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  1. Eh, I'm telling myself to be patient with customs, as it can vary quite a bit since Brexit. I've also had stuff stuck in customs for weeks coming from the UK. Right now I'm filling my time by putting all the Bones V things I ordered into my database, since database entries are fun and I can look at all the pictures again.
  2. Stupid question to the Canadians: when they shipped your orders together last time, didn't you pre-pay taxes? How could UPS waive the tax otherwise? My personal experience with getting stuff through customs has been, that small/cheap and uninteresting packages have a good chance of slipping through unbothered. My Bones V is definetly not that, so we'll see. As long as they don't think it's some sort of commercial operation I'm running, I'm happy.
  3. EU has all their stuff but hasn't set up yet and will ship in the beginning of July, according to the stream. The date given for AU was July 5th. The pledgemanager will open back up for the 2000 people who missed the opportunity to spend their pledge credit. Everyone else will also be able to make another order, but for "late joiner" fees, not OG kickstarter backer prices. The order made through the re-opened pledgemanager will ship idependently from your main order.
  4. Eh, IIRC that kinda let to a lot of "just leave missing item X out, if that's holding up my order" comments and probably e-mails last time. Maybe they'll also have some of each/most to start but will run out and the container has the reinforcements for those items? We'll see soon I guess. I'm still hoping the UK hub will start around that time, too. They got one container this week, next container already in customs and estimated a week each to unload. But no idea how much back-up they still have at the UK customs offices.
  5. Great to hear they'll be sending out orders soon. I hope not too many of you will be skipped, but those who will wouldn't have had their stuff sooner anyway. Argh, I missed the henchwomen in the pledgemanager (they got turned off rather quickly after being added) but I do have the henchmen. Would've liked to pick up just the ladies, but well, at least they'll be released soon-ish I guess.
  6. Have the weapon sprues from Bones 3 ever been released? If not, those would also be on the list of "never to retail". While I ordered everything I want from Bones IV, it'd be a shame if so many great centerpiece models would be left out.
  7. In the kickstarter comments there are people claiming to have gotten their tracking number (Australia).
  8. We're going to pay the taxes. The people talking about new deals/trade deals with the UK seem to miss the point that it's about items produced in the UK/EU, there might be exemptions for those. But even with that exemption, you're going to pay the normal consumer tax (19-20% depending on country), you might just get around a bit of duty fees. I just hope they'll let my package through without too much hassle.
  9. Based on past experiences I've had with Aetherworks, unfortunately I can see them sitting on something for months. The oddity is that they haven't posted it to their farcebook as being in the queue when they supposedly have all the containers. There is the possibility that they haven't posted it to the queue as they are processing it as part of their normal distribution agreement with Reaper rather than as part of their kickstarter queue...but I wouldn't rely on that. [further comments redacted] But isn't storage space expensive? If their business is shipping stuff for oth
  10. I can't imagine Aetherworks letting all those Bones take up their storage space for weeks.
  11. Those are quite cute and fit in well with some trolls I own. Are they tested on resin printers only or does someone here have experience with printing previous KS on FDM printers?
  12. Would really like to know if the UK warehouse got their container today. I guess it won't get it's own update, but maybe someone will drop the info in one of the streams.
  13. Sometimes there'll be some leftover sets on the Reaper online store or even in with other retailers. Other than that your best bet is to wait for individual figures at retail. Bones are still quite affordable even outside the kickstarter. In the past there were no old sets in the next kickstarter, there is already a lot of new stuff everytime. Also, Reaper has retail relationships all around the world and those stores would be pretty miffed if their inventory would get undercut constantly by kickstarters.
  14. I just glued all my boyfriend's Warhammer minis to magnets in preparation for the move. Having gotten so up-close and personal with that collection my conscience about my Bones box is pretty clear. But yes, there is a lot and I've been guilt-painting in between building IKEA furniture.
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