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  1. I'm missing a site which collects all the pictures like they did for Bones IV. I visited reaperminiatures.com/bones4 many times during and after the campaign to look at those pictures. We've seen a lot of close ups on either Twitch, Facebook or in this forumthread, and I appreciate all the people crossposting to help everyone see everything without going through all the platforms, but a central hub of all the stuff that has been shown would help to look stuff up again in 3 months time without going through hundreds of pages of forum content or hours of video.
  2. Yes, that kinda happened with the Bones IV expansion as well. Not sure what your idea was, but I'm also determined to become more spammy in my Fey wishes. Everytime I posted it there was positive feedback from other backers, same with the Bones I'd Like To See Thread. For something to really catch on in the KS comments you have to post all the time though, so other people can (hopefully) pick up the same idea and start asking for it, too, making a "fan favorite". On the other hand, some ideas might be to elaborate to fit into an existing campaign. A bald rogue is one figure, but something like a Dark Carnival some people asked for (or Fey) really need multiple figures or better an expansion to get going. So if Ron liked your idea, maybe it's on an inspiration list for upcoming projects somewhere =)
  3. I was thinking about painting him blue Edit: ninja'd
  4. I like him, too. Though I'm a bit doubtful on how he'll translate to the actual sculpt. A few novelty minis here and there are fine with me, especially if it's a free Add On to the core. Usually the ones I'm the least excited about, like the Chibis from Bones IV, will find someone in my group of friends who really wants them. The Pizza Dragon has already been claimed. I also just learned that I have a convert. An internet friend did actually pledge for this KS, I thought I was driving everyone insane with my constant blabbering about the last one xD
  5. I really like those vampire ladies as well. I get that they chose the zoomed out pictures of the Encounter sets to get a sense of scale, but those really don't do the actual individual miniatures justice at all.
  6. If we get to Kalanzar I'll be happy with the stretch goals and calculate my losses in peace.
  7. The women and cat quotas a really up to snuff this go around. The merchant from Brinewind also has a cat. I approve.
  8. @Sirithiliel Since you saw it in person, how big is this Lion Dragon? Now my cats will have to fight for the honor of being named the fiercest of the household and having their coat immortalised as the dragon.
  9. Ok, Brinewind Part 3 is basically more stuff like Part 2, which I like. You can really put together a port scene with that set and thanks to Bones Black all the detail will actually be visible.
  10. That's something I did last KS. I was VERY confused by the Fan Favorites Expansion, since a lot of it was apparently hot stuff in the KS comments but nobody mentioned it here ... This go around I tried to drum up some fey support in the comments, but I always feel weird posting the same thing again and again.
  11. damn, I'll need this one as well. So far, all the encounters are really nice. Wasn't sure about the Mandurian Pass, but bf wanted that one. I don't need more Skeletons, but the gate is my favorite terrain piece, and all the other ones just click with me.
  12. Feeling a bit anxious for the red dragon. I don't have the dragons from Bones 1-3 (besides Blightfang) so I was looking forward to getting a collection of all the chromatics going. Might still happen, fingers crossed.
  13. Well, I do follow this KS quite passionately myself, but we're on the fan forums for Reaper, so we're skewing a bit on the crazy side.
  14. You can replay the Reaper Live episode and listen to exactly what was said... Reaper Live #055 scrub to 0:30:00. You are suggesting make a near transcript of what Reaper Ed said and publish it on the KS site? & Send out an email blast? I suggest making at least an answer in the FAQ section, better make an update that they secured their German shipping hub in case of Brexit. The "is this project EU friendly" question comes up a lot, and I guess even more people who just look at the project will look for that information and there isn't any in the FAQ. Shipping and Fees can really elf up your day with those KS's since you your total amounts are just too high to get by the customs office unnoticed. I personally don't back projects without some sort of EU shipping concept anymore. Reaper HAS a concept for EU backing, according to Ron in the last Reaper Live, but it's not obviously advertised right now, so people who might just check out the KS page might pass on it. Bones IV was scary in terms of UK shipping, they hung to their UK shipping facility with the Brexit date looming. If they had decided to ship everything through the UK again, come what may with Brexit, I'd also stayed on a $1 pledge and upped as late as possible, hopefully after the Brexit thing has been resolved. Now they have what we've all been asking for, an alternate facility to secure EU shipping, WHICH IS GREAT! Why don't they advertise that fact? Edit: Also, yes, an Update on EU shipping with e-mail blast might help. The first statements on the German shipping hub was that it wasn't yet secured, so that it is now secured is a legitimate update and some people might wait for that kind of update. Not everyone stalks this KS and all the Reaper media channels obsessively.
  15. I'd really like for them to put out an Update/FAQ answer to the EU shipping question. Ron talked about it in Reaper Live, and apparently it's gonna ship out of their UK hub, unless Brexit actually happens, in which case they ship out of Germany. Since that Info isn't available and the whole Germany thing had a big "maaaybe" attached to it at the start of the campaign, the official update would help to get EU backers holding out on 1$ pledges.
