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  1. Ok, I love that dragon. Hopefully we'll get to see her as a Power Up. She can sit behind me whenever I DM. I mean, all the players get their own miniature as well.
  2. I can see the PC frameworks for 12,99 Euro appealing to players who place a lot of emphasis on having the correct load out on their miniature. The spellcasters especially have some very flashy effects (who will definetly hang way over the base and make it difficult to push miniatures in neighboring squares, but that's another topic). The creatures are kinda priced outside my "gaming figure" pain tolerance, especially since all those creatures are widely available already, most of them from Wizkids themselves. I can buy a Night Hag framework for 21,49 or a Night Hag with a Dusk Hag for 4,49 or another Night Hag with a Green Hag friend that time for 4,49 as well. All Wizkids. That's kinda funny. Sure, the astral lollipops on the Frameworks one are cute. But to me that price for a human-sized figure goes out of "gaming figure" and into "display/painting project" territory. And in that territory I get a lot more choosy since there are so many pricy but gorgeous, high quality figures available. Idk, Wizkids figures have been far to inconsistent in their casting quality and overall detail for me to consider them a "premium product" and pay accordingly. I own a lot of Wizkids unpainted and I enjoy using & painting them, but in a similar way I enjoy painting and using my Bones (that is, not getting too concerned about mold lines and gaps, cut some apart for modding, slap paint on, go).
  3. True. The miniatures in the female vampire encounter are also smaller than expected. They do have the typical "modern digital sculpting style" but are still tiny. It is a bit odd.
  4. Has anything from the Bones V encounters been released to retail already? I'm wondering if they'll release those things as individual figures or in a boxed set like the Henchmen & Hirelings (didn't get the female Hirelings in the pledgemanager before they were out -.-). I kinda like being able to buy individual figures, but I get that selling whole sets might be more economical. But especially with the encounters in this kickstarter it might be nice to get some salamanders without getting an additional drake, your fourth carpet and the adventurers.
  5. I'm fairly confident we'll see the wyvern and the nightmare at retail. If they'll stay in stock for longer than a hot second is a different question, but they don't seem to be the kinds of miniatures Reaper might run into trouble with. They're not so large as to need special packaging and they don't seem particularly fiddely/difficult to cast either.
  6. Scalecreep isn't unique to Reaper, but it is annoying anyway. GW has a lot of their "standard" infantry people on 32mm these days. Dwarves seem especially prone to this, in some cases they just seem to have different proportions, instead of being noticeably smaller. We have one RBG dwarf and one GW dwarf in our D&D group and the difference is quite funny. Reaper has had some stylistic differences in their line for some time (the Werner Klocke elves look gaunt compared to the other elves and humanoids) since they seem to value artistic license over an uniform look (like an army for GW or the Wizkids line up) which I generally like. And ofc tastes change over time. Newer miniatures seem to be a bit ... softer, with bigger faces and eyes and generally more exaggerated features. And ofc, making the figure just a tiny bit bigger means you can get more facial expressions or details on there. In theorie, it should be easier with digital sculpting to get the correct scale. You can just reprint it a tad bit smaller, while it's difficult to do that with a physical sculpt. We see them previewing volumetric print to check out scale all the time. But maybe it's not a priority to keep the humanoids at 28 a more consistent scale?
  7. Ok, with the dust being settled a bit my personal thoughts as someone who backed Bones IV, V and now VI. I'm a forever DM who has been playing online for two years, but is back to using real maps and miniatures for two sessions now (which is greatly increasing my miniature hype). - Coreset/Core Extras: I've pretty similar feelings towards all three coresets. Always some cool stretch goals, but the base offering here doesn't really grab me. The adventurers are nice, but I see them as conversion fodder or paint practice pieces. Gauth was big but not my style of dragon (will eventually become a statue I guess). I prefer the two smaller dragons in the Bones V core set, but Bones V was just dragon extravaganza. I do prefer the way they split up the new core. A lot of the old groups made no sense to me. Why would I want more generic Elf rangers, but group them with the Drow characters? Buy more of those heavily armored skeletons, but with the undead giant, some wolves and two reapers for good measure? Or I'd have liked more of the blight plant things from Bones V, but not in a set with trolls, a snakewoman, and 6 other unrelated things. Want a wolfdragon? Oh, here, also get two other dragons and a basilisk. Might double up on ants, mudmen, newts and the lancers. Great to see them in sensible groupings! - Expansions: I LOVE Briarwood. Been waiting for a fey expansion for all this time, and it always felt kinda bad to see a kickstarter close and be like "guess in two years there will be another shot". I prefered Dreadmere (Bones IV) and Brinewind (Bones V) over the Green Griffin, since those were more flavorful to me. I can get a lot of tavern furniture and patrons already, and none of them really grab me. I prefer Denizens of the Dungeon over Dungeon Dwellers (Bones V). Similar theme, but DotD has more unique creatures, while Dungeon Dwellers gave us a lot of stuff that were in the Core Set of the same kickstarter already. Shadows of Sullenhall is neat but I have a lot