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  1. Are there any news on if those will ever be released?
  2. I love Heinz the noble kid. I wanted Dunkeldorf kids the last go around, and he just looks delightfully annoying. I can just imagine him as the heir to some barony, "ruling" because his father is missing and just being a huge pain in the chair-sitting-area to everyone (but especially the PCs).
  3. I backed the last project. Delivered quickly, nice quality miniatures, no complaints. Lots of flavor in the sculpts and I like that they're not all grumpy this time.
  4. I really like their towns people, lots of character in those. The female warband is also nice, but not sure if I need more relatively generic female fighters.
  5. So, stupid question, but with the plans of a translucent ship wouldn't the connecting points between the pieces be super visible? Looking at other Reaper kits, the tabs to connect pieces with are usually quite large and those would show up as lumbs of weird material density, wouldn't it?
  6. The link in the starting post just redirects me to the kickstarter starting page, not the project o.O
  7. I also rebase my Bones (and pretty much everything else) too. Mostly for uniformity, but putting them on the right size of circles for D&D is also important to me. I sometimes use oval/cavalry bases though, especially if something is supposed to be medium but has no chance of fitting onto a 1 inch base (horses).
  8. Paintwater is indeed a hit with our furred housemates. I think it's the colorful swirlies that are just more fun than plain old clean water. We don't leave it out for them to drink (or push off the table) though, but their limited intake from playing with it (and cleaning it off the paws) hasn't lead to any ill effects. Colored plastic is equally interesting and one painted spider was MIA for months. I make really sure to put away all the miniatures whenever I'm not actively using them, less because of the paint and more because accidentally swallowing parts of their plastic prey doesn't seem like a good idea. And because I'd like to keep my miniatures and paintjobs intact.
  9. So far the comments in this KS are still rather positive. But yes, I've never been super-duper impressed by the resolution of Hero Forge miniatures and for more common race/class/weapon combinations you're mostly better off finding a traditional miniature. I understand the wish for customisation though. Still, for the price the process and material shouldn't be in the experimental stages and backers should get a product more closely resembling the KS images and the miniatures shown in youtube videos.
  10. Is there a spreadsheet around for this KS like it was for Bones IV? With all the miniatures, their names (if they already have them) and even what they'd be in D&D? That thing was great the last time around, still use it to look stuff up sometimes.
  11. Such a nice update. Happy to get 2 more of those Sons of Barty, the Brinewind graphic is really just showing two (wasn't sure if those 2 weren't finished at the time of funding and just on there as sketches, but nope, those are two extras). Four seems like a good number to have to use them in encounters. The werewolves, while not spectacularly out there, are also appreciated. The Bones werewolf is always that model I can't order when I want to, because he's out of stock. I'm also most likely going for that hippocampus as my figurehead. He looks great.
  12. Are there plans to sell those miniatures outside the set in retail? How is the stiffness of the plastic? Has anyone tried taking a knife to the miniatures? I'm not too hot on duplicates, especially with humanoids like the bandits or cultists, so I'd like to try and do head/weapon swaps or just use them for parts. In the future I hope you consider having groups of creatures with different poses amongst their peers, other than that, the render and concept drawings look very nice.
  13. Nope, I'm also a bit conserned. This is becoming a better value than the Bones Core Set, but with way less backers. And they seem to keep to their "a new stretch goal every 5k" pattern. I'm also a bit confused all the stretch goals are flagged as "KS exclusive".
  14. Somehow the Altar Quest game has an even more interesting selection of miniatures for me personally. A harpy hero, the hog people, the frog people the crow people and bray are all stuff I don't have as many of already. And since there are multiple sculpts of each race, the duplicates are more easily disguised. I know, I could add that as an Add On ^^ This particular project just has a very good hero selection imho. They are not super out-there in terms of races, but some combinations like that female elf barbarian can be surprisingly hard to find. Or female casters wearing pants. Or a young human druid. Or that overweight mage. Really excited to see where this goes, hopefully they don't overstretch themselves. (Still a bit hung up on the duplicates though, but eh)
  15. I also think he looks great, love the different shades of bone. Second the Wolf's idea on stone highlights. Maybe also consider glowing eyes so he looks more undead and less dead-dead?
  16. One thing that is kinda keeping me from backing is that all the goblins/kobolds have the same pose amongst themselves. Has someone pledged Altar Quest? How stiff are the figures and how easy to cut apart and mod? I'll start making calculations though, there is a lot in this box.
  17. This seems pretty nice. I like that there is so much space on the right hand side for the additional tools. Looks like putting the miniature to the right, snapping the whole thing shut and placing it off the dinner table would be possible very quickly.
  18. @cmorse could you maybe post it in Show Off/Work in Progress? =)
  19. I'd be on the market for some sort of foldable painting station. But it'd have to be much, much bigger. Living in an apartment I paint on our dinner table, so it takes a lot of time and hassle to get the stuff you need and put it away again after the painting session. I'm a bit envious of the painting station pictures that get posted every once in a while. Something that would fold open surround my cutting mat with paint holders and then fold together again to be carried away wouldn't be super portable because of the weight, but I'd instantly use it for in home use.
  20. SG = Stretch Goals Adding every single paint set as an Add On comes to 150 Euros, in case someone doesn't want the box and accessoires. It's quite a bit cheaper than the all in option. If shipping is done by weight, skipping the box will most likely also lower that a bit.
  21. I'm pretty happy with those. I've been playing around with some contrast paints, but the colors I really wanted had limited availability in my area (and GW prices are a bit much for me). Having a lot of Bones and Wizkids plastics laying around unpainted, the time saving aspect definetly appeals to me. I've started working with an airbrush and zenithal priming, but the idea of just smashing paints onto kobolds, goblins, animals and the likes still sounds like it would be quicker and easier. Doesn't mean I'd only paint with those colors and throw the others out into the plastic bin ofc. I have some "normal" Scale 75 paints and their metalics and I love those. The pledge selections and color sets seem a bit weird though. There is a lot of reds in the range and 4 almost identical colors in that health pot set. And yes, not everyone will want all those knick knacks in the spellcaster pledge.
  22. I got that one, but not the extra large size. Still would have liked her best in human size, so much PC potential.
  23. That Demogorgon might be my favorite to date. I hope the stuff gets here before I need him for my campaign. The cockatrice are also great, I always love it when they make those kinds of enemies in multiple poses. And, ofc, I'm also elated we're getting a full pack of awesome henchwomen. The lady with the shield and morningstar is ofc a stand out, but they're all dressed and posed for the job and that's great.
  24. The female monk and female mage also stuck out to me. There aren't many female wizards wearing pants (I was painfully looking for one recently) and the monk has a really nice pose. Rest of the game isn't for me either.
  25. I like the idea of contrast paints from someone else. Contrast paints are just too expensive to get the whole line (not even mentioning that some colors, like black, are almost always sold out in my area) and since I'm not painting one army but many different miniatures, I need diverse colors. If this helps me get some color on my vast array of Bones more quickly - great.
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