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  1. I'm also in. It's a fair price for the amount of headache it saves me by not having to freehand those areas. And while the whole idea seems very Warhammer inspired most of the sheets are generic enough imho.
  2. I'd also like to see more actual results of the pins on clay. Wouldn't the lines from the 3D printing process for the rolling pins imprint into your bases?
  3. I really like that story teller, rest of the human bunch doesn't really strike me as special. But I do like the drakes, the wolf and especially the fox. Hmmm, decisions ...
  4. Has there been any word in one of the streams about Corona delays? The last update said they would be done sculpting by end of march, so if I'm not mistaken, the Chinese partners are planned to start working on this project soon? I know Chinese factories are open again, but they're probably pretty backed up and I'm not sure a relatively small toy order jumps the line.
  5. I got a "Last Chance to Update Shipping Adress" mail, so hopefully shipping will start soon. And check your spam folder in case you need to update that adress ^^
  6. I'm not convinced the translucent ship will look all that great. The details are already obscured by the material (which you can salvage a bit with a paintjob), but if you want to preserve the translucent effect for large portions of the hull, you'll see the interior. No idea how much tabs and connection points this ship will have, but you'd see them in clear, wouldn't you? And even if those aren't the problem, the interior of that ship seems fairly packed. So much material in inside the ship will probably make it all look rather blobby and mashed together. At least in my head it'll look like that. It's not like Kyphrixis where you can look mostly through the whole dragon. Imagine you'd see organs inside that thing instead. I do like translucent miniatures for elementals, ghosts and the likes. I would prefer untinted clears, but eh. But I have to agree that'd I really, really dislike seeing all Bones in clear and I doubt they'd take the step, if only because it'll make their product look like cheap plastic toys in the packaging (and not everyone trusts a painted picture on the outside).
  7. I haven't pledged for the Rumbleslam set because I don't do those Fantasy Football (ha!) stuff, but I feel like quite a few of those sculpts would work in a "normal" Fantasy context as well. That Cleopatra lady would be a lovely and unique Necromancer with all the hands carrying her around.
  8. So we have to DECIDE which ship head figure to use? o.O I hope that's a case were magnetizing works well, it probably should, considering there is a lot more space to hide a magnet in than in a usual miniature. I really like the turn around of the ship with the different decks showing. If it ends up being manufactured so you can easily open it up like that it'd be perfect.
  9. Has there been any info on them actually delivering in March? Seems ambitious considering we haven't seen all the renders and next to no production pieces. With the scale of this KS I would be completly fine with my desert elves being late, just wondering ^^
  10. I didn't expect we would see more power ups than the henchmen. Really liking the demons and beastmen, but my bf has a Skaven army, so no real need for extra rats.
  11. Indeed, CR's style of game is extremely character driven and works well for sandbox type campaigns. It doesn't work as well with published adventures where the characters are dropped in and their backgrounds are mostly irrelevant. While the style is hard to copy, the etiquette still sets a good example imho. I play a published campaign, and we don't play through a lot of the characters backstorys or whatever, but there are still arcs, puzzles or enemys one player clicks more with than the others. And when the quiet cleric player finally finds some godly artifact and is excited about that, it's nice is the other players can it enjoy it for them. I've seen it often that one player gets overpowered by another, be it due to "I have the higher score for that" or because they also get excited and don't realise it might be their time to stand back. Or they think the interaction another player was enjoying is stupid and kill the NPC. I respect them even more for that since I actually played myself (instead of DMing), since I too suffer from that "uuuhhh, I want to talk to that NPC/solve that problem!" instinct and need to stop myself to give everyone a chance to be the main character for a while.
  12. They do the acting part very well, which is logical, but they also seem to be well prepared in terms of RP elements of their characters (not so much in the rules) and are ususally very engaged in the story. That's stuff that's independant of their profession or skill level as an actor. They interact a lot from player to player without needing the DM to carry every social interaction. And, to me most importantly, some of the episodes are good examples in RPG table manners. There are sessions that are heavily focussed on one character. The other players usually stand back, leave that player their moment and even actively supporting that/showing facial expression that indicate they're still engaged in the story. Same goes for general respect for the DMs story, world and roleplaying moments, which he clearly enjoys for himself. So if that's the most successful D&D show out there, I'm glad it's one that shows positive social contact and a generally nice atmosphere. I feel like it breaks down barriers into "who D&D is for" and "what kind of people play D&D". Also, not every person who likes D&D has the chance to play, or play as often as they'd like to.
  13. To be fair, I think there was at least 1 other D&D 5e book who got #1 Book on Amazon when it was released. But yes, combination of D&D fans and CR fans all buying this should be good.