of undead. Hakir is similar to Greek Odyssey (Bones V) or Lost Valley (Bones IV) with the less-common-but-still-fantasy theme. Probably gonna get two Briarwoods, the Denizens of the Dungeon and Hakir, though Hakir is the one I'm unsure about. Sad we're not getting a Fan Favorite, but we weren't really getting into "exceeding expectations" territory with SGs, so maybe there wasn't space for one. - Options: Bones V kinda felt like "dragon revival" and we're ofc missing a lot of those this time. It's also hard to compare, since Bones V made over 3 Mio$ so no idea what else they had planned. They always had more "basic" creatures in options as well (the Townsfolk, Dragonfolk, Rune Wights, Demonic Temptation in Bones V) but the percentage this time was high and it took us long to get to "the good stuff", while Bones V had Valfuryx (a dragon) as the first SG. We also didn't really have a theme with the options like we did with "all chromatic dragons" and "warmachines" in Bones V or "giants and dinos" in Bones IV. - Encounters: We obviously got less of those in Bones VI. I'm a bit sad we get less terrain with them, but the creatures and themes I actually prefer over those from Bones V. The spiders, the skeletons, the not-dead-yet dwarves and the vampire women are all things I don't really see myself using independently of their encounter packs. I mean it was a great way to sell me miniatures I already have a lot of. The salamanders and their drake friend I'll probably double up on though, and the Rotstump Bog and Owlbear Encounter also have more interesting takes on the actual miniatures than the spiders or skeletons (but weaker on the terrain). Sad we didn't get to see the Deep Ones, those would have been a great addition to my collection as well. - Kickstarter Exclusives: With each kickstarter I've been a part of there have been things that didn't make it to retail. Bones III (which I narrowly missed) had the weapon packs which took years to arrive. Bones IV is still missing some of their bigger items (Barge? Argent? Nyarlathotep? Mossbeard? Dance of Death? Dungeon Tiles? Dragon Turtle? At least I can't find them in the webstore). We'll see if all of Bones V will be released, but I think I heard Ron say the pirate ship might not make it to retail. So while I DO NOT like Kickstarter Exclusives, I highly prefer them marking "non-sellers" as such so we know to get them now instead of hoping for retail. And I kinda get that some of the things they put in the kickstarter are more fanservice or flights of fancy (in a good way) and less things a traditional store is looking for.
  8. Small rant about colors and cameras/screens: it is almost guaranteed those colors look slightly off from what they actually are. In fact, they probably look slightly different on your phone compared to your PC. I mean, we get a close enough impression like "it's a blueish light grey" or whatever, but we should probably not buy something bc it perfectly matches our favorite boots on the computer screen. It can become quite the problem with digital art, since the look can be so different from screen to screen. And yes I've done too much online clothes shopping with friends during the pandemic 😁
  9. With all the people mentioning Briarwood as their favorite I'm hopeful we'll see more fey stuff in the future. There is a lot of untapped potential in that sphere of inspiration.
  10. It's a good update. People might have been cautious about pledging for expansions who are very far from completion. And I'm hopeful we'll might see some more options and encounters. Stirges and that female Giant are notable absences for me.
  11. Eh, I like the Flumph. It's an iconic D&D creature which is underrepresented in miniatures. Also, it's one medium creature in an expansion so there is always something someone doesn't like. I think this thread mostly errupted bc Pezler the Polychromatic has been mentioning them for years. Not really the level of meme/chat spam of a lighthouse, more of an inside joke. So even though I don't know them, I'm happy this Flumph is in there. Personally I was getting the DD expansion anyway and I can see myself using the Flumph as a friendly NPC in the Underdark.
  12. Wasn't there also a female giant (Cloud or Storm) to pair with the Zeus giant from Bones V?
  13. But there was precedent for "spamming helps" already. The best way to get into the kickstarter/Fan Favorites Expansion was spamming KS and Twitch Comments and hoping it'd catch on and others repeated your spam already. Some figures in the last two kickstarters had me go "really? That guy seemed really annoying about this idea". If they reall truely hated the whole "lighthouse" thing they didn't have to show the facebook memes in their channel or constantly answer those comments. It's the internet, "don't feed the trolls". I mean, I even like the concept and will most likely get it, but I agree, not a fan of everyone spamming their requests. At the same time you kinda feel stupid for not spamming and just mentioning your things once or twice in the "Bones you'd like to see" or comments, so I can't blame anyone.
  14. I like the caravan idea being thrown around. But I guess it's save to say at this point they've made all their plans and sketches already and we're just waiting for the reveals. Nice to see the campaign picking up speed even before the 48h mails go out, we're 13k away from the last unlock already and should see the Bugbears unlocking tonight.
  15. Ok, I doubted the Light House, but that sketch looks great. Somehow in my head it was more of a traditional, Northsea striped one and I couldn't picture that. Love the walruss. In regards to the RPG, I'd love to see them put their weirder/bigger creatures into the focus. An (easily convertible) adventure using the Stygian Barge would have me interested, another adventure using skeletons or goblins probably less so.
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