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  1. It's a good update. People might have been cautious about pledging for expansions who are very far from completion. And I'm hopeful we'll might see some more options and encounters. Stirges and that female Giant are notable absences for me.
  2. Eh, I like the Flumph. It's an iconic D&D creature which is underrepresented in miniatures. Also, it's one medium creature in an expansion so there is always something someone doesn't like. I think this thread mostly errupted bc Pezler the Polychromatic has been mentioning them for years. Not really the level of meme/chat spam of a lighthouse, more of an inside joke. So even though I don't know them, I'm happy this Flumph is in there. Personally I was getting the DD expansion anyway and I can see myself using the Flumph as a friendly NPC in the Underdark.
  3. Wasn't there also a female giant (Cloud or Storm) to pair with the Zeus giant from Bones V?
  4. But there was precedent for "spamming helps" already. The best way to get into the kickstarter/Fan Favorites Expansion was spamming KS and Twitch Comments and hoping it'd catch on and others repeated your spam already. Some figures in the last two kickstarters had me go "really? That guy seemed really annoying about this idea". If they reall truely hated the whole "lighthouse" thing they didn't have to show the facebook memes in their channel or constantly answer those comments. It's the internet, "don't feed the trolls". I mean, I even like the concept and will most likely get it, but I agree, not a fan of everyone spamming their requests. At the same time you kinda feel stupid for not spamming and just mentioning your things once or twice in the "Bones you'd like to see" or comments, so I can't blame anyone.
  5. I like the caravan idea being thrown around. But I guess it's save to say at this point they've made all their plans and sketches already and we're just waiting for the reveals. Nice to see the campaign picking up speed even before the 48h mails go out, we're 13k away from the last unlock already and should see the Bugbears unlocking tonight.
  6. Ok, I doubted the Light House, but that sketch looks great. Somehow in my head it was more of a traditional, Northsea striped one and I couldn't picture that. Love the walruss. In regards to the RPG, I'd love to see them put their weirder/bigger creatures into the focus. An (easily convertible) adventure using the Stygian Barge would have me interested, another adventure using skeletons or goblins probably less so.
  7. I hope there is a pattern sculpted into that flying carpet. I don't see myself freehanding something cool and geometrical onto that giant piece with all its folds and such and carpets kinda need a pattern. Other than that, I'm in for that set. Salamanders are rare enough to make me think about buying two. And somehow I'm also missing drakes in my collection.
  8. There was a Printbook for Bones IV (and I think for III as well, but I didn't back that). I flipped through it and wanted Izzy to draw a fey court ever since 😁
  9. I felt like they said 3 inch (as opposed to 2 inch). I also like her at that scale. It feels like we're back at a more reasonable pace with the unlocks, but I'm also a bit unsure if we will see all the teased encounter sets. The big "wow" pieces aren't as plentiful as some have pointed out, but going through my collection this weekend, I noticed how many of those show-stoppers haven't been released to retail. Even Bones IV models like the Dragon Turtle, Blacksting or the Roc aren't in the store and that kickstarter has been fulfilled years ago. I also remember Ron talking about the possibilty of the pirate ship never being released to retail. Maybe those big models aren't a great investment for after the kickstarter? In that case I can totally understand Reaper focussing on stuff they can actually sell, not just ship as rewards.
  10. I'll be in for both paint sets. They're hard to get in the EU (mostly out of stock/expensive/long wait times as the reseller orders them for you). I have some of the skin triads from that short, beautiful moment in time in between the UK Reaper store opening and Brexit. And ofc paintsets from previous kickstarters. Reaper paints are really quite nice to use, even though my color selection is a bit weird. I like both color sets in this kickstarter. Painter's Pick might not be flashy, but I use a lot of browns, greys, off-whites and less saturated greens and blues. E. g. from Bones IV I've used way more of the "Rotting Wood" triad than of the bright pink "Runic Glow" or of the purples in Bones V. I may like the bright colors more, but I paint more wood/stone/leather and green cloaks (why, oh why, do all the players want green or blue for their PC minis? Even my bard which I tried to stir towards red or purple just really wanted dark greens 😐) I'm hopeful we'll see some content of Anne showing off her color selection and learning about using them in maybe unexpected ways. I found her explanation on painting skin really enlightening. The new colors also look promising. I like the red triad going more into pink/burgundy than orange, more browns, a really dark grey which I'm somehow don't have a lot of and the dark purple for shading all look useful to me. And ofc two more greens and a light blue, sure I'll use those as well.
  11. Ok I love the rider. Pretty great dragon without it, but ginormous dragon with Lich bff makes for a more interesting encounter.
  12. I really like the Norkers. It's the kind of Reaper warband I really enjoy: cohesive in their species, but everyone with different weapons, poses and a bit of a twist. And whimsie, character and detail in spades. I learned Norkers are actually a thing that exists in D&D, but to me they can easily be eternally grumpy little fey with those faces of them. Boggles maybe? Like the troglodytes since they go with those I already own from Bones IV. Hyena and Giant Slug are great. I don't really need more spiders, but I like those everytime. Only thing I'm not convinced is the Minotaur, they're everywhere in Bones already. Not sure I'll get the Hakar one. I like that they're doing more/different gods than just Anubis, scorpions are neat, but I'll have to wait and see. Though the bf might want to get this set for the terrain and we could split.