  16. When will the mail go out to the people who saved the project? It is showing 48h to go for me.
  17. Well, with a lot of fantasy races a body type comes with the description, and Elves are mostly slender, dwarfs stouty, etc. An Elf that really, really overate would be interesting from a story perspective though .... Humans on the other hand are really, really diverse, we can't argue that away since we all know enough humans. And body type can help to define character, just look at that bar lady in Brinewind or the NPC Noble lady in the core. Making everyone look like a super model/body builder is really limiting from an artistic point of view.
  18. I sorta wish she was a dwarf though....we need more female dwarves. I kinda like that she's a human and breaking with more commonly seen body types without being a case of "oh, how sad, she's overweight" or "haha, look at that fat lady"
  19. Ok, I was lukewarm on Brinewind so far, but part 2 sells it to me. It's shaping up to be the Dreadmere of this go around, with all the characterful NPCs. Also nice to see this many women, some of Sophie's friends from last KS should go great with the new female swashbuckler.
  20. Some of the Bones IV minis would tie in really great with this project. The Dark Elves and goblins jump to mind immediatly, but some Dreadmere stuff as well. They could offer a LTPK with those soonish, and then the skills learned and the colors already bought from this set could aid in painting the other Dark Elves, goblins, NPCs, etc. Probably too late for that now I just remember myself getting really into the hobby with the last KS, and I just wanted stuff NOW and get going.
  21. That Learn to Paint Kit would have been great if it'd ship sooner than the rest of the KS, or if they would release something similar in the store with Bones 4 minis instead of 5 as a "while you wait" measure. Folk have always recommended the LTPKs for people asking in the KS comments what they should do until their pledges arrive. Quite a few people seem to be getting into the hobby with those Bones KSs since it helps to get a lot your roleplaying needs met rather quickly. Those people are probably the ones most in need of a LTPK, but those are also the people who don't have tons of backlog already and want something to learn and paint now. Atleast that was how I was feeling last KS. Also, the miniatures in the LTPK aren't unique (thank Tymora) but from what I can see from the Core and Dungeon Dweller sets. With so many characters in those I don't see the need to have doubles of those figures.
  22. I like the zombies. I have less zombies than other undead (hordes and hordes of skeletons) and, as someone else stated just as I read this thread in bed yesterday, they have distinctively medieval clothes. There is even one in a dress.
  23. Warhammer 40k has a pretty unique style, lore and world, while Fantasy was a more "typical" fantasy setting with knights and dwarfs and elves and what not. Apparently WH Fantasy was also pretty expensive and complicated to get into. Sales might also have been lower for Fantasy since it's easier to proxy a knight than it is to proxy a space marine. Companys like Reaper that don't mainly support their own game are at least somewhat bound to the trends within the rest of the industry. The rise in popularity of D&D surely brings people into the hobby who want D&D miniatures. At a certain point the lack of Sci-Fi might also be a self-fulfilling prophecy: Bones is mostly known for Fantasy, so people who are interested in Fantasy pledge, bring in their Fantasy friends and so on, while people who are waiting for Sci-Fi don't get that boost in backer nummers, so the Sci-Fi stuff doesn't sell as well, leading to Reaper producing less Sci-Fi because if something doesn't sell it's kinda silly to double down on it. I'm just happy they didn't have Sci-Fi in the Core Set in Bones IV or V. The Sci-Fi people wouldn't need most of the Core Set, and us Fantasy people would just throw it into a corner, resell or regift it. At a certain point seperated kickstarters or at least marketing offensives might be the way to go to recatch that Sci-Fi crowd. If that's a goal, of course.
  24. The treasure golem and the gem dragon really hit a sweet spot for me. Many of those social media or backer goals were more "fun" sculpts (in Bones IV as well), but these seem to be unique enough for painters while at the same time useful for RPG encounters. I also like the pirates, while I have enough skeletons these look really unique. And it's the perfect amount to make an encounter out of, without buying loads of duplicates or leaving half of them in the box. Hoping to see the otters and cats and humans all in there, for tons of variations in our ship crewing needs. I'd also really, really prefer a solid ship. Details might be there after painting, but it'll just look like a big green blob in the shelves. And it risks potential customers going "oh, a ghost ship! Neat, but I don't need one of those." If the argument for green vs clear is "otherwise people might think it's an invisible ship and not buy it for their ghost ship needs" the argument against translucent generally would be that people might see it as a pure ghost ship. While ghost ships are great and all, I still think "normal" ships are the thing people are more likely to spend that amount of money on. And given the cost of that big item, I wouldn't buy a green blob in a store on the hopes of it turning into the "normal" ship I want after a paint job. Also, our undead pirates this go around are themselves skeletons and not translucent ghosts, so a rotting, disgusting ship diving up from the seas seems to fit better than a ghost thing blinking into existence.
  25. Wizkids announced their unpainted ship last friday or so, so there is direct competition now. It's 100$ cheaper than the painted version.