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  1. Wizkids announced their unpainted ship last friday or so, so there is direct competition now. It's 100$ cheaper than the painted version.
  2. Hi there, I've had an airbrush I received as a gift for quite some time (Revell Basic Set) and I decided to use it on actually painting miniatures instead of just basecoating some terrain or bases now and then. Two problems I've had so far: - The whole thing seems to consume a lot of color compared to brushing by hand. - The airbrush has a trigger for just the color, how much air is being shot out is regulated on the compressor. When I pull back the trigger, the color is supposed to come out. It does so sometimes, mostly after I freshly refilled the cup on top, but after a while it doesn't shoot color when pulling the trigger back but rather when I release it. This leads to me jiggling around with the trigger to get color out. It has always worked that way, but it's not as bad when you're just spraying a base or something, since accuracy isn't a goal there. I tried thinning the paint more, but I arrived at a point where I was basically spraying tinted water that wouldn't stick to anything without solving the problem. Has anyone encountered that trigger problem? Is it common for an airbrush to use up way more color than it'd take to paint the same thing by hand? Ah, and where do you guys mix your paints for the airbrush? I'm having problems thinning smaller amounts of paint on my palette and transferring it to the airbrush. Is it save to mix inside the airbrush cup itself?
  3. Ok, thank you all again for answering, I read everything and then forgot to answer again. Moving the airbrush closer to the model really helped me and I was cleaning all the visible parts as I moved along, including the tip. Now I did a deep clean over the weekend (and it sure was necessary), but afterwards the airbrush blows air out of the trigger hole instead of the front. Thank god I tested the air stream before filling in paint again, but it sure is inconvinient. Any ideas on where we went wrong in putting it back together?
  4. Quite a few people have included fey in their wishlists now. Might be that they were always there and I didn't read all the comments, but it sure helps to boost the signal. I guess posting wishes in the comments instead of the forum thread has the advantage of more people reading and reposting it, which gives Reaper more of a reason to include it in a Fan Favorites expansion (e. g. Dire Penguins from Bones 4).
  5. I'm still really looking for fey. In the Bones we'd like to see Thread that took off with people coming up with ideas for a whole fey expansion, but expansion slots seem to be full. I hope in a Fan Favorites expansion we'd see a few of the smaller, pixie sized fey for summoning and general decoration in Bones Black. I have a soft spot for everything fey, I really need to run a campaign in the fey realms (along a coast most likely, got a ship to justify )
  6. In reality, yes. In people's heads, no. Sure, they can hit it with a green transparent paint for the same effect, but a translucent green ship will be seen as ghostly, while people will think a clear ship is invisible. Must be a cultural thing, to me ghosts are relatively white with maybe a hint of blue and I've even gotten the question if it's some sort of poisonous ghost with the green translucent ghosts from my players in the past.
  7. Were there any indications that the ship might be translucent? I've only seen backers wish for that, nothing from Reaper themselves. Ron was talking about making a ghostly ship by painting it grey in Reaper Live. I've to agree with Glitterwolf, I'd vastly prefer the ship in a solid, light grey material. For the more casual customer looking for a ship for D&D or Pathfinder or whatever it'd be an advantage to see all the details directly and have a material they have more likely already worked with in the past. Not everyone knows how well translucent plastic paints up. Also, imho, unpainted translucent Bones kinda look like children's toys to me. You can do cool things with them ofc.
  8. I like the Darkelfs. They fit with the ones we got from Darkreach, and I really liked those. I have 12 or so Elves painted up, so they haven't jumped to the front of my painting queue, but they're a solid addition to the core. There were a lot of options and Add Ons revealed recently, so it's nice we're back on to core unlocks. That's money I already spent
  9. Nunae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Anyone else finds it funny that the unpainted version of the big Wizkids ship got announced the day after the KS one? Not saying they wouldn't have released it otherwise, but we've gone from 0 big and somewhat affordable ships to two within two days.
  10. So, waking up again, some more thoughts on that ship: I love that they listened to one of the most requested things in the community Even though the chant was "pirate ship! pirate ship!" in some places, this ship seems really versatile with nothing screaming "PIRATE" at me. Which is good. It's too big for the one-off sea battle the DM throws in to mix things up. But I like it for a chapter or campaign center piece. The size means it can be boarded by different creatures, even larger ones like dragons, and still have enough room to move the crew NPCs and the PCs around. With a minimum of 6 PCs and even a skeleton crew (ha!) that ship will full up fast. I was joking yesterday, but I could see that ship be used as wargaming terrain. WH: AoS has aquatic elves, so a beached ship close to the shore line could be an importanz defensive position and might get interesting with all the climbing and cover. I wouldn't buy the ship just for that purpose, but if it's already here, why not? Ron seems to really love undead ships. He suggested multiple times that with the right paint job this could be an undead ship as well. We already have the barge, Ron! Leave something for the living.
  11. Hanging it from the ceiling sounds interesting. It'd become a cat hammock at that point though, and I'm not sure I'd want that. Seems like a problem for future Nunae though, no good decisions are made at 2:30 AM.
  12. They also said everything was subject to change. It's a very big project and currently it's in its render stage. Hinges or removable decks might not work out in production, similarly to the chicken hut problem from Bones 4.