  14. I've listened to the first campaign of Critical Role quite a bit, it was good light entertainement for when I had boring work (which I couldn't take my eyes off, though) or if I wanted someone to talk in the background while painting miniatures. It also inspired me to start playing D&D. I'm not really watching anymore, since it's just too much for me to keep up with. I think it has done a good job at promoting the hobby of roleplaying to a wide audience, but I get that it might not be everyone's cup of tea. Yes, they have troubles remembering rules (sometimes even simple ones) and the whole "Matt Mercer is the best DM ever" thing puts too much pressure onto newbie DMs imho. I have their first sourcebook and I find it decently well written. If you are looking for another fantasy setting or certain inspirations for your own and would have bought another D&D 5e book for that reason, I see no reason to skip it because it's CR instead of "official". Not sure if I'll get it though, as we currently still have our campaign in the Forgotten Realms.
  15. Just waaayyy less advantageous for our backs ... Btt: some very nice and spacious set ups. Hope you find the opportunity to play again soon!
  16. The equivalent to the reapermini.com/bones4 still doesn't exist, does it? reapermini.com/bones5 redirects me to the KS page. I think there was talk about making a similar picture hub for this KS and I feel like it's really needed. We're getting so many pictures (which is great!) but they're being posted on facebook, the KS updates, this thread or in the twitch stream, which isn't great for finding them again, 3 months later when making your selections.
  17. I've a feeling that treasure dragon is going to be one of those items that will be sold out rather quickly as soon as it's released to retail. It's awesome, it's smaller (which a lot of people asked for) but it's also in an expansion with stuff that has already been figure of the month or is otherwise not super useful for a person that has been collecting for a few years. I keep going back and forth with the Dungeon Dwellers. It's an expansion I would have been all over last Kickstarter (which was my first) and I still like a lot of figures in it.
  18. Thanks for all the well-wishes! I didn't even check for a thread yesterday.
  19. Uhh, a juicy update. Glad I finally finished my pledge manager. While I'm glad I won't be getting the cactus man that was first shown like that in my RPG monster packs, I can understand how it might end up as some kind of in-office joke. They even said the sculpt was devisive amongst themselves and asked for opinions, which they got. Changing something that went into the completly wrong direction from what the backers where asking for is a good thing imho. I also loooove that Burning Goddess, though I'm still a bit salty she isn't available in human size. Seeing more Elves would've been great, but it calms my nerves to have at least a few in the update. The ears on that crossbow Elf are good, so are the clothing details and mask on that gorgon.
  20. Well, seems like this is my first failed KS project. Should this go bankcrupt, I hope whoever takes over the assets will send out all the metal we've seen produced so far. I'm not sure they've really cast everything they claim they have though, given that they were also talking about only needing the plastic bases before fullfilment could start in their first KS. This one also seems kinda tacked on and isn't receiving as much creator attention as the first one, even though he is now only going into the comments to defend himself against accusations of lavish spending.
  21. I'm missing a site which collects all the pictures like they did for Bones IV. I visited reaperminiatures.com/bones4 many times during and after the campaign to look at those pictures. We've seen a lot of close ups on either Twitch, Facebook or in this forumthread, and I appreciate all the people crossposting to help everyone see everything without going through all the platforms, but a central hub of all the stuff that has been shown would help to look stuff up again in 3 months time without going through hundreds of pages of forum content or hours of video.
  22. Yes, that kinda happened with the Bones IV expansion as well. Not sure what your idea was, but I'm also determined to become more spammy in my Fey wishes. Everytime I posted it there was positive feedback from other backers, same with the Bones I'd Like To See Thread. For something to really catch on in the KS comments you have to post all the time though, so other people can (hopefully) pick up the same idea and start asking for it, too, making a "fan favorite". On the other hand, some ideas might be to elaborate to fit into an existing campaign. A bald rogue is one figure, but something like a Dark Carnival some people asked for (or Fey) really need multiple figures or better an expansion to get going. So if Ron liked your idea, maybe it's on an inspiration list for upcoming projects somewhere =)
  23. I was thinking about painting him blue Edit: ninja'd
  24. I like him, too. Though I'm a bit doubtful on how he'll translate to the actual sculpt. A few novelty minis here and there are fine with me, especially if it's a free Add On to the core. Usually the ones I'm the least excited about, like the Chibis from Bones IV, will find someone in my group of friends who really wants them. The Pizza Dragon has already been claimed. I also just learned that I have a convert. An internet friend did actually pledge for this KS, I thought I was driving everyone insane with my constant blabbering about the last one xD
  25. I really like those vampire ladies as well. I get that they chose the zoomed out pictures of the Encounter sets to get a sense of scale, but those really don't do the actual individual miniatures justice at all.
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