  13. Propatagium = bit of membrane on the other side of the wing-muslce thing? And yes she looks a bit awkward without it in this pose bc the way she holds those wings leaves a lot of space for that propatagium thing if it is what I think it is and without it the space looks empty. Edit to say: it's a very lovely dragon otherwise.
  14. More fey/butterfly wings would be great, too. And yes to angel/demon wings.
  15. He is super cool and I preordered that one. The MtG line in general has some very interesting and unique creatures.
  16. It's probably not feasible to do this, but I'd like to see some actual data on the prevalence of miniature printing. And not just among forum users (who are kinda super-users in this miniature hobby). A lot of the opinions on this seem highly anecdotal. I know that I won't be able to have a resin printer for years to come because we live in an apartment (as is common in Germany, at least in my age range but housing market isn't great right now) and I don't want to use it in a room we and the cats hang out in. We own a FDM printer and I use this a lot for terrain, but this has been a journey and more of a second hobby opposed to just buying a file and printing it overnight. And the few miniatures I've tried just weren't ... great. I find it hard to imagine a newer or less involved person getting into this and buying a 3D printer for a couple of hundred bucks and then figuring all of that out instead of buying plastic figures. And even with more experienced hobbyists it might not always be worth the obstacles. So stuff existing as files isn't really an option for everyone (and getting them printed and shipped by a 3rd party gets expensive fast). Personally I do think we'll have a market for affordable plastic miniatures for years to come, but companys other than Reaper have been getting in on it.
  17. I mean, my childhood favorite animals were bears and owls, so I'll always buy any owlbears on offer. And the owlbear from last kickstarter can be the father/aunt of the group. Plus I definetly have some players who need to hatch and adopt everything to the point I had to introduce a zookeeper to take care of all their pets in the last campaign.
  18. She's propelled forwards by magic and hate. And maybe the village she just ate. Your puny mortal physics don't intimidate her!
  19. Love the dragon as well. I like dragons of varying forms and bodyshapes, it just adds character. Glad to finally see something to increase my pledge for!
  20. My speculation: They thought they'd use the initial burn to reveal the first three expansions, some of the less show-stopping options and ofc, some Core Set stuff and go on to more jaw-dropping things mid-campaign to counter the lull. But without incentives to pledge early+state of the world (less disposable money)+KS fatique (noone can really say how much each of those factors impacted the whole without more data) we didn't breeze past those goals and now multiple goals in a row didn't really spark pledge increases. Looking at the map, the last two options were Pathfinder Chibi Goblins (probably niche) at 830k and Ragged Wound Orcs at 650k. So for a long time now there was no reason to increase your pledge after figuring out if you wanted the initial three expansions. It's a good idea to get those expansions early and they seem to generally sell well, but three unlocking parallely combined with a lack of more interesting options gets a bit dull (bc we already expect to see all 5 parts of each expansions anyway). We could see how fast funding increases with the unveil of the ants when people had something to throw money at. I'm hoping for that effect again with the next option unveil. Hopefully it's the anniversary dragon or an encounter set.
  21. With all the close-ups being published, I'd love to have a site like reapermini.com/bones4 onto which all the pictures and videos are dumped for future reference. Doesn't have to be pretty. I know a lot of people (both official Reaper and community members) try dilligently to put all the pictures onto every platform and that's appreciated. But having a permanent space like that link for Bones IV really helped me referencing the pictures months or years later. I don't really want to klick through pages upon pages of forum, scroll through facebookgroup-discussions from months ago or figure out in which of the dozens of updates that close-up of that one figure I really wanted a second look at was. Sorry if this sounds entitled, I just really love that Bones IV page and reference it to this day (and did so a lot during Pledgemanager selection).
  22. Love the two wyvern. I rarely have one monster fighting alone, and I bought two wyvern in Bones IV. One is painted, one will have to go under the knife soon to change it a bit. But having two with different (but complimenting) poses is ofc better.
  23. The ants are now available separately for 8$
  24. Hopefully they'll show as an Encounter after this SG. Someone wrote about not really feeling like there is value being added and I can understand this on a psychological level. We saw the expansions and we increased our spending in the assumtion there would be 5 parts unlocked. So no when there are further parts unlocked it's less of a "yey, we're getting more than we thought we would" and more of a "well, finally, onto the next thing". To be more positive: I really like Jada, the new concept art by Izzi (a gazelle woman? cat doesn't really fit with the feet) and the female necromancer we were shown. The later is wearing pants which is difficult to find in female mages, and the former have non-white hairstyles which is also a welcome addition. Yes, one can paint every miniature in any skin- and haircolor one wants, but having different points of inspiration for hair and the like shows up, even at this scale.
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