  13. So, ehhh, boyfriend told me to take storage space into considaration after the last kickstarter shipped. Any ideas on where to inconspicuously store that ship? Edit: Probably best to say it could be used as WH terrain. Or finally get that glass storage thing and put it on the wall. Anyhow, I'm happy and my PCs will have some seafaring to do soonish.
  14. I think some people fall into the trap of „it doesn‘t appeal to me, therefor it‘s an unappealing offering“. If you only count the miniatures you actually still need, the core set might be weak to some. I‘m only on my 2nd kickstarter and I‘m already a lot more picky. The core set doesn‘t feel as amazing value if you don‘t have use for every single figure. There is a way to say this more nicely though.
  15. Ok, let me correct myself: in the ramp up to this KS and now during the KS, I've read way more "pirate ship! pirate ship!" chants in the twitch chat than I have here. And Ron has brought it up way too many times in a teasing way, so I believe something like that might come, maybe together with the catfolk and otter pirates. It would be a good time for it, too, since 5e has a newish campaign which involves ships and sea creatures.
  16. I like the underwater stuff. We have some flightstands for 3D combat and that has worked great so far, unless someone really overcomitted and used all their movement to go upwards. That player has to stand there in shame, holding their miniature up with their own hand and think about their mistake I think the Reaper Live tonight has something to do with the pirate ship that has been memed about so much. Not sure if it is as much a forum thing as it is a twitch and facebook thing, but there has been a lot of talk about that ship, and Reaper brings up (and denies *wink *wink) that idea way too often to not have anything similar up their sleeves. Plus, a person was writing about how they want a pirate ship in the last twitch stream I watched and one of the people behind the camera said "you person definetly want to watch Reaper Live this week"
  17. I think in some Reaper Live episode from the past they said that Bones Black can come in any color, including translucent. Don't quote me on that though, I'm too lazy to go back through all the episodes for a direct source. Definetly a good question for Ron, especially since some of those spell effects in the core are also supposed to be translucent (and all of the core was said to be Bones Black).
  18. That we're now able to access the pledgemanager as a calculator might also help some people to figure out their pledges.
  19. Are those new spider sculpts? I really like, and regularly use, giant spiders.
  20. Reading through it, I seem to be more fluid with my miniature sizes than other 5e players/DMs. Giants a bit on the small side, dragons a bit on the bigger size, wolves on calvary bases instead of 1inch are all okay to me. My Bones giants will get a bit more in terms of base decorations compared to other tabletop figures I guess. I still like that the trend of "how big can we make them" seems to have stopped with Reaper and that there are even smaller ones than the 3 inch dragons.
  21. Them fitting on the bases with their centers is good enough to me tbh. I might have to turn them around a bit in combat to make space for figures entering close combat, but I can use them on a 3 inch base. Funnily enough, some of the Wizkids dragons need a bigger base than what they should need as well.
  22. I like that there are this many dragons. I only backed KS 4, and that one was notoriously low on dragons. They all seem to be on the more managable side sizewise as well. The bigger ones seem to go on 3 inch bases (adult dragon in D&D 5e) so they're scary boss monsters, but not world ending cataclysmic encounters. The two in the core set and the one in DD seem to be even smaller, making them perfect for lower level adventures that still want to feature a dragon.
  23. Ok, I was looking more at the wizkids line, as it is a more direct competitor on the affordable plastic market. GF9 is great, but also quite a bit more expensive. I've been working with paper stand ins, proxys or bare bases in the past. Works well enough, but I prefer the look of having the whole encounter build with the right miniatures. I will sometimes be inspired to create or alter encounters by the miniatures I have (aw, throw in 3 wolves with those orcs, I have them in a drawer somewhere). But that's a style of playing that's only really possible with those affordable plastic miniatures, and to specify, only really with Bones since they often come in different poses and weapon options within one race. I don't really want to buy 4 packs of with 2 identical orcs each to build an orc force, this doesn't motivate me at all.
  24. I do prefer the Reaper fire and frost giants over the "official" ones, especially since there are multiples available. I hope the new fire giant stays in line with the already available ones. To my knowledge the newer Reaper giants also work on 3 inch bases, so they're big enough for D&D 5e combat in that. It's great that there are official giants, but having one frost giant or one fire giant just doesn't make for any useful encounter building, and they're too unique (and expensive) to just buy one sculpt again and again. So I'd rather take a warband of the smaller ones. That said, if the new Yephima would fit with the official Cloud Giant I'd be very happy, since I like both sculpts. The picture posted above does give me the impression that both Storm Giants would look cohesive when painted and based similarly. Their height difference is pretty minimal and the official one seems to be less bent in his pose. I'd field the two of them together. (granted this scale pic isn't actually both miniatures being physically placed next to each other but rather people scaling pictures based on data being given or estimated, but in the picture they look fine to me).
  25. I kinda like that part 1 is most of the stuff we already knew would be in the expansion, makes it more of a surprise with the other two reveals. The harpies are great, they look different from what I've seen as harpies so far, more scrawny and bird like (those noses!) and a bit like hags, less attractive lady with wings. Would have liked 3 or 4 of them for encounter building purposes but I can always buy more.