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  1. According to their instagram, they have 2700 orders to fulfil from the UK hub. Just over 700 people pledged int he "wave 1 UK" pledge level. So wave 1 doesn't help that much for our hub, since 1/4 of people are at that wave. When they get through that wave, they'll probably progress through the other waves relatively quickly (wave 2 UK just has 400 backers in comparison). How many EU backers are in each wave is hard to know, since we pledged with the US waves.
  2. Was there any info on how many packages the UK/EU hub has already gotten out this week? Trying to guesstimate my chances of getting a notification next week as a wave 2 EU backer.
  3. According to their Facebook, some people working on UK fulfilment came in saturday for some sorting and they expect their pulling speed will increase.
  4. I really like basing and I like the look of unity/cohesion I get when I rebase figures of different brands to go together. So I cut the integral ones off and stick them to the round Reaper bases.
  5. Has anyone heard of an UK/EU backer who got their shipping notification yet?
  6. According to Reaper Rooms Instagram, shipping from the UK hub has begun No words on whether or not they follow wave order/ pick UK or EU first or mix them though. Apparently they'll have to pick roughly 2700 orders and have everything they need on hand.
  7. Isn't there an envelope with all the papers/the bill/inventory list taped to the outside of the package? That's what's always happening with my international packages, that's where the customs people get the declared value from and I usually have those available to me after delivery.
  8. Happy hopefully-UK-container-arrival-day! I'm really hoping they'll be able to ship from that hub next week and it'll be interesting to see how quickly they'll be able to pull orders compared to the more experienced US hub. And if they use waves at all.
  9. The whole Ed Post in the spoiler, there's quite a bit of information in it:
  10. Can anyone who already got theirs talk about the Bones Black to Bones Classic thing? A person in the KS comments (yes, I know) is apparently surprised how much of it isn't Bones Black. According to that comment, the expansion packages are Bones Black, Core Set is 50/50 and everything else (encounters and AddOns) are normal Bones.
  11. Yes, I was kinda hoping they'd maybe get it today after locating it yesterday. Oh well. Past estimates were that they'd take a week per container to set everything up, so I guess we might see some movement from that hub the week after next.
  12. Getting a question through in twitch after their fulfilment stream, apparently the container is still waiting for pick up (so no change to yesterday).
  13. Did they get the wayward container from the UK warehouse?
  14. Have they said if they're actually shipping the ship today? It sure seems like it on the stream, at least the people with the little tubs all turn in a long rectangular package together with their plastic tubs at the labeling station.
  15. Kinda hoping to hear something about the UK hub starting their shipping process today, since it's supposed to happen early July/this week. And I'm feeling impatient right now.
  16. @Glitterwolf Our stuff gets pulled and packaged in the UK directly, and they supposedly have everything (only got 2 containers in total)
  17. I just hope everyone stays well hydrated and takes proper rests. On twitch yesterday they said the warehouse doesn't have AC, which sounds terrible in the Texan heat right now ...
  18. He's posting on facebook about it. Apparently the order he placed with his caster is quite a bit larger than usual (and a lot of the miniatures were brought back specifically for this sale, so he doesn't have stock laying around). Should be good to go this week though, according to fb.
  19. Correct. The packages missing stuff will go to the side and be prioritized as soon as the final container arrives.
  20. Happy shipping day to the US backers Hope we'll follow this week as well.
  21. Going through the pictures again and preparing for my miniatures arrive, I'm again quite glad I got all the encounter sets. It's a great concept and I hope we'll see more of those in the future. I'll most likely start playing D&D in person again in July, and the stuff I'm preparing has a lot of opportunities for those encounter terrain parts and ofc, a ship.
  22. There are calculators: https://www.zoll.de/DE/Privatpersonen/Postsendungen-Internetbestellungen/Abgabenrechner-Zoll-und-Post/abgabenrechner-zoll-und-post_node.html But apparently dpd (one of the carriers according to the FAQ) imports stuff to Germany from the UK via the Netherlands and then it's 21% instead of 19%. But it should be under 200 Euros for your order anyway.
  23. The 35 are shipping (paying for the core business of moving your package to you). The 13% are taxes (the same as if you'd buy the product in your own country and pay sales tax I guess. Duties would be added on to that depending on item type to protect the local economy, but this doesn't apply for many borders and apparently not here) The 15$ are the service charge to deal with your taxes at the border and prepay them (or else they couldn't continue carrying the package and you'd have to pick it up at some office personally). The 15$ or even 45$ are a bit expensive though, I'd agree.
  24. Eh, I'm telling myself to be patient with customs, as it can vary quite a bit since Brexit. I've also had stuff stuck in customs for weeks coming from the UK. Right now I'm filling my time by putting all the Bones V things I ordered into my database, since database entries are fun and I can look at all the pictures again.
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