their death that my friends won't even let me paint minis for their PC's. But they love it when I paint monsters for the GM lol
  6. That looks freaking awesome Good paintin'
  7. Oooooh... pretty! Good paintin'
  8. Please don't be offended when I try to paint one exactly like that. I like the more naturally painted dragons instead of the fantastically colored ones. Really good paintin'
  9. Eyes are awesome. The whole critter is really well done. The slobbers give it that extra je ne sais quoi... Good paintin'
  10. I'm in awe of the confidence in brush control you have to take small sections to such a finish level individually. I always twitch, jerk or sneeze and mess up the most hard to reach areas. Good paintin'
  11. Nice effect, I bet it looks even better in person. Good paintin'
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