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  1. Nunae

    Citadel Contrast paints

    Ok, I like to speedpaint, but my problem with the concept is, that the washing part was never the problem in terms of time-consumption. From what I've seen, the nicest resulst were on organic stuff like fur or hair, and I paint a lot of beasts and people with fur cloaks. But the problem in painting 10 wolves or goblins wasn't the part where I have to apply a wash, but the part where I had to paint 10 faces and eyes. Detailing is what's killing me with speedpainting and from my experience, it's also the biggest source of frustration and anxiety for new painters. And the contrast paints don't help with that. The really nice examples of this paint being used were far away from "one coat and done" btw. Some people on youtube have amazing results, but they worked with thinners and glazes and wetblending and all kinds of techniques to get there. I'll still be curious to see where this goes.
  2. Nunae

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    KS closes in 6 hours, and they added a last miniature I really like (and that isn't as big and expensive as the crazy mounts)
  3. Nunae

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    I'll also go with box 2. While I really like the lizard and the owl, they're probably too big/unique to use in game. And as long as the bf is against the idea of lining our walls with vitrines, I don't really need display pieces. I love the panther rider and the deer/stag riders though. Best miniature for those I've seen so far.
  4. Did they mention them again? I asked about them like 2 months ago, back then it was also to be released soonish. I'm really looking forward to those. Ordered the crypt, now that there will be fencing for it. Though the fences are more multi-purpose than the crypt itself, and will probably see more game time ...
  5. Nunae

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    Riders in general seem to be a bit of a theme for this set.
  6. The fences are in the store now, the weapon packs from Bones 3 still missing.
  7. Nunae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I'm usually a fan of "official" monster sizing as well. But Wizkids only offers 1 giant of each kind. So for gameplay situations that's very, very limiting. I'd rather have giants that are too small but form a marry group, than have one, lonely but big giant to swing his axes all by himself.
  8. The warning says "grey plastic, not translucent" https://www.reapermini.com/search/air elemental/latest/77584 And yes, I had it earmarked as well, didn't order it sooner because we were so far off from 10th level (at which the druid starts to change into elementals) and I needed other stuff more urgently at the time.
  9. Yes, it doesn't feel that "airy" anymore. And I really like the sculpt better than other clear air elementals on the market, so I'd like to buy it at some point.
  10. Nunae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I would prefer that I was about to go and pre-order that, just then noticing, my brain went to a completly wrong place. Group of pack horses/donkeys/ponys would be really useful, we usually have 6-8 around in our games. While my players usually don't fight mounted, sometimes they get ambushed, and it'd be helpful to show where their precious mounts are at. Some monsters are probably more interested in stealing and eating a pony than they are in stealing the adventurers' coin. I got my order from the wave with the frost giant and the myconoids. Well, not everything, they still didn't have a shambling mound, but most of it. That frost giant is BIG. Like not usable with the bigger Reaper giants big. I thought he might just look a bit taller than those, but next to the frost giant ladies from the KS and the huge fire giant king I own, he looks like a different species. Maybe the cloud/storm giants will be more in line, I really like their sculpt for that lady. But them just having 1 miniature per giant species makes it hard to build encounters. It's great they make figures so closely related to D&D art and published adventures, but in those adventures, giants usually come in groups, clans and families.
  11. That elemental shows up with the note that it'll go out in grey plastic, not clear. I'd really like that model in clear plastic, to go with my fire and water elementals. Will that ever go into stock again, or was it changed to grey permanently?
  12. I wrote about fey earlier, I also think they'd make for a good expansion. I'd like some very freaky Seelie and Unseelie court members as well. Completely okay with them being human sized, to me the scary part about fey isn't their size. Would also like to see some fairy, quicklings or similar small fey, preferably a pack of those. They are frequently summoned by druids. Fairy and similar small fey would also fight in a group of challenged, not alone, so multiple ones would really, really be appreciated. For the non RPG crowd all that fey stuff would surely make for some enchanting dioramas.
  13. Nunae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Somehow my mind went to a set of riding animals and pack ponies for fantasy RPGs similar to the townspeople set ...
  14. Nunae

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    Today in miniatures nobody's wallet needs to see:
  15. Nunae

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    Thanks! It's a great miniature. I think I'll be getting at least some of them, the cavalry will make for great fey riders/wild hunt kinda people. I'm a bit scared of the the prices for the larger pieces like the great owl. The concept sounds neat, but looking at the larger things in their webstore, it's gonna hurt. Love the lynx in the critter set, I don't have any of those yet in contrast to bears and wolves who seem to make it into every set of animals ever. And I love the elf lady on the panther, it's a great pose. It really shows the advantages of riding a big cat compared to a hooved mount.