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  1. Has someone here assembled their burning godess? I'm kinda confused by her parts.
  2. I got mine today, but the young elf archer wasn't in the box
  3. This is getting rather complicated, I recommend checking the customs offices' websites of the countries involved. There are definitly EU and UK consumers being charged when receiving packages from "the other side". According to the German customs office, the UK is being treated as a non-EU country but with some preferential treatment, when it comes to "goods originating" in the other area. From my limited understanding this seems to aim at EU/UK manufacturing industrie e. g. UK company makes car parts, sends them to Germany where they are used in cars. There are many such agreements with many countries, for example also EU-Japan, but that doesn't mean you never pay taxes or duties when receiving packages. Reaper is an US company and Bones are made in China, so I don't think any preferences apply here. And even if they would, some taxes (19%?) would apparently still aplly which is the "the tax or charge that would be imposed on like goods when destined for domestic consumption" . Added to that, the whole process of getting wares out of the UK is suuuuper slow right now, which is another reason to get them from the US directly. I might not understand the details completly, but the important information is that EU citizens are being charged for packages received from the UK and that my countries' duties office specifically points out that it is very likely that the consumer will be charged when ordering from the UK.
  4. During the original KS it was brought up that Brexit might be an issue for EU backers (it was also brought up during Bones 4, but the Brits played into our hands back then). Back during the Bones 5 KS it was said in comments and on Twitch that EU backers would be taken care off if Brexit would make it disadvantageous for us to get our KS delivery through the UK. The idea of using a partner in Germany was brought up by Reaper themselves and calmed a lot of nerves. If we want a follow up now that's only natural. For me personally the worst situation would be to have my stuff send to the UK (and pay import duties on that, as we have for past kickstarters) and then send to Germany by the fulfillment partner and pay fees again to the authorities here bc I imported a package from the UK. I fully expect to pay some fees at some point (and I'm fine with that!) but I'd like to know for sure that they will send my package from the US directly if they don't have an EU mainland partner. The same goes for European, but not EU, countries like Switzerland, who would also be better off getting their stuff directly from the US hub.
  5. This will be done in 4 hours. Currently working on unlocking alternate bridge parts. The Wightwood Abbey stuff is available as an AddOn (and a lot cheaper than on their webstore) but only during the campaign, no pledgemanager.
  6. I also backed Fantasy and wasn't tempted by Horror at all. Not super thrilled with the duplicates of bandits and similar stuff in Fantasy either, but at least I see the point. 5 butchers just seems pointless outside of the specific game sold with it. Don't know if they had great stuff planned but didn't get there due to lack of SGs unlocked. Horror is in itself more niche as well and if I'm not mistaken they already have stuff like Vampires, Werewolves and common Undead types between Fantasy 1 and Altar Quest (therefore satisfying the need for the Fantasy RPG/Horror crossovers that happen more frequently).
  7. There are a lot of stretch goals unlocked as we're heading towards the final 48 hours. The vote for the final SGs is currently open.
  8. Sry, I forgot. And then I saw your post and thought "sure, I should get on that" and forgot again Original Umberhulk hulking forwards on the right. On the left I cut off both of the left extremities and reangled them. The leg was most impactful since he can now stand upright, opposed to the original pose. The arm makes him kinda look like he is from one of those fantasy football games ^^ From the left side. You can't really tell with the shiny undercoat, but the arm and leg are mostly glued down in their old socket. There is almost no greenstuff for his arm and a bit more for the leg, but overall I'm fairly happy.
  9. A lot of the initial stretch goals have already been met, and right now there is the first vote for the next stretch goal set. They plan to continue doing that for the bigger stretch goals (called encounter sets) while smaller stuff that seems to slot more seemlessly into the core set stuff is already set as stretch goals.
  10. They offer the Abbey from the first KS at a reduced rate to retail. Right now it is a bit expensive, it seems to be a KS that hopes to unlock a lot of stretch goals. It was kinda ridiculous what their first KS offered in terms of value.
  11. I'm kinda hoping they'll make their Wightwood Abbey set available as an AddOn in this kickstarter. I'm really kicking myself that I skipped that one, now that I have a 3D printer.
