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    Frazetta Miniatures

    As the licensing director for the Frazetta Museum in East Stroudsburg, PA, one of my most important roles is the approval process to which our Frazetta products are brought to the public. The sculptor who created these masterpieces is one of the best in the industry, and myself, as well as the Frazetta family including the curators of the Frank Frazetta Art Museum, are in all agreement that these pieces surpasses our expectations for a hand sculpted 35mm miniature. As a prior licensee of the Frazetta IP and the owner of Curio's Designs Studio (I recently sold the company.), I feel that these pieces represent Frank Frazetta's vision for his paintings. I knew Frank and have been a friend of the family for over 20 years, I know that he would have been proud & loved these pieces. As for the price, we have many affordable options, that will fit any person's budget, including yours. Please remember that part of the proceeds helps the Frank Frazetta Art Museum and helps keep Frank's legacy alive for future generations of fans. Keep Frazetta art available to all. Support the Frank Frazetta Art Museum. Rest assured that the quality of these miniatures will far exceed expectations once you hold them in your hands. Thank you very much, knarthex for your comments, have a great day. ~Ed https://www.facebook.com/FrazettaFans/?fref=ts
  2. Edward Green

    Frazetta Miniatures

    Kickstarter is now live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/killboxgames/frazetta-miniatures?ref=user_menu From their kickstarter: Killbox Games is excited to partner with the Frazetta Jr. Enterprises LLC. to celebrate the legacy of Frank Frazetta with three core vignette Resin miniatures that bring Frank's iconic work to life in high detailed, hand sculpted miniatures. Officially licensed from Frazetta Jr. Enterprises LLC. Our shared goal with Frazetta Jr. Enterprises LLC. is to celebrate Frank Frazetta's work and honor his legacy through our miniatures.