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  1. So I really messed up dismounting a pony six weeks ago and broke two vertebrae in the process. While it was one of the least terrible possible ways to break your spine (no neurological damage and no surgery required) it's still not pleasant and will have consequences for years to come. It's especially important for me going forward to be mindful of my posture. From experience before my accident I know that I tend to slump forward while hobbying, even worse than on the computer. After the accident I haven't been doing miniature stuff for longer than an half an hour, but I already noticed how bad my posture got in that relatively short time. So I'm trying to avoid it right now, even though boredom is slowly but surely kicking in. Haven any of you found a way to fix or control your posture while painting or sculpting? I know a lot of the people on these boards work on their miniatures for multiple hours and are a bit older than I am, so maybe similar backproblem have been encountered before. Or maybe I'm the only one sitting over my miniatures like a cave troll
  2. I got a lot of the Wizkids miniatures, usually I pre-order everything I like and might use as soon as a new wave has been announced. But while a lot of the sculpts are nice and I like how often they lift a creature directly from the D&D artwork, the quality still varies and they're not worth twice what I'm currently paying/have payed for them. It has gotten better from earlier waves, but I still have some figures with shallow details/gaps that are too big to ignore/too much primer. I'd start to only order the ones that are trademarked by D&D and I can't find an easy proxy to. Change of topic: I did repose my 2nd Umber Hulk recently. While I still prefer cutting into Bones miniatures, it worked surprisingly well. The plastic in general is hard to cut through even when heated, but using the hot water method I was able to wiggle one of his arms and a leg apart where they were glued on. I now have two surprisingly different looking Umber Hulks. Might take pictures later.
  3. A smaller ship to fight against the Bones one as well as filler crew do sound great.
  4. I'd really need some tiny bases as well as some 32mm ones. Some of the Bones models just have too wide a stance for normal 1 inch bases so I use those a lot.
  5. Weren't there supposed to be more bases in the pledgemanager? Not to start the discussion over basing/not basing again, but personally I like to use them and my shoe box full of Reaper bases is running low.
  6. I've backed a lot of smaller creators (and so have most people active in this part of the forum) so it's not a case of prejudice against smaller companies for me personally. But there are a lot of dwarves already available, there was a trend of dwarf kickstarters last year or so and somehow you end up with a bunch of dwarves in all the fantasy sets anyway even if you're not looking to buy them. Personally I'm also full on dwarves. Not saying they shouldn't do dwarves, as this kickstarter is obvious supported by some people, just trying to explain why some kickstarter regulars on here might go "nice sculpts, don't need it though". Otherwise I agree that spam and advertising isn't the same, especially if they send a lot of messages to the same pool of former customers who probably noticed that they had a new project the first or second time.
  7. Lots of cool monsters in this wave (which will probably be available in the store I pre-order through in a few months, at least we're just 1 wave behind atm) and the next one. I like that they're going with less common monsters/creatures now, like the Flumphs, specific (Volo?) trolls or Bodaks.
  8. I don't think comparing it the the Blacklist KS is entirely fair. This Dwarf KS has some nice sculpts, but the appeal is different. With the Blacklist KS oder the Bones KS you get a bunch of different creatures and PCs for your basic RPG needs and it tends to attract a lot of people who want to start using miniatures for their gaming. Plastic vs Resin/Metal also helps with the prices which tends to attract more people. This KS is more geared towards fans of dwarves, and their have been a lot of those kinds of KSs in the recent-ish past. Comparing them to smaller KSs that also do resin/metal and offer sets of one topic instead of the entire hodge-podge of fantasy like they're going on at all times in this forum seems more fair. And those don't go the 1M usually. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy them, usually those are the KSs I enjoy the most even, because it is a bit smaller, communication is easier and it's satisfying to have one strong theme between all your new toys. I like the sculpts, but I'm full on dwarves and the only reason for me to buy more would be if a player wants to have a certain one for their character. Having the first SG relatively late sounds sensible though, after all you don't want those small creators to overstretch themselves, risking non-fullfilment because they promised more than they can deliver.
  9. Hopefully we'll see some monsters for this release as well. I like the Firbolg woman so far and I'm glad to see them make some of the less medival-Euro-knight artworks into miniatures.
  10. I'd definetly get some of those weapons if they become available in the Reaper pledge manager or the (UK) online shop, even if it's in limited quantity and/or unpackaged. And I second the idea that getting other/the same weapons with a future kickstarter (but better molds, so they fit the packaging machines) would be super lovely.
  11. You can also buy them as a physical miniature, I believe resin. I like them a lot. They really hold their own compared to other miniatures and I don't think anyone would feel like they got stuck with a "meh" figure because it was the only one with a wheelchair. I also like that the bases are 25mm even though they'll probably look a tad smaller than other miniatures on the same base size. Makes them really practical for actual role playing. To me he looks like he is throwing himself forward, almost to a standing position, barely being contained by the belts around his legs. Also, his feet are kinda tilted downwards, which gives additional length to the legs.
  12. The last update showed a lot of the miniatures the KS started with in more detail, similar to the stredge goals, which I appreciate. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/massive-darkness-2-hellscape/posts/2925378 I'm going back and forth on this one. I really like that the miniatures are so "out there" and I don't have many angels in my collection. I'm not sure how much I'd use them, though.
  13. @Reaper_Jon I'd really appreciate that. I still look at the https://www.reapermini.com/bones4 site every now and then. It's really handy. Going through all the facebook posts and KS updates and screenshots a forumite took in the live stream just isn't the same.
  14. I like that those dragons fit a 3 inch base, even though they seem a bit big for it. Means I can use them as adult or ancient dragons as I see fit. Adult dragons are probably going to see more game time, but for the bigger ones I can just find a nifty base solution. I usually oversell the size of my dragons in RP anyway, so I'm okay with super big adult dragons.
  15. I'd agree with them, the bathtub looks way too big on that poor dinosaur. Someone should report those elves to the veterinary office. A bit of a bummer that this seems to be the last miniature out, since it's in my order. But well, not that I don't have other projects to finish.
  16. I want to love those miniatures, because some of the artwork looks rather cool und unique and you don't see many angel/fey type figures as enemy groups. But something about it just isn't gripping me as it should. Maybe getting better/easier to read shots of the figures would help. I barely understand what's going on with some of the more complex models (like the Reaper) and the angel minions look like they have stumpy legs from this angle.
  17. This used to be a small-ish order for me. Then the idea of using the Elves as a DoK army appealed to me, now we definetly don't qualify.
  18. As a person not interested in pin-up, I still think their first KS had more interesting sculpts. While I like, in theory, that they now make miniatures more sensible to actually playing, I also don't understand the decision to keep the same pin-up direction for the drawings from the first KS, but change the miniatures so drastically. There's just a disconnect. They clearly have a lot of artistic talent, but why didn't they draw more buttoned-up ladies if that was the direction for this project? Or give it a bit of a different name that doesn't just imply a continuation of the first round of miniatures. I almost didn't click on this thread because I thought I'd be more of the same and it wasn't for me.
  19. I was mostly refering to the people complaining about the printers being shipped to the US first and the general vibe in those comments. Yes, they said they'd ship by numbers, but with the speed at which they put these out most orders will most likely still be on the water by the time all are send out. I'm still seeing a KS that is going well and seems to be able to have product in backers' hands come August/September. Maybe I've just gotten too relaxed from other KS campaigns being months late or waiting additional weeks/months for EU fulfillment after the US backers already got their stuff.
  20. Ok, I've never seen a group of backers complain so much about a kickstarter that has started shipping EARLY.
  21. I'm very happy with this project as well. Lots of useful scatter terrain, but different from what we've seen so far. It'll really liven up my D&D battle maps as well as my boyfriend's wargaming areas without taking up as much storage space as whole buildings.
  22. Yep, the feeling and look of sketch vs miniature is really different for all the examples shown so far.
  23. I‘m kinda thinking about making a DoK army with those elves. Got pulled into playing AoS with the bf (which finally pulled him into miniature painting, so a win-win) after I pledged for this. Like DoK as a faction, don‘t like how witch elves look. From my understanding I can get the whole army covered with the desert elves but Morathi. Unsure if I reopen my pledge or wait for retail. Thanks for posting the fliers btw! They should really get a picture hub.
  24. I had luck with a hairdryer, but be careful: one miniature came unglued in the process. If you want to get rid of the glue this way I'm not sure it's a super consistent technique though.
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