  12. Immobilizing parts of your body also isn't great for the muscles. It's pretty scary how much your stamina and strength disappears after a relatively short time of bed rest followed by minimal movement. Since the fracture is confirmed to be stable I'm supposed to use my backmuscles (but avoid certain movements). Yes, it's mostly laying in bed, but walking is also good. Sitting and standing still is allowed, but should be limited. It has been six weeks since my accident, so it's not super fresh anymore, and the boredom is somewhat kicking in. But even after I'm fully healed I should be mindful of my posture and back, so this topic has longterm relevance to me ^^
  13. The horse tripped herself and then waited around with me wailing and all, so we're cool Standing is kinda troublesome as well atm (walking is great though!) so that's more a future thing. I didn't know those chairs existed, but it looks interesting. From reviews they seem to tire out your core/back muscles rather quickly though, and since my muscles really suffered from the underuse and I'm just training to get them back to normal (with PT, which is great but exhausting) probably also more of a future thing. Apparently back braces aren't used as much with such injuries anymore, that's at least what the doctors said. I was surprised by that, too, since it just feels wrong to walk around a week after you broke your spine with no stabilizing measures. Forcing myself completly passively into a good position has the side effect that I don't engange my muscles that much/at all (which makes them regress even more), so the chairs or self-control-measures written about below might be a better long term solution. Seems similar to the backwards chair (and I've actually done that in the past with my computer chair). Another type of chair that I've never seen, but it might work for me. Especially since I tend to pull my legs up to my chest to get comfortable, and that wouldn't work with such a chair. It's a compression fracture in the thoracic area, about the height where the shoulderblades end. But the pain goes up to the shoulders and down to the lumbar area as well, since my spine is now shorter and has a wrong bend, which means the rest of the back has to work more than it is intended to.But I'm also glad it's not bad enough to get straightend with screws and metal plates, that didn't sound fun at all. We got all the pre-surgery talks and waivers and I'm just glad I was too high to really get into those. My boyfriend has a comfortable gaming chair in which you can lean far back, my problem is that I sit up as soon as I actually want to paint, I'm not sure I'd stay back in a reclining chair. My desk is slightly higher than that (if I did the unit math correctly, 29'') but it's on the high side. If I want to use keyboard/mouse or a drawing pad I have to push the chair up to a height where my feet can't get planted to the ground anymore. And I just got 4cm shorter This seems to be in the same vein as the armrests recommended by Talespinner, and to me it seems like a good idea. I do stabilize my wrists on the table edge for detailing, which is a big no-no, so something along those lines should help. This sounds like a really solid plan. I have a little table-thing for eating in bed, so I could at least put my pallet and brushes up a bit higher. Or put the airbrush box on there. Thanks for all your time and ideas, I'll try to get something like that arm rest and a visor soonish and will try out some chairs when I'm in better overall shape again.
  14. So I really messed up dismounting a pony six weeks ago and broke two vertebrae in the process. While it was one of the least terrible possible ways to break your spine (no neurological damage and no surgery required) it's still not pleasant and will have consequences for years to come. It's especially important for me going forward to be mindful of my posture. From experience before my accident I know that I tend to slump forward while hobbying, even worse than on the computer. After the accident I haven't been doing miniature stuff for longer than an half an hour, but I already noticed how bad my posture got in that relatively short time. So I'm trying to avoid it right now, even though boredom is slowly but surely kicking in. Haven any of you found a way to fix or control your posture while painting or sculpting? I know a lot of the people on these boards work on their miniatures for multiple hours and are a bit older than I am, so maybe similar backproblem have been encountered before. Or maybe I'm the only one sitting over my miniatures like a cave troll
  15. I got a lot of the Wizkids miniatures, usually I pre-order everything I like and might use as soon as a new wave has been announced. But while a lot of the sculpts are nice and I like how often they lift a creature directly from the D&D artwork, the quality still varies and they're not worth twice what I'm currently paying/have payed for them. It has gotten better from earlier waves, but I still have some figures with shallow details/gaps that are too big to ignore/too much primer. I'd start to only order the ones that are trademarked by D&D and I can't find an easy proxy to. Change of topic: I did repose my 2nd Umber Hulk recently. While I still prefer cutting into Bones miniatures, it worked surprisingly well. The plastic in general is hard to cut through even when heated, but using the hot water method I was able to wiggle one of his arms and a leg apart where they were glued on. I now have two surprisingly different looking Umber Hulks. Might take pictures later.
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