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  1. Is there a way to suggest them adding the weapon sprues from Bones III? As far as I've gathered from twitch those also have issues with being packaged properly for retail. I'm kinda thinking about the GitD pirate ship these days. But I wouldn't want to keep it mostly clear and am hoping to see someone who mostly paints their GitD ship and just has the effect show through a little before I have to make the decision.
  2. Glad to hear. Now just give me those weapon sprues from Bones 3 Got my pirate ship today. Had a mild shock bc the post office lady wanted more fees than I paid for the ship, but they just halved the total declared value and put it on each package. All is fine, I'm ending up at 22% of my order. Can't complain about this at all, my main package got into customs on a saturday and out the same day (I didn't even know they worked on saturdays) and the ship was in 5 days.
  3. So far my only problem is two Sea Giants but no Eye Tyrant in the Darkest Depths expansion, and I'm mostly through. My boat should have arrived today but they didn't ring and just took it to the post office instead, where we'll be able to pick it up tomorrow. Bit annoying since I'll have to hurl it up the hill, but at least they delivered the heavier package.
  4. Got my stuff 30 min ago. Everything but the ship (supposedly, haven't checked yet). My package arrived with DHL after being sent out with Parcelforce (no idea who they are, maybe they operate only in the UK?). DHL changed their process since last I got something with fees on it from them. Instead of asking for cash at the door which was always a struggle they'll send you a bill later. Much better. Currently I'm waiting for my bf's meeting to finish so we can go into an extended lunch break and dig through it a bit.
  5. Yup that worked for me. Seems like there are more dwarves incoming. Tre just sculpts such character into his miniatures. It's really too bad he won't be continuing the line.
  6. Personally I like variety in my enemy miniatures, so I don't have e. g. 2 orcs who look the same. My orc crew from Bones fulfills this requirement though. Sprues from Wizkids sounded interesting, bc a lot of their enemys only come in 2 poses from that one pack they sell of them, and some of those enemies are trademarked and not easily replaced. The solo miniatures shown in the article posted above aren't even that customizable though. https://www.gamesradar.com/prismatic-paint-and-frameworks-revealed/ The torso main miniature stays the same, one can just change heads and put
  7. Have any of you had luck contacting him about adding to orders? I tried via facebook on monday but so far, no answer. Suddenly everyone wants to play dwarves in my new group and he has some of the nicest ones, but a whole new package to Germany for 2-5 dwarves would be a bit silly.
  8. ufff to those prices. According to phdgames, where I usually look for preview pictures, it's 14,99$ for the individuals (at least I guess you can get 1 Miniature out of it with names like "human wizard male"), 24,99$ for bigger things like a drider or a troll, 39,99$ for a stone giant or a hill giant and, as written above, 49,99$ for the kobolds or orcs set. That's .... a lot more than I was looking on spending. I can imagine someone going for that if they really want their PC to have the correct loadout or something, similar to why people build characters on heroforge. But as a DM
  9. Love those sprues, hopefully they won't be too expensive. Depends on the wave a bit. Earlier ones were definetly worse. I have some miniatures I really like and that are more on par with Bones Black than Bones, but others are worse. I had some that barely got a face and others that are quite fun to paint. They also come preassembled and the gaps are quite bad sometimes and preprimed, which obscures details in some cases. As usual, larger figures with less fiddly detail work better. Ideally you'll look at them in a FLGS.
  10. My rapid delivery stuff is supposed to arrive today. Got sent with FedEx on Tuesday. I'm living in Germany so it didn't have to travel too far.
  11. The update saying UK/EU fulfillment is just 25% complete is just a bit of a bummer. They've been on it for 2 weeks now and are, apperantly, also not going by (strictly) wave order, as many wave 1 backers still wait while later waves have their stuff.
  12. My ship isn't here yet, but in the past I had good results with hairdryers + Bones. For cooling, maybe some halfway-molten baggies of ice would help?
  13. According to their instagram, they have 2700 orders to fulfil from the UK hub. Just over 700 people pledged int he "wave 1 UK" pledge level. So wave 1 doesn't help that much for our hub, since 1/4 of people are at that wave. When they get through that wave, they'll probably progress through the other waves relatively quickly (wave 2 UK just has 400 backers in comparison). How many EU backers are in each wave is hard to know, since we pledged with the US waves.
  14. Was there any info on how many packages the UK/EU hub has already gotten out this week? Trying to guesstimate my chances of getting a notification next week as a wave 2 EU backer